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Brighten up your décor by switching your standard lighting for something a little more…. enlightening. Why settle for one light when you could have a cluster of multiple ceiling lights? You could even combine striking pendant lighting with standalone lamps to instantly create a personal theme and ambience. Everything is on the table (walls and ceilings) when it comes to lighting. Whether you’re kitting out the kitchen or revamping another room of the house, find a style that hits the spot (light) in this collection. Alternatively, our light up boxes makes a cool unique gift for a loved one.

Light boxes are a playful addition to your décor, perfect for the living room or bedroom. Bound to put a smile on your face on even the dullest of days, this lively lighting and especially our 'Do Not Disturb' on-off signal light box makes a perfect gift for teenagers. Illuminate your outdoor space to give your garden grandeur 24 hours a day with hardy exterior lights that look easy on the eye. Our stylish range of outdoor lighting is ideal for gardening and outdoor enthusiasts, meaning they can carry on digging, weeding and entertaining well after the sun goes down.

Our stunning lights make superb gifts for the home especially if you’re shopping for unique house warming gifts!

Lighting FAQs  

Our Blog writers (who also moonlight as buyers and product experts) have already lent some inspiration here and there – a garden makeover, for example, is practically unfinished until the lighting’s sorted – yet we’re going to illuminate some popular questions that tend to crop up, mostly in regards to what our range generally consists of:

  1. Are all of your lights LEDs?

  2. Some are, and this will be at the heart of their product description. Others, however, can be fitted with whatever bulb you prefer, and we have amber filament bulbs for this purpose if you need them.

  3. Are LEDs better than filament bulbs?

  4. LED bulbs use up to 90% less energy than traditional bulbs. Furthermore, with many LED bulbs can run life spans of up to 20 years meaning there are some great long-term saving to be had. They do however cost a little more initially, which makes filaments a continually popular choice. Also, remember that the choice of lights can change the colour of your walls! Which is both good and bad, so select your lights carefully. 

  5. Can I use these lights outdoors?

  6. Only a select number of Cuckooland’s lighting products are built for outdoor use. Many of these are solar-powered, with automatic functions for alleviating low, natural light levels. More info, specifications, features and benefits can be found on each item's product detail page. 

  7. What is your delivery policy?

  8. A lot of our heavy-duty lights are sourced from Europe, and they’re potentially quite fragile. We offer free delivery on many of our lighting products, please see our delivery details, here. There is a weight threshold of 31kg for any country in the EU, as well as 25kg for the UK and the rest of the world.

Require more assistance?

Playing with a host of gorgeous rays is guaranteed to mix up your home design and furnishings, and armed with a little more knowledge about the ins and outs of our lighting catalogue, the time is right for your creativity to take over!

Read our advice for the latest, hottest interior trends (another cool Blog post- hey we like writing stuff ok). For other insightful tidbits, call Anna, Sophie, Nat or Kate on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email and they’ll be more than happy to have a chat about all things incandescent, incandescently. 


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