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Storage & Ottoman Beds


When we dream at night, we pack all the troubles of the world away, digesting the chunks of thought that matter to us. Similarly, a storage or ottoman bed can literalise your sense of calm in the bedroom, removing clutter from your floor space, drawers, and overflowing cupboards.

They’re a fab investment for tight interiors or for any Cuckooland customer who can’t decide where they want to put extra pillows, blankets, duvets and cushions when they’re not being used. It’s practically impossible to discern their capabilities from the outside; guests and relatives will just see an upholstered bed dressed in the elegance of grey or sky blue velour. These storage solutions come in various forms – some actually spring open on a special mechanism, like something out of James Bond’s bachelor pad. They’re a great complement to traditional storage pieces like a chest of drawers, which might be unable to take any more of the castoffs in your room. Here at Cuckooland, a tidy space makes for a happy face, and we’re eager to help you make a spruce bedroom look its best.

And yet, when you’ve sunk comfortably into a buying decision, there’s one last thing to think about: a succulent mattress that’ll sink you off into dreamland! Browse our mattress selection for single, double, queen and king-size storage beds; we’ve even highlighted what dimensions you should be hunting for, ensuring nothing goes awry in the practical nature of your sleep. At the end of the day, we want a good snooze just as much as a clutter-free room to wake to.

Storage & Ottoman Bed FAQs  

Cuckooland is a place of storage mastery; we’ve written before about how much we love to clean our rooms and, by extension, yours, through a wide spectrum of quirky designer items. Ottoman beds and those with drawers, nooks and shelving features are the latest push for a tidy home life. But how complex are ottoman models, exactly? Take a peek at a few FAQ's below: 

  1. How do they work?

  2. Our ottoman beds have what’s called a ‘hydraulic’ or ‘gas-lift’ piston mechanism. It’s the same build that your car boot enjoys when it rises up, preventing sudden movements from causing it to crash back down.

  3. Are the beds easy to move?

  4. This depends on what you fill the bed with, and the mattress you’re buying to match it. We recommend positioning the bed before adding the mattress, and emptying the contents should you choose at any point to move it.

  5. How deep does the ottoman space go?

  6. Our storage beds come in a variety of sizes, with a mix of storage options. Depository spaces usually have a depth of 22-24cm, which is enough for a moderate pile of soft cushioning, plus a stack of books or boxes. We don't recommend them as hide and seek spaces!

Require more assistance?

Jump on and ride this trend while it’s still red-hot! Ottoman and storage sleep stations will keep evolving, inventing new ways to surprise us at every turn of the pillow. Browse our entire collection to see all the latest designs that'll snap up those extraneous bits n’ bobs in the sanctuary we all daydream about…

Have your kid's fallen victim to a case of clutter-itis? Treat them to a top new tidying purchase by reading through Cuckooland’s super storage solutions for a child’s room. And, if you have any more questions, call our Award Winning Customer Service Team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or alternatively you can email us today.


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