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Finding Your Perfect Blankets and Throws

If you’re the kind of person that would rather throw on another jumper than giving in to putting the heating on, we’d recommend another option… Blankets and throws! The cornerstone of any cosy home, these warming soft furnishings are a must if you love nothing more that snuggling up on the sofa and curling up under a blanket with your nearest and dearest!

Not just for snuggling though - when you’re not tucked up and getting toasty these versatile home accessories can instantly update and transform your home interiors. Drape over sofas, layer up along the end of the bed and bring pattern, texture and colour to your furniture.

When it comes to blankets and throws, there are so many options, sizes, materials and benefits infront of you and picking just one seems impossible. You’d hide under the blanket… if you had one! Let’s change that! We’ve woven together a list of frequently asked questions to help banish the cold for good!

Blanket & Throw FAQ’s

  • What’s the difference between a throw and a blanket?

    They are generally one and the same, but throws are often used as decorative home accessories and blankets are for cosying up with. Both can be used vice versa too! Don’t limit yourself to just one if a design has caught your eye - throws can be just as comfortable and warm as blankets! Throws can often be smaller and are only really meant for one person - something to bear in mind. Make sure to check the measurements if you need a blanket or throw for a specific place or purpose. If you were planning on using yours as a decorative home accessory; blankets and throws could both do the job, but the size might not suit your needs! If you’re styling yours on the bed or sofa, make sure to measure the length before browsing. If you’re still not sure, we’d recommend going for something bigger, as you can always fold over the extra fabric to create the desired effect!

  • What is a weighted blanket?

    A weighted blanket might look like our everyday blankets and duvets, but they have hidden health benefits too! Generally filled with weighted beads that are evenly distributed across the length and width of the blanket, once you’re snuggled underneath, the gentle pressure helps relax your body and nervous system and alleviate stress. Known to help with sleep disorders, stress, anxiety and other conditions – a weighted blanket helps you effortlessly drift off and enjoy a restorative sleep. Available in a variety of materials, measurements and weights – even children can feel the benefits of a weighted blanket. When picking the design for you, be sure to check the recommended specifications for safety, as your final choice will depend on your body weight. A blanket that was too heavy wouldn’t be safe to sleep under and too light and you wouldn’t feel the benefits.

  • Where can I use my blanket?

    Anywhere you’d like! Although it might not be acceptable to wonder into the dentist wrapped in a throw… Blankets are great for snuggling up in the living room and bedroom. They’re also great to have out in the garden. They provide you with extra warmth and comfort, especially in the chillier months, so if your home and living spaces are on the cooler side or it’s not cold enough to pop the heating on, we’d recommend filling a basket with a selection of soft blankets, ready to bundle under! Throws are cosy and warm too, but usually come in more decorative designs that can jazz up tired furniture, add interest to a room and bring colour to a space. Style across the end of the bed, over sofas, across armchairs, cover older furniture and bring a new lease of life to your interiors. Many throws are so beautiful to look at, we’ve even seen them being used as wall art. The choice is yours!

  • What blanket should I use in winter?

    Winter unfortunately brings with it the cold. Brrr! When picking out a blanket or throw for the winter season, we’d recommend fabrics and materials that offer added warmth. The thicker the blanket, the better it will be at insulating and trapping warm air inside – keeping you cosy and snug underneath. The more layers there are to a blanket, the easier it is to keep the warm in and the cold out. Natural materials like wool, cashmere and cotton are considered the warmest! Be careful if you suffer from allergies though, they might not agree with you. Fleece blankets and chunky knits are also great at keeping you snug as a bug! Linen throws and loose knit blankets would be better for the summer months. They offer a breathable and lightweight layer that brings an extra bit of warmth, without being too heavy. But when it comes to winter, these blankets and throws would be better as decorative home accessories.

  • Should my throw match my sofa or cushions?

    Not if you don’t want them to! Often if you stick to the same colourway and texture, your blanket or throw will get lost amongst your other furniture and accessories. Be as daring and creative as you’d like with your soft furnishings. Mix and match materials, use contrasting colours, play with patterns and create an arrangement to suit your taste and express your personal style. If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to styling blankets and throws, planning out a mood board or creating wish lists is always a great idea! Seeing your chosen home accessories in one place can help realise your vision and design a look that’s comfortable and eye-catching.

  • How to clean a throw or blanket?

    Keeping your throws and blankets clean and fresh, really depends on the fabrics and materials they’re made from and the cleaning instructions that come with them. Many of our throws are machine washable and tumble drier safe, but this isn’t always the case. Before throwing your blankets in the washing machine, make sure to read the care labels first. Also, take care when initially selecting a throw for a space. If they’re dry-clean only and you’re planning on placing them over furniture where pets and children frequent, then there’s a good chance they’ll need regular cleaning and could become a hassle. Think about where you’d like to use your blanket and how often it might need to be cleaned, and you’ll find the perfect snuggly accessory for your home.

Require more assistance?

We hope our FAQ’s have left you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Ready to wrap yourself in a warm and cosy home accessory? If you’d like to know more about our handpicked blankets and throws, pop together an email and send it to or call 01305 231231 and we’d be happy to talk all things toasty

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