Create a sustainable nursery with Cuckooland

We all want to do our bit to protect our kids’ future. So when it comes to preparing a nursery, you’ll want to start on the right (carbon-neutral) foot and make eco-friendly choices.

With long-lasting and adaptable furniture, you can create a sustainable nursery that stands the test of time. Which saves you from replacing furniture whenever your little one has a growth spurt…

It means you save money, free up your time, and do your bit for Mother Earth. What’s not to love? With that in mind, here are my top tips for creating a stylish yet sustainable nursery…

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Use responsible brands

When you shop with Cuckooland, you won’t need to double check whether you’re buying from an eco-friendly pair of hands. You can sit back and relax, knowing that we only work with responsible brands. It’s the guilt-free way to do your baby shopping…

While it would take ages to list all our eco-savvy nursery brands, here’s a handful of my favourites to get you started:

Oliver Furniture

The folks at Oliver Furniture pride themselves on their sustainable supply chain. They develop all their dreamy products in modern European factories under fair conditions. Plus, their furniture is only ever crafted with wood from certified forests – so when you decorate, your baby’s habitat is the only one going through any upheaval.

Take a look at the gorgeous chest of drawers from Oliver Furniture (below). Built with robust oak from an FSC® certified forest, this resilient piece will last for many years – right until your little one is ready to fly the nest. Thanks to it’s simple Scandinavian design, it wouldn’t look out of place in a teen’s bedroom.

And you can relax knowing that every last detail is designed with sustainability in mind. From the responsibly-sourced wood right down to its non-toxic finish, this chest of drawers is 100 percent eco-friendly.

Oliver Furniture Contemporary Wood Chest of Drawers in White & Oak


The gurus behind Oeuf first started their furniture journey because they grew tired of a lack of ethically-produced kids’ products. And while other brands have now caught up, Oeuf still remains a pioneer in sustainable design.

Collaborating with artisan partners and taking a stand against fast-fashion techniques, sustainability is at the heart of everything Oeuf creates. All Oeuf furniture is crafted in an eco-friendly and FSC-certified facility in Latvia. And with a focus on ethical production, Oeuf is constantly improving their practises to remain ahead of the curve.

Oeuf Rhea Cot Bed in White & Birch

Gaia Baby

Another major player in ethical design, Gaia Baby are new kids on the Cuckooland block. We couldn’t resist their minimal and simplistic design… and with their focus on sustainability, you can feel good about filling your nursery with Gaia Baby.

Their products are all built with longevity in mind. Whether it’s the long-lasting and durable materials or adaptable design, Gaia Baby products always go the distance.

It means you won’t need to put up with any wasteful wear and tear. And as the furniture will last for many years, you can pass it down to your baby’s future siblings or help out your friends – it’ll still look good as new.

Gaia Baby Serena Rocking Chair

Pick sustainable materials

When it comes to kitting out a sustainable nursery, it’s important to consider the materials you’re buying. Ask yourself:

  • Is the material durable and long-lasting?
  • Is the material recyclable?
  • Is the furniture made under fair conditions?
  • Is the furniture made out of any rare or natural resources?
  • Did the furniture require lots of energy to make?
  • Are dyes water-based and toxic-free?
  • If the furniture is made from wood, is it carbon-neutral or certified?

Wood from FSC-protected forests

If you’re buying wooden nursery furniture, look out for the FSC logo. This means the wood is from a forest that meets all the eco-friendly regulations. Trees that grow in an FSC-protected forest are replanted or able to regenerate naturally, so you’re helping to keep forests thriving.

Psst.. all wooden nursery pieces from Oliver Furniture are carefully crafted with wood from a certified forest.

Oliver Furniture Seaside Nursery Dresser in White

Birch wood

Birch wood is an ideal option for sustainable furniture. As birch trees grow quickly (and in great quantities), they’re easy to replace. So when a birch tree is harvested, it won’t be long until another one grows and takes its place – meaning it can be a great carbon-neutral option.

Plus, birch wood looks a treat in nurseries. With a stripped-back look that’s easy to wipe clean, it’s a stylish and practical choice.

Oeuf Kids Toy Store in White & Birch

Get furniture that grows with your baby

It’s no secret that babies can churn through clothes and toys at a rate of knots. At the rate they develop both physically and mentally, it can be impossible to avoid.

But when it comes to their nursery, you don’t always need to throw out and replace furniture as soon as they grow too big. When you convert a cot into a toddler bed, you can avoid the financial and environmental cost of replacing it.

Thanks to its adaptable design, the Gaia Baby nursery set (below) will see your newborn right through until they’re five years old. And with an extra extension kit, your little one can sleep in this clever bed until they’re ten years old. That’s ten whole years of just one bed, and no unnecessary trips to the tip.

Gaia Baby Serena Complete Sleep Cot Bed Nursery Set

Stick to a timeless design

Baby-friendly design and themes can look cute. But we all know how fast kids can develop – and they can quickly grow bored with babyish design.

So when it comes to choosing sustainable nursery furniture, pick out pieces that will work well for older kids and adults, too. This will mean you won’t have to replace pieces like a dresser or bedside table once your little one is no longer a baby.

In fact, with stylish and minimal design, your kids could take their nursery furniture to university one day. And with robust materials like oak, you’ll have little wear and tear to worry about – so you won’t need to think about replacing your furniture any time soon. Because while ‘less is more’ is great for nurseries, buying less is great for the planet, too.

Oeuf Sparrow 3 Drawer Dresser in White & Birch

Cut back with multipurpose furniture

Buying more furniture than you need can be wasteful. But often, it’s a necessary evil when you have a baby.

Well, not any more.

With the SnuzPod 3-in-1 crib, you can avoid buying a separate crib, bassinet, and co-sleeping pod. Thanks to it’s nifty design, you can transform this model into all three options whenever you like.

So if you’d rather sleep next to your little one, you’re free to do so – and as soon as they’re ready to sleep independently, you can transform the pod into a standalone crib.

SnuzPod 4 Bedside Crib 3-in-1 with Mattress

SnuzPod 4 ComfortAir breathable system

Got a question about sustainable nurseries?

If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, our sustainable nursery options are a great place to start. Head over to our selection of nursery furniture and browse our responsible (and gorgeous) brands.

Or if you’d like to ask us a question, we’re more than happy to help. Just give us a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send us an email.


With more than 8 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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