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Ahhhh, the tranquillity of a flower bed, the gentle balm of herbs and sprouting greens…

Our bevy of great greenhouses promise to get your outdoor garden in the best shape of its life! A well designed frame, shelter, openness, and heat retention: these are the basics of a greenhouse design. Throw in a Cuckooland take on this popular theme of greenhouses and you have the basics covered PLUS style, quality and longevity with more features than the average garden store greenhouse. We’ve struck a balance between stable, light-giving architecture and the quirkier elements of outdoor furnishing, finding structures with the same allure as our cabins and summer houses.

Breathe deeply, and ready yourself for a collection that includes multi-function wooden models with dazzling glass panels that drinks the sun in from all sides. Once you’ve got a large dose of potting equipment to hand, you know you're far removed from the maddening crowd and all that matters is the tender, nurturing quality of fingers-on-leaf, the snap of a fresh pick and the ripening skin of a tomato in your garden temple…

Greenhouse FAQ's

Let's shine a light on some greenhouse FAQs we’re frequently faced with:

  1. How do I heat my greenhouse through the winter?

  2. A good question, and one you can’t avoid. We recommend a couple of safe, low wattage electric heaters, along with a thermostat, so you can achieve optimum temperature with minimal fuss. Heated propagation mats and horticultural fleece's are other ways to retain heat as is the practice of using horticultural grade Bubble wrap in the inside frame of your greenhouse (keeping drafts and chills out) and around your pots. Consider all of these, but don't forget ventilation - this is key to a thriving green sanctuary!

  3. Where can I set up my greenhouse?

  4. Any sun soaked patch of soil or soft turf really! Remember though that paving and patio slabs have more stability, so takes these factors into account.

  5. Can I place a greenhouse in the shade?

  6. Technically, this is a viable choice, but it depends on the plants you’re trying to cultivate. Too much sunlight can be harmful, but not enough is worse, so aim for a position in-between, where the sun will move on after 3-4pm.

  7. What’s the ventilation like on the Greenhouses you sell?

  8. Very good, actually! All of our picks, including the dome styles, have several operational windows. And their wood frames are designed to aid ventilation.

  9. Do these greenhouses come in different finishes?

  10. A timber finish is the most popular and this is what we currently offer (but watch this space, we're always sniffing around for the latest trends). There’s always opportunity, of course, to personalise your shed and add your own spin on the visual characteristic with store-bought paint.

Require more assistance?

Since you’re read this far, we're pretty sure your love of the garden extends past greenhouses, we’re betting that pottering about outside in the garden, with the mid-day sun on your back, is the height of heaven. Why not browse our other, grand garden dwelling features, like a gazebo or garden pod, for some shade-tastic relief? Somewhere to retreat to with a cool glass of lemonade (or wine!) after a long day tending to your flowers, fruit and vegetables.

We fully ‘get’ the greenhouse lifestyle – in a sense, we're all like little seeds, ready to sprout with joy as our outdoor kingdom comes to life! Why not call our dedicated team of garden gnomes on +44 (0) 1305 231231 to wax lyrical about your greenhouse or garden or email us here - we'd love to hear your story or help.

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