Ultimate High Sleeper Bed Guide

High Sleeper Beds are raised up a little higher than traditional Bunk Beds, usually with a work or play area underneath with enough head room to keep your child free from early life concussion – they also have plenty of practical storage solutions too. From creative designs for daydreamers to teen-approved beds for older children, we’re here to put the fun into finding a new bed for your snoozer.

Sleep in the Stars

Does your little monkey dream about hanging out in trees, or jetting off to the moon? Let their imagination take flight with an out-of-this-world high sleeper from Cuckooland. Our magical collection of creative bed designs is bound to inspire your bright young mind, with something for every personality.

The Lifetime Hideout Corner Bunk Bed with Steps may look like a higgledy-piddledy shack towering in the trees, but rest assured, it’s a superb kids bed that’s as sturdy and practical as it is fun. With a movable lower bunk, create a high sleeper or bunk bed!

For astronauts with a sense of adventure, the Trasman Pod Solo 2 Gaming High Sleeper will banish complaints at bedtime, and transform their room into a whole new universe. With a futuristic design and totally tech-ready, your budding space cadet will climb into the land of nod with a smile on their face.

Trasman Pod Solo 2 Gaming High Sleeper with Chair Bed 90x200cm
Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed in Larch Effect & Graphite

Dens to Dive Into

What is it about dens that get the kids so excited? We may not relish the house being turned upside down, but nothing beats the squeals of glee as your little one dives into their den. Indulge their creativity without making the house topsy-turvy by investing in a sleeper that features its very own den.

For knights in training who crave a castle to conquer, the Vox Spot High Sleeper Storage Kids Bed will be the jewel in the crown of your little boy’s bedroom. The lofty tower/bed makes a great hideout when defending the room from enemy attack, as well as a cosy sleep space when playtime comes to an end! And with a vertical ladder descending down to an abundance of storage below, your brave hero is bound to start the day on the right foot.

Searching for a bed that’s just as brilliant for girls? For a high sleeper with wow factor, look no further than the Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed. Set off the ground with a hidden play area underneath, the modular design can be adapted to fit any bedroom theme! One day it’s a princess tower, the next it’s an explorer’s treehouse! There are no limits to their imagination!

Storage Galore

Over the years, those birthday and Christmas presents soon start to tot up! Keeping your kid’s bedroom neat and tidy can be a challenge at the best of times, but if you don’t have enough storage it’s a near impossible task. High sleepers are a smart solution for rooms where space is limited, maximising floor space and making it easy to reduce clutter.

For an all-in-one solution that’s ideal for fashion-conscious teens, we love the Parisot Higher Kids High Sleeper Bed. Not only does it feature a desk, drawers and more shelves than your teen is likely to have stuff for, it also has a full length book shelf alongside the top bunk! If your youngster is an avid reader and self-confessed bibliophile, they won’t be able to get enough of this brilliant bed.

Totally different but equally stylish, the Thuka HIT 9 High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Sofa Bed is a charming choice for kids who constantly have friends round to visit. This chic and modern sleeper boasts a bench seat underneath, that quickly transforms into a spare bed, perfect for those weekend slumber parties! Shelving offers handy extra storage, with plenty of desk space to play with too!

Parisot Higher Kids High Sleeper
Adventure Treehouse Loft/Bunk Bed

Room for Two

Sleepovers are the highlight of our little ones’ childhood, so make their mates feel at home with a high sleeper that can fit a mattress underneath. These flexible sleeping solutions can easily be converted from a play or study area into an extra bed when friends come over, to take the hassle out of sleepovers on weekends.

Make your tot feel extra special with the Adventure Treehouse Bunk Bed! With a wooden canopy, with peek-a-boo roof, and a spacious hideout beneath for a mattress, siblings can share a room or use the extra bunk for friends staying over! Something both boys and girls will love, this terrific treehouse has been finished in white, ready for your dinky adventurers to put their own stamp on it. Any colour scheme or theme is possible…

Require more assistance?

When toes start to peep out from the bottom of the duvet, don’t snooze on your hunt for a stylish new sleeper. Our marvellous collection of kids high sleeper beds has something for every age and personality – even hard-to-please teens who want to take charge of decorating their rooms. We handpick only the finest furniture for children’s bedrooms, to guarantee sweet dreams every night of the week.

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