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Nowadays it seems like there are guides to just about everything. However, when it comes to getting children to sleep, guides are needed to maintain parental sanity. Here you will find everything you need to know when it comes to kids and sleep. From guides on sleep hygiene to the best bed for growing bodies. Cuckooland are the slumber experts to help parents with information on a better nights sleep for your children.

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A Complete Guide to Trundle Beds
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Q&A - Frequently Asked Questions

Typically kids need between 10 and 12 hours of sleep each night. According to the sleep council, three to six year olds should have between ten and twelve hours sleep. Children aged between seven and eleven should have ten to eleven hours sleep. Teenagers need on average around eight to nine hours. For more information, take a look at our sleep science blog.

There are a various ways to help a child sleep through the night. Things like reducing screen time, keeping environment change to a minimum and having a good regular bedtime routine. Our Help your child sleep through the night blog contains more tips and advice.

The correct mattress for your child can vary depending on age and requirement. Cotbeds, toddler beds, singles and small doubles will all require different mattress sizes. Smaller children need a firmer mattress, whereas older child can choose comfort over design. There are a large range of mattresses available for children from open coil mattresses to memory foam. The ultimate guide to kids mattresses has further information on the best mattress for your child.

Studies suggest that parents who delay the cot-to-bed transition until toddlers are 3 years old find that children tend to settle better into their new environment. This information on a cross section of parents from five different countries and was headed by Ariel Williamson of Children’s Hospital Pennsylvania. To Read more on this study and making the cot to toddler bed transition, check out the ultimate guide to toddler beds.

According to research conducted  by the University of Auckland in New Zealand and Monash University in Melbourne, exercise plays a vital part when it comes to child sleep patterns. The research involved 519 children, comparing active children to those who had more sedentary lifestyles. The results concluded that children who participated in the more vigorous exercise fell asleep faster than those with a more sedentary lifestyle. More information is available on the Can exercise improve your child sleep? blog.

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A Complete Guide to Trundle Beds

Settling on the best bed for a kid’s bedroom can get parents into more of a pickle than when they were choosing their baby’s name! One minute they’re set on one… then they sway to another… then back again… and again and again (and if you’re a procrastinator like me this could consume a fair chunk of your leisure time).

Printable Reward Charts for Kids

Sometimes it can be hard to keep little ones on track with set chores or tasks. So why not encourage your child to maintain good behaviour, keep on top of homework, or just work towards some mini-goals with a reward chart.

How to Choose Between a Cot and a Cot Bed

At first glance it’s pretty difficult to spot the difference between a cot and a cot bed – after all they’re both just miniature beds with bars, right? To the untrained eye, this certainly seems to be the case, however, as a self-certified bed expert (I can think of more glamorous titles!) I can reveal that there are in fact, a number of differences between these popular baby beds.

Introducing Swyft Sofas - The Sofa in a Box

Yes you read that correctly, ‘a sofa in a box’! For those of you who aren’t familiar with this reasonably new concept, let me introduce you to the latest buzz in the world of sofas – the Swyft Sofa in a Box. Although flat pack furniture is by no means a new phenomenon, it certainly doesn’t conjure up images of comfortable, stylish and on-trend sofas.

A Guide to the Best Kid’s Beds

If you’re looking for the best kids bed that your hard earned pennies can buy, you’ve just stumbled across a treasure chest of luxury beds for kids (by reading my little Blog – thank you and yay!). Scroll through the pages of Cuckooland’s best of beds and you’ll find the most incredible children’s beds that are guaranteed to put the biggest ear to ear grin on your kiddo’s face and make bedtime a seriously fun affair!

Luxury Kids Beds Celebs, Influencers & Interior Designers Just Love

I’m not one for name dropping… however I’m not going to hold back in saying that there are a few celebrities whose children drift off into the land of dreams in a Cuckooland bed. It fills me with a great sense of satisfaction and pride knowing that in their search for the ultimate kid’s bed, they found what they were looking for among the carefully selected beds I have come to know.

Cuckooland’s Ultimate Best Kids Beds

Nothing beats the feeling of utter contentment that fills my belly after I receive photos from customers showing off their newly purchased kid’s bed, assembled and standing proud in its new home (chocolate cake almost beats that contentment!).

The Best Nursery Furniture for Parents to be

Decorating and furnishing a nursery is one of the most exciting projects you’ll ever undertake – however for some soon-to-be parents, finding the best nursery furniture for your baby’s room can be a little bewildering. With so many options available, from nursery sets that offer a coordinated look and great value to mixing and matching baby furniture for a unique style.

Metal Vs Wood Wardrobes

When we moved into our house, I earmarked a “spare” room to be my walk-in-wardrobe (sorry guests, my sartorial companions took priority over you, but fear not I’m full of ideas for guest beds!), primarily because my addiction to charity shops was taking its toll on my trusty old wardrobe and secondly…

The Ultimate Guide to Kids Luxury Beds

Not every bed makes it into Cuckooland’s Best of Beds, each bed that features in this crème de la crème category has unique features, jaw dropping style or is just simply awesome in every way! These incredible kid’s beds have been cherry picked so that you can peruse your way through some of the most luxury children’s beds you will have ever seen.

The Ultimate Guide to Cot Beds

Deciding on the right bed for your baby is probably one of the most important purchasing decisions you’ll make as a newbie parent (many more decisions will follow as you race along the rip-roaring road of parenting… I’m dreading the “what car is best for a first time driver” decision – can’t they just stick to pedal power?!).

How to Create the Ultimate Study friendly Bedroom for Teens

Along with supporting your teen through fractious friendships, erupting pimples and the up and down list-too-long to name that are present during the awkward transition from childhood to adulthood, helping your teenager to develop good studying habits is a life lesson that will hopefully benefit them during these turbulent teenage years and beyond.

Sliding Door vs Bi-Fold Door Wardrobes

When I hear the term ‘Sliding Door’ it reminds me of the romantic 90’s film (it’s that word association thing again!), where Gwyneth Paltrow’s leading character portrays 2 contrasting storylines. I’m probably safe to say that hair salons experienced a noticeable upturn in requests for pixie haircuts after its release, I was tempted to get the chop too…

The Best Teepee Bed Designs

If you’ve set your heart on a teepee bed for your child, you won’t be disappointed by the selection on offer at Cuckooland. I have trod many a trade show aisle to bring you the very best in teepee bed design and gathered together a range of kids tipi beds that are guaranteed to add a little “yee-haw” into your kid’s bedroom.

House Beds Vs Treehouse Beds

I do love a face off, the anticipation and energy buzzing around as competitors ready themselves for the impending battle. I pity anyone standing too close to me – I’m certainly not a quiet spectator when it comes to cheering on my favourite team or player. Perhaps that explains why my kids quiver with dread when I tell them I’m coming to watch them compete! Such an embarrassing mum, no apologies there!

Top Teen Beds of 2020

If you’re in the throws of parenting tweens and teens, chances are that your bank account is taking a hard k knock… coffee dates with friends, trips into town with friends, dinner out with friends (notice the common theme here!) and then there’s the growth spurts that are paired with the need for bigger shoes, clothes, bikes…

Top 10 On-Trend Nursery Furniture Sets

Influenced by interior design trends, nursery furniture has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity, partly fuelled by an explosion in variety, while this presents parents with much more choice, it can make the selection process a little more daunting!

A Guide to Corner Wardrobes

If you love to make use of every ounce of space in a room, a corner wardrobe will give you that sigh induced, satisfying feeling you’ve achieved optimum storage in your bedroom! Instead of leaving those hard-to-fill spaces sat empty, it makes sense to utilise corners, particularly in smaller bedrooms.

A Better Nights Sleep for Teens

A quote from one of my favourite classic films, “Forest Gump”, beautifully sums up not only what life may throw at you, but what parenting teenagers can be like – “a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!” Whether yours is soft and gooey, a bit chewy or hard as nails, teenagers come in all shapes and flavours, but include one common ingredient… hormones.

The Ultimate Guide to Cots

For most soon-to-be-parents, preparing for the arrival of a new baby is a mixed bag of excitement, anticipation and embracing the reality that life is never going to be the same. Whether you have chartered these waters before or you are a complete newbie to parenting, yo-yoing emotions are completely normal!

The Ultimate Guide to Metal Beds

Metal beds are enjoying a resurgence in popularity and are a particularly worthy contender if you’re looking for a cool new bed for your kiddo. You only have to browse through the meticulously styled and covetous kids bedrooms on Pinterest to see that kid’s metal beds just aren’t what they used to be!

How to move from a Cot Bed to a Toddler Bed

The pilgrimage of parenting is full of memorable milestones; your little angel’s first adorable smile (or was that a cheeky bout of wind!), their first comprehendible word (open to interpretations of course… I’m almost certain it was “mum”, but it could have been ‘bum’), their first spoon of oh-so-tasty gloop and then of course the transition from their baby cot into their very first big bed.

Lifetime Princess Bed

The Best Four Poster Beds for Kids

Have you ever played a game of word association? I’m quite an addict and find it fascinating how words can evoke such different responses from one person to another. For example, if I were to say to you “Four Poster Bed” – what comes to mind first? For me, it’s Sleeping Beauty! Other words that spring to mind are enchanting, whimsical, dramatic… hang on, I’m describing the ultimate kid’s bed!

When Playcentre meets Kids Bedroom Decor

I must confess, children’s indoor soft play centres were not my favourite place to hang out when my kids were young. A few hours squished into a hot and humid holding pen for parents while the kids ran wild, screaming in a pitch detected by a pod of dolphins frolicking off the coast of Cornwall, wasn’t my first choice in how best to spend my precious Saturday afternoons!

The Ultimate Guide to Guest Beds

Welcoming guests for an overnight stay is easy if you have a comfy bed ready and waiting… it’s a bit more of a headache if you have to extract the blow up bed from the far corner of the loft, locate the foot pump (who knows why they’re never stored away together!)

The Ultimate Guide to Teepee Beds

Howdy partner! You’ve sauntered into my ultimate guide to Teepee beds, where ya’ll find everything you need to know about these cool kids beds. I’ve been having a little hoedown over writing this guide (did you know my alter ego is a cowgirl?!) – so, wet your whistle and saddle up for an adventuresome journey into the wild west!

The Ultimate Guide to Kids House Beds

I remember the very first time I set eyes on a house bed – it was love at first sight! (apologies to husband, kids & dog, you all have to fall into line behind the beloved house bed!). In fact, these unique kids beds have a special place in the heart of Cuckooland, being one of the first kids beds to feature on our, now brimming, selection of cool beds for kids.

Trundle Beds, the Bunk Bed Alternative

Sleepovers… kids love them, parents endure them! As chief bed organiser it was my duty to prepare the sleeping quarters… this often entailed wrestling with air beds (expelling every last morsel of breath from my lungs as I chastised Barkley for gnawing through yet another foot pump!)

Ultimate Guide to Kids Beds with a Slide

During my endless quest to discover the most unique kids beds I have spotted some truly wonderful designs, from multi-functional cabin beds to the most magical themed beds and I have to say, one of my favourite combinations has to be a kids bed with slide.

The Ultimate Guide to Kids Desk Beds

As children progress onwards and upwards through their school years, it’s not only their limbs and appetites that grow! The dreaded “H” (no, not hair!)… homework, also grows with the passing of every school year.

The Ultimate Guide to Freestanding Wardrobes

I recently attempted to organise my wardrobe space having been inspired by a book written by Marie Kondo… let’s just say it’s work in progress and leave it at that! (I still can’t master the special Konmari fold and have become more obsessed with swiping through Insta looking at other people’s well organised spaces!)

A Spring Inspired Kids Bedroom Makeover

While we may be experiencing a Spring like no other we’ve seen before due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and “normal” life feeling as though it’s been put on permanent pause, nature is in full swing.

L Shaped Beds Vs Traditional Bunk Beds

I’m assuming you’ve landed on this guide because you’re either exploring the range of kid’s beds that are recommended for siblings sharing a room or you’re on the hunt for beds that are perfect for sleepovers… or you’re just plain curious and enjoy reading my articles (surely not!).

Top 7 Day Beds for Maximising Space

Daybeds have to be up there with my absolute favourite beds, I mean, what more could you ask for than to move seamlessly from sleep to slumber without actually having to move! If only my kids would answer my calls of “bring me grapes!” (or cake…or crushed grapes in a glass!) I’d literally be in heaven!

Mid Sleepers VS High Sleepers - What’s the difference?

If you’re looking for a kid’s bed that minimises floor space, maximises storage, creates a comfortable sleeping zone and looks pretty cool then a raised bed could be the answer. Spanning vertically, this style of bed offers a complete bedroom solution; storage, study, sleepover set up or even a stage show backdrop!

How to Design a Kids Themed Bedroom

I find designing a kid’s bedroom a little bit like having a trip to an old-fashioned sweet shop – you know the one, where all the sweets are lined up in jars and you get to pick which ones you want in your little paper bag. Rows of bright colours, soft gummies, chewy humbugs, strings of liquorice… where do you begin?! I generally like to have them all!

The Ultimate Guide to Storage Beds

Kids should come with a health warning… ‘if you like a tidy house, avoid at all costs!’ Forgive my sweeping and somewhat insensitive generalisation, but I think I can count on one hand the number of tidy kids I know (and mine are definitely not two of them)! I have to confess, I’m not the most tidiest of people either (‘clean’, yes, maybe a little OCD but ‘tidy’ not so much)… but hey we’re not talking about me (phew!).

A Guide to the Top 7 Triple Bunk Beds

One of my favourite TV shows as a child was the Waltons; a full and unedited rendition formed part of my bedtime routine – whereby John and Olivia (AKA teddy 1 and teddy 2) would bid their good-nights to the entire Walton (teddy) family.

Home Schooling for Novices…(Tips for Parents during COVID-19)

If you’ve been catapulted into the great unknown of Home Schooling as a result of school closures due to Coronavirus COVID-19 – then join me right now in screaming, ‘THIS WAS NOT ONE OF MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!’.

Brand Highlight - Vox Nursery Furniture

I can’t put into words the complete and utter buzz of excitement you feel when you discover a brand who literally blows your socks off with their approach to design and manufacturing (yes the socks were clean & yes they were odd – our house doesn’t do pairs!). Having worked with this brand for several years I thought it was about time I shared my bubbling excitement with a wider audience than my cloth-eared Barkley (our Golden Retriever… who yes, I talk to, a lot!).

The Ultimate Guide to Mid Sleeper Beds

With the huge variety of children’s beds available, it comes as no surprise that parents can feel a little overwhelmed when they embark on the quest to find the perfect bed for their kids bedroom. Identifying the most important key features and benefits is a useful exercise as this will highlight the type of bed that your child ultimately needs. For instance, if space is limited this will focus your search on the best space saving bed; such as a Mid Sleeper Bed.

Oliver Day Bed

Best Single Kids Beds by Age

When it comes to buying a single bed for your child, their age will typically impact the style that you finally settle on. Selection criteria will differ greatly between little Tommy the tot and Tabby the teen – simply because they have different needs and requirements. Whether you are setting out to buy your toddler their first new bed or revamping your teens room, this more formal guide than usual from yours truly, offers a few tips when it comes to selecting the best single childrens bed based on your child’s age.

The Ultimate Guide to Small Double Beds

For me, when it comes to bed sizes, the bigger the better! You won’t find a queen size bed in my bedroom, I’m all about the king-sized varieties. Why? Because nothing beats stretching out like mommy octopus in all directions with my little octa-kids and octa-dog in an appropriately sized bed.

A Quick Guide to Baby & Toddler Nap Time

Sadly this is not a guide on the benefits of a Sunday afternoon nap, as much as I’d love to type away giving you 101 reasons why you absolutely need a sneaky Sunday snooze (you know the one; book in hand, head back, eyes shut, mouth open – bliss!)

A Guide to Four Poster Beds

If you were to ask me what I love most about my job as director of product procurement at Cuckooland (aside from travelling the world to source amazing kids beds, admiring the most picturesque view from my desk… and being able to take my dog, Barkley, to work, although I’m not sure the rest of the team appreciate his slobbering affections!)

What Age Do Children Start Nursery?

Children really do grow up fast. Like little caterpillars, expanding then pausing then expanding then pausing (we are the ones contracting!)… all the way up the wall markers until they’re towering above you. It only seemed like yesterday when I was navigating my sanity ship around the Cape of New-Born;

How Safe is Co-Sleeping?

There is nothing quite like being tucked up in bed with the kids. Something about the extra snuggles with our babies (no matter how old they are, they’re always our babies) is a highlight of our parenting journey. Personally, I love a good Sunday morning snuggle when the working week is done and activities are at a minimum.

How to keep the Kids occupied during the Half Term Holiday.

The February half term holiday sneaks up on me like a thief in the night. I’m so focused on getting through the drudgery of January that I fail to do that little “thing” called forward planning! We generally save our ‘family holiday away’ for the summer months, not sure about you, but February half term is usually a staycation for us.

The Ultimate Guide to L Shaped Beds

We have come a long way in the shared bedroom department. Gone are the days of basic bunk beds made of a simple structure, who’s sole job was to house two rambunctious children. The nightly arguments alone were enough to rattle the very foundations of a well-constructed bunk.

How to get more Sleep as a New Parent (the Battle for Sanity & Slumber).

The fight to get enough sleep isn’t over in a few days, it’s a long hard battle lasting months that every new parent will face. Sorry but it’s true, been there done that, big genuine hugs of compassion and sympathy but please don’t shoot the messenger.

nordic white kids bed

The Ultimate Guide to Day Beds

With Christmas fast approaching there’s that wonderful familiar festive buzz about my house, carting kids off to Christmas fairs, wreath making, present buying, then back to the kitchen with Michael Buble’s oh so lovely voice helping the mulled cider go down (a little too well).

Lifetime Childrens Treehouse Cabin Bed

The Ultimate Guide to Kids Cabin Beds

Whether you’re short on space and need a bedroom storage solution, or you just want to create a magical place for your youngster to sleep, our cabin beds could be the perfect solution.

The Ultimate Guide to Toddler Beds

Transitioning from a cot to a toddler bed is an exciting time for your child, providing both confidence and safety at bed time. Our toddler bed guide aims to support your decision in finding the best bed for your child, and you may also view our collection of toddler beds for more inspiration.

The Ultimate Guide to Kids Single Beds

Cuckooland has more than a hundred Single Kids Beds of all shapes, sizes and prices just waiting for you to discover.

The Ultimate Guide to Kids High Sleepers

High Sleeper Beds are raised up a little higher than traditional Bunk Beds, usually with a work or play area underneath with enough head room to keep your child free from early life concussion – they also have plenty of practical storage solutions too.

New Year… New You… New Kids Mattress

Welcoming in a New Year is often the catalyst for making a change or two, let’s face it, there’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to make those well meaning, positively life changing resolutions, you know, the ones that we all promise to keep but more often than not fail at miserably!

The 10 Best Themes for Kids Bedrooms

Lets face it, we like to think there’s still a little bit of kid in all of us. Especially true when we decide to give our baba’s bedroom a makeover!

Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed in Larch Effect & Graphite

Room Design Inspiration for Siblings Sharing a Room

Last week I addressed the topic of whether there is a recommended age that siblings should stop sharing a bedroom, if you missed this article you can find it by following the link above.

At what age should Children/Siblings stop sharing a Bedroom?

Child rearing throws up all sorts of questions for us parents, a detailed handbook would have been seriously useful… unfortunately children don’t come with one attached! So we end up having to grapple with the what, why, where and how on a daily basis and are often left with questions that we simply don’t have answers for.

Cam Cam Copenhagen Baby Nest

Our Research Has Found The Perfect Christmas Lullaby

Our recent study this summer researched classic lullabies to find the perfect formula for a lullaby and reveal a list of those modern day songs likely to send children off to sleep.

The Ultimate Guide to Triple Bunk Beds

Triple Bunk Beds are well known as space saving, super practical beds that are thrice as much fun as single beds for siblings or kids who love sleepovers.

Can exercise improve your Child's Sleep?

I’m a keen runner, my PB for a half marathon is under 2 hours, which I thought was pretty good until my husband told me that his dad had run a marathon in under 3 hours when he was in his forties!

New Cuckooland Research Reveals Modern Day Lullabies

With the help of data sourced from Spotify, we analysed over 4,500 songs from lullaby playlists to calculate the ‘perfect’ formula for a lullaby. We then matched this formula against songs in the charts to create our Top Ten Modern Lullabies playlist.

Childhood AGEnda

New research shows the age at which we as parents feel it appropriate for children to assert their independence. Find survey results and expert advice below.

Suszi Saunders Scandi Room

Creating a modern Scandi inspired kids room with Interiors Instagrammer, Suszi Saunders

Suszi Saunders, an Interiors Instagrammer living in London, is no stranger to dark interiors. From dark walls to patterned wallpapers, this is one home which isn’t afraid to be bold.

Choosing Your Childs First Bed

Choosing your child’s first bed is an exciting time for both parents and toddlers. However, there are lots of things to consider which can make it quite a daunting prospect for some parents.

Samantha Faiers Jungle Safari Room for Baby Paul Treehouse Bed

Recreate Samantha Faiers Jungle-Safari Room for Baby Paul!

The Mummy Diaries star, Samantha Faiers has created Baby Paul a stunning jungle-safari bedroom featuring the Treehouse Bunk Bed by our favourite artisan designer Mathy by Bols.

The Ultimate Guide to the SnuzPod

The SnuzPod is designed with parents and babies in mind, providing the sound peace of mind every parent looks for when planning for a newborn.

7 Benefits of Choosing a Toddler Bed

Being there for your baby, day and night is what characterises the first phase of parenthood. You want them at your side, wherever you go, feeding and cuddling them and laughing into those precious eyes (let’s forget the sleep-deprived pressure pot blow outs for now!).

The 10 Most Amazing Kids Beds Ever

Recognising the importance (and dealing with the dilemma) of choosing the perfect kids bed, Cuckooland has compiled a list of the 10 most amazing, unique, incredible, fabulous, inspiring, and mould-breaking beds in the known universe from some of the freshest, brightest designers and manufacturers ever to sketch a design or tighten a bolt.

Cuckooland’s Ultimate Kids Mattress Guide

Sleep is an essential part of every child’s development, and finding the perfect mattress can help to support this growth. Our complete guide to kids mattresses shares our best advice on finding the perfect mattress for your child.

The Ultimate Guide to Kids Beds for Every Age

As a parent, it sometimes feels like you blink and your precious little angel has grown another inch in height. Children seem to shoot up from tiny tots to disgruntled teens in no time at all!

7 Steps to a Nurturing Nursery

We talk a lot about kids’ rooms here at Cuckooland; which is no surprise considering kids’ beds and bedroom furniture are our specialities!

Gender Neutral Nursery Trend 2019

A Modern Nursery For Modern Parents

No matter how many hours, days and nights your little bundle of joy spends curled up in your arms, every new arrival needs his or her own room.

Samantha Faiers Treehouse Bunk Bed

The Ultimate Guide to Kids Bunk Beds

How many different types of bunk beds are out there? What size mattress will you need? How old does a child need to be for a bunk bed? We answer all these questions and more in our ultimate guide!

The Best Bunk Beds for Creative Sleepovers

How many different types of bunk beds are out there? What size mattress will you need? How old does a child need to be for a bunk bed? We answer all these questions and more in our ultimate guide!

7 Steps to a Tantrum-free Bedtime

“Bedtime”. A phrase whose very utterance has been known to reduce one to tears; kicking and screaming, biting and scratching, and a bolstering sense of vigilant defiance. And that’s just the grown-ups. Here at Cuckooland, we’re experts in children’s beds and furniture, and we have all the hardware that you need to send your kids off to Dreamland.

A Parents Guide to Bedwetting

Oopsie daisies are to be expected during those early years; toilet training takes time and patience, and it’s natural for children under five to have the occasional hiccup in their night-time routine. However, this childhood condition can gradually be curbed with a little helping hand from mummy and daddy.

Kids Bedtime Stories: The Story Book Collection

There is nothing more important than spending quality time with our family. Unfortunately because of our modern lifestyles it’s becoming increasingly difficult to spend time with our families without the distractions of work, hobbies and other commitments getting in the way. Two small pockets of time we typically all have together as a family are mealtime and bedtime.

Kids Aeroplane Bed

Cuckooland’s Guide to Bedtime Stories: The Aeroplane Collection

Flying high and free like a bird, your little ones imagination reaches the highest heights. Our bedtime story collection focuses on the most beloved children’s book themes and what climbs higher on that theme list than an acrobatic aeroplane?

Bedtime Story Time: The Best Bedtime Stories for Boys

When the sun is setting and the day is done, little boys still want to have their fun. Getting those energetic little beings to sleep can somethings be a bit of an uphill struggle. But with help from our bedtime stories suggestions, you might just be able to lull them off to a good nights sleep.

Cuckooland’s Guide to Bedtime Stories: The Bus Collection

Hop on board the Cuckooland big red bus for this bedtime story edition. That’s right folks, we playing conductor to that great big vehicle of imagination. The eye-catching London Themed Bedroom has been a staple for many a girl and boy up and down this fair land. So have your ticket in hand, take a seat on the questionably patterned seats and prepare for some jolly good bus inspired bedtime books.

Cuckooland’s Guide to Bedtime Stories: The Camper Van Collection

The view of an open road, smell of the ocean and feel of grand adventure awaiting our happy campers in this edition of bedtime stories. That’s right, nothing sparks those little adventurers more than a cool Camper Van Themed Kids Bedroom. So get those little tykes ready for a bumper collection of story recommendations.

Cuckooland’s Guide to Bedtime Stories: The Circus Collection

Roll up! Roll up! For the greatest bedtime story collection is about to begin! Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, welcome to the Circus themed bedroom and all the wonderful stories that go hand in hand with the magical big top.ction of story recommendations.

Cuckooland’s Guide to Bedtime Stories: The Dollhouse Collection

Come one, come all to the most important tea party of them all. Grab your dolly’s and prepare to take a trip to a land where the humble dolls house not only features in our bedtime stories but also in our kids bed designs.

Cuckooland’s Guide to Bedtime Stories: The Pirate Collection

Ahoy Matey! Grab the family parrot, hack off a leg (no not really, just bend a leg and place your knee into a peg leg prop) and throw on a patch! It is I, Captain Cuckoobeard, here to bring you the very best bedtime stories for ya crew. That pirate themed bedroom will be full of stories for ever more.

Cuckooland’s Guide to Bedtime Stories: The Princess Collection

It’s time to fix those tiaras, grab the sparkliest dress you can find and gather all the royal teddy bear subjects up. That’s right, our latest bedtime story collection features none other than the fairest of us all – Princesses. Our princess themed bedroom collective has always been a popular choice and we can now advise our kingdom and court of the best Princess Bedtime Stories around!

Bedtime Stories: The Space Exploration Collection

Time is precious and making the most of your time with the kids is so important these days. Between school, work and everything in-between, it can sometimes feel like a uphill battle to set aside just a couple of hours of quality family time.

Lifetime Childrens Treehouse Cabin Bed

Cuckooland’s Guide to Bedtime Stories: The Treehouse Collection

Is there anything more fun than a treehouse? Or a treehouse bed, we think not! This wonderful building of creation and determination is the central point to a lot of childhood memories. Which is why the humble treehouse features so prominently in many bedtime stories. So snuggle up and take a look at our treehouse inspired bedtime story collection.

Sleep Science: The Importance of Kids Bedtime Routines

Anybody who’s familiar with Cuckooland knows that we’re experts in all things quirky and unusual, and one of the many things we specialise in is unusual childrens beds, furniture and decor. One of our biggest categories for interior design is that of children and babies’ bedrooms, and specifically, their beds. Our range offers the very best on the market, and followers of our blog know that we like to reassure customers that we don’t just sell our products in the hope of pocketing their cash – we take pride in knowing our stuff before we put it on the site. We also genuinely care about our customers, and aim to help wherever possible.

Cuckooland’s Top 10 Kids Bed Designers of All Time

Because each designer has their very own collection of children’s beds (providing plenty of choice outside this top 10), we thought we’d compile a list that focuses on the designers as well as their products – its a great way to give these fabulous designers a shout out and at the same time provide our customers with the info they need (and the thumbs up) to make one of the most important product purchases of the year!

8 Steps to an Outrageously Fun Kid’s Bedroom

If there’s one thing little kids are experts in, it’s fun! From the minute they open their sweet little eyes until the minute there heads rest peaceful against the pillow, a child’s main pursuit in life is of course to have fun. This quest for all things fun is why we know kids best of all, because here at Cuckooland we are the official home of fun! From our fantastic kids furniture to our ingenious range of imaginative kids beds, we officially rule when it comes to creating outrageously fun kid’s bedrooms.

Help your Child sleep through the Night!

Kids just don’t have the same stresses as we do… well, not to us anyway. To them, in their own rapidly evolving, shape shifting worlds, their worries & stresses are just as important as ours, more so in fact, because in their fertile minds their imaginations are wild and rampant and their capacity for rational thought, careful consideration and logic is pretty much non existent.

A Knights Bedroom Inspired by Saint George

If you want to celebrate our rich English heritage while giving your child the courage to charge at life head on, look no further than our wonderful range of knight-themed bedrooms, in time for St. George’s Day. Or flip through our extensive catalogue of unique Kids Beds for more themed bedroom inspiration.

Give the Kids a Bedroom Makeover they’ll love!

Spring is here and like any true DIY’er will know the season for a home makeover is nearly upon us. The usual rooms will probably need an upgrade but we are betting our last loom-band that the one room in need of a serious make over is the kid’s bedroom! With the havoc of Christmas out of the way, most children’s bedrooms will no doubt look as if a nuclear bomb has been detonated and the remnants of all those Christmas gifts are currently scattered across the room.

Vox Kids Cabin Bed

Harmony in a Shared Kids Bedroom – How to Achieve the Impossible with Cuckooland

When we’re young, we hold on tightly to the things that define us. A kid’s bedroom is their mecca of unbridled play and comfort, and trying to keep the kiddywinks happy when they’re bunched in with brothers or sisters is a thorny problem for most parents. Luckily, Cuckooland has found the perfect solution to keep those mini meltdowns to a minimum. Here are some tips for building a shared room that is as fun as it is harmonious…

Teepee Tent Bed

Yippee for Teepee Kids Furniture

We’ve gone cowboy/girl crazy here at Cuckooland over our new teepee collection from Dutch designer Woood! This ranch-tastic furniture set features quality items made of solid pine in neutral colours – perfect for any child’s bedroom.

The Perfect Pad for a Mini Hipster

Here at Cuckooland we like to celebrate unapologetic style and whimsical eccentricity, and no other category of trend does this quite like Hipsters. From their impeccably matched clothing to their free thinking philosophy on life, the hipster is a perfectly styled homage to our generations version of cool. So it’s really no surprise that the hipster way of life is taken on a mini version, yep we are talking about those oh-so-cool mini hipster kids. We have just the blog that will help create the most awesome pad for a mini hipster, and it all starts with a bed.

Magical Tips for a Woodland Themed Nursery

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise. If you go down to the woods today, you’ll never believe your eyes. For Cuckooland will make you beam, with style and whimsy and woodland themes! Take inspiration from the changing seasons and create a cosy nursery that evokes memories of an enchanted woodland forest, plucked straight from your favourite fairy tale. Whether you already know the gender or you’re waiting for the stork to give you a surprise, create a magical play land of wonder that is suitable for both boys and girls!

Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

Patience is a virtue, especially when waiting to discover the gender of your new arrival! Perhaps the most special (and debatable) decision of all, is keeping the mystery of whether your baby is a boy or a girl alive and kicking until… well, the day the little cherub arrives very much alive and kicking!

Baby Sleeping Bag

Getting those Summer Babies to Slumberland

We know how important a calming nursery environment is during those long summer days – and nights! – when it’s bright and hot outside, friends. So to ease your joyous bundle into slumberland, we’ve put together a handy guide to nursery essentials that are spot on for this beautiful season.

Happy Campers: Bring the Outdoors into The Kids’ Bedroom

Kids’ Bedroom Furniture is meant to provide function and style and envelope your children in a safe and familiar environment – although this should never limit your options for decking out their interior. If your family is more suited to the outdoors, gathered in a shared tent by a crackling fire, then we have a treat for you.

Lifetime Princess Bed

A Bedroom Fit for a Princess

All children love make believe, but what if you could bring their dreams to life? Cuckooland has it’s very own Imaginarium machine which can make even fantastical dreams a reality; we turn little dreamers into pirates, astronauts and even princesses. We have the know how to turn a fair maidens dwelling into a magical fairytale bedroom, fit for a princess. So come with us on a journey of pure imagination into the wonderful world of make believe, where if you can believe it, we can make it happen.

How To Create The Ultimate Pirate’s Bedroom

“Shiver me timbers, me barnacles are colder than the northern seas!!! As are my crew, so as true as my word is, I Captain Cuckoo will show ya land lubbers how to build the ultimate quarters for ye wee pirates. From ship-beds worthy of the most treacherous of seas to places to hide all ye buried treasure, safe from the clutches of fellow pirates or siblings!”

Vox Kids Cabin Bed

Superb Storage Ideas to De-Clutter the Kids’ Bedroom

From out-of-this-world ideas for themed bedrooms to practical designs that will win top marks for keeping their rooms in ship shape, we’ve picked out a positively brilliant selection of storage solutions for bedrooms big and small. So without further ado, let us introduce some of our favourite kids beds, wardrobes and storage boxes for kids’ bedrooms.

Out of this World - Kids Themed Bedroom Ideas

As anyone with children will know, repetition is a huge part of your child’s development. Whether that’s watching the same episode of Peppa Pig a million times, or playing the same game over and over and over until the rules all blur into a chaotic mess. Kids love much of the same; it can be in the shape of a favourite colour, cartoon character or book, or even an obsessive fascination with trains.

Cuckooland is Proud to Introduce Circu & Their Out of This World Kids Bed Designs!

Cuckooland is thrilled to welcome Circu and their fantastical kids bed designs to the UK. Whilst we appreciate that they won’t be everyones cup of tea, we do believe in discovering and showcasing kids beds that are quite litertally jaw droppingly unique and out of this world! Enter the most inspiring, Disney-esque furniture designs that we at Cuckooland have ever set eyes upon! Here is a sneaky peak into the magical world of Circu beds.

Introducing the New Lifetime Play Learn & Sleep Bed!

The new Lifetime bed is quite simply the bed of a lifetime – and we don’t say that (err) lying down! Our buying team is constantly bombarded (but in a nice way!) with images from designers and manufacturers thrilled to show us their latest wow, weird and mostly wonderful designs and creations … but rest assured, until now, we’ve never seen anything quite like this piece of Scandinavian sleeping furniture!

7 Reasons to Love Mathy By Bols

When it comes to kids’ rooms, the Mathy by Bols range holds the monopoly for creating adventurous and unique beds. Straight from Belgium, and created with your children’s happiness and imagination at the forefront of the design process, these creative and durable beds are guaranteed to provide your little ones with a childhood of peaceful bedtimes, whilst also nourishing their imaginations.

Say ‘Godmorgen’ to Oliver!

Cuckooland are excited to showcase the luxurious children’s bedroom range from Oliver Furniture in the UK. This stunning, Scandi-inspired collection features unique cot beds, high sleepers and day beds, as well as matching desks, wardrobes and storage solutions. Everything is presented in beautiful, sustainable white lacquered woods and exposed oak, to create a calming, neutral and easily accessorised range which will grow with your child.

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