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Bedside Lamps

Whether you’re 9 or 99 years old, the chances are you’ll need a bedside lamp in your life. Or, rather, you’ll need one in your bedroom, whether you sleep with the lights on or off. From helping you to read the latest book from your favourite author to offering a cosy ambience or helping kiddiwinkles to fall asleep, it’s all made possible with one - or two - bedside lamps.

At Cuckooland, our divine range of designer bedside lamps is sure to achieve their practical function whilst also creating an inviting space. Featuring leading brands such as Pacific Lifestyle and Garden Trading means you’re sure to find a stunning lamp. We offer bedside lamps with metal, ceramic, terrazzo and wooden bases - so you can find the perfect lamp to match your bedroom decor. The accompanying lamp shades help to set the mood. Made from glass, steel, velvet and linen-effect materials - they can soften or direct the light as you require. Or, maybe you’ll ‘go ultra contemporary’ by choosing a bare bulb.

One thing’s certain - the bedside lamps in our emporium all share premium levels of craftsmanship. Beautiful in their own right, they’ll create a stunning sanctuary that’ll ‘shield’ you from the day’s hustle and bustle. What’s more, with wireless charging and inbuilt timers available from the Koble collection, you can prepare for the next day by charging compatible phones and devices overnight. Simply place them on the base unit, wake up in the morning and they’re ready to go. Other lamps offer you the option to direct the light with adjustable heads, and then there are wall-mounted lights that can be wired to the mains or controlled via a toggle on/off switch.

Great lighting enhances your decor and adds elegance, whether your decor is contemporary or traditional in style. Create a room you want to spend time in with our wide variety of shapes and sizes. Let’s ‘shed some light’ on some of the frequently asked questions we receive about bedside lamps …

Bedside Lamps FAQs

  • What are the different styles of bedside lamps?

  • When it comes to the base, popular styles include the swing arm, ‘artsy’ three-legged stand, traditional cylindrical or round base and those with an adjustable arm and head. Each can give a different vibe that’ll update your bedroom.

    The coordinating shades (where applicable) vary from transparent to opaque glass designs, velvet linings and linen effect textiles. Whichever design you choose, we’re sure it’ll make a beautiful addition whether it’s in ‘on’ or ‘off’ mode.

  • Should I match mine and my partner’s bedside lamps?

  • When buying more than one bedside lamp, we believe you should share the love and purchase an identical pair.

    Matching your table-based lighting unites and elevates the look of any bedroom. Framing the bed, it gives a chic impression - as if you’ve been styled by an interiors expert.

  • How long should the cord be - and do I need a toggle switch?

  • The answer does depend on where your mains plugs are located, so be sure to carefully measure from the wall socket to the top of your bedside table. Allow a few centimetres extra for different lamp placements.

    Toggle switches are useful features - if included - as they save you from having to climb out of bed or reach for the switch on the wall. However, with touch-sensitive buttons and inbuilt sliding switches, you may find you’ll never miss them.

  • What bulb should I use for a relaxing glow?

  • Unlike the ceiling light, your bedside tables are positioned close to your eyes. Therefore, you don’t want - or require - the same bright wattage as used overhead.

    We’d recommend choosing an energy-saving bulb that’s around 5-6w in CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) - which is 25W in ‘old money’ - for a comforting glow. You may be wondering why there are two different figures here, but it’s all due to the gradual withdrawal of inefficient incandescent light bulbs. Both the 5-6w and 25w bulbs can produce the same levels of light - here approximately 220-270 lumens. So, you can buy knowing you’re saving energy.

    Remember when reading the bedside lamp’s product description, that it’s fine to use a lower wattage bulb in a fitting - just be sure to never exceed the recommended amount (for safety reasons).

    Some of our lamps come with LED lights already fitted - so no more rushing to the shops once your dream lamps arrive.

  • Does the shade affect the light given off?

  • The opacity of the shade could mean you experience a darker or brighter light. Shade materials such as metal and velvet will block the light in certain directions whereas trendy lamps with transparent glass shades - or those with bare bulbs - will shine light at every angle.

    For a diffused light, you should go for a (neutral coloured) textile shade or select a semi-opaque or white glass shade.

Require more assistance?

Bedside lamps are available in so many different materials, shades and sizes - so it’s only natural to have queries. Please do get in touch with our friendly experts today on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us to help you pick the right one for your bedroom.

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