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Kids’ Shelves and Bookcases


Want to reward your favourite bookworm? Cuckooland have a range of incredible shelves and bookcases to keep their books and beloved toys well organised.

From traditional bookcases and bookshelves to modern storage solutions, there’s a lot to browse through when it comes to our children’s shelving and bookcase collection. They’re just one part of our Kids’ Storage Furniture too, so you can pair up the items you love.

Kids’ Shelves and Bookcase FAQs 

However, we suggest reading some of our big questions first, to make this investment all that much better…

  1. Do I need to affix my Bookcase to the wall?

  2. It’s not 100% necessary, but many parents prefer doing this for peace of mind in a child’s bedroom. Buy a stud locator and use it to determine where you can drill into the wall. Pencil a vertical line and move the bookcase back to it. You can then install a L-bracket on the stud line, drilling into the top shelf of the unit before securing it on the wall’s other side. Some items arrive with their own fixtures.

  3. If the wall isn’t strong enough, can I leave a Bookcase freestanding?

  4. Yes, our manufacturers have ensured these bookcases can stand on their own. To be safe, balance the items on the shelves in terms of weight. That’ll keep them from toppling over.

  5. How many books will a typical Bookcase hold?

  6. Storage capacity differs from case to case. As a rule, we’d recommend you stack no more than 80-100 books, if it’s a mix of hardback and paperback. Depth specifications on each product page should give you a more accurate idea.

  7. Do the Shelving Units include the screws and plugs for hanging?

  8. We include screws and plugs for the thinner, more complex or delicate items. Bulkier selections, however, tend not to come with these accessories. This is because they have a natural stability and it’s a matter of preference whether you want to attach them to the wall.

  9. Can Shelves or Bookcases be painted?

  10. Although many of our storage units arrive with a paint scheme, you’re always free to give them a makeover. Whether it’s real or imitation wood, you can sand it down – moving with the grain for material like oak, pine and beech – until it’s ready for a primer solution. Then apply several coats of paint before finishing with a sealant.

Require more assistance?

Hopefully these FAQs have now set you up for a fab furniture pick! Take a leaf out of our book, and browse a few Themed Kids’ Rooms to discover how we make reading come alive… Otherwise, contact us directly on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email.

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