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Beds with Desks

Every kid needs somewhere to scribble away, and a place to dream up grand plans that they can put down on paper (or just a familiar place to do homework!). Cuckooland’s kids beds with desks furnishing your child’s room with a complete, multi-functional, multi-talented HQ.

From themed designs to clever space-saving solutions, our study bed sleepers are stacked with cool add-ons for graft or play, all at a great price. Let’s admit it: not many kiddies jump at the chance to sit down with a textbook, even when their smarts are off the scale. By fusing desk space with a funky bed frame in the form of a bed-desk combo, you have a novelty to motivate focused, head-down sessions after school. Our cabin beds, in particular, provide a fine sense of security, almost like a home within a home!

Our desk bed hybrids can set their glueing, stitching and drawing in good order, with multiple shelving spots for their tools. They can also dress the sides with trinkets, fluffy toys… practically anything that makes them feel at ease when the night draws in. That’s an incredibly handy trait when the rest of your kids’ furniture is groaning at the seams. Pretty much all of these beds, by the way, are high sleepers, or raised sufficiently off the ground for sleep to be a proper escape from the world, think of a spacestation, but only more down to earth and practical - a well designed and thought-out workstation bed!


Top 3 Beds with Desks FAQs

There are several age ranges that these bed styles are perfect for  – read through our guide to kids’ beds for some inspiration. Meanwhile, we’d like to address some questions you may have since we know that beds and desks don’t necessarily make for an obvious choice…

  1. Are study beds suitable for all ages?

  2. Absolutely – we have beds that both kids and teens will love. Our designs are best suited to growing munchkins, with little desks that will be just the right size for those doodles. For teens, look to our contemporary high sleepers or loft beds for stylish, super practical, space-efficient installations.

  3. Do the desks move, or fold up?

  4. For bedrooms with limited floor space, some of our sleepers feature desks that wheel into a cubbyhole on the side of the frame or snap back to a special compartment when not in use. A couple do have fixed desks, however, so it’s best to check each product description. Or simply call our Dream-team below for some free advice.

  5. Will the desk bed need to be assembled?

  6. Yes, most of our beds with desks arrive flat-packed and require two people to assemble in the bedroom. We provide a full set of instructions for self-assembly, although for an additional fee you can opt for our team to do the hard work for you!

Require more assistance?

By now, you’re ready for that big bedroom makeover (see Blog piece here), surprising your darlings with an uber-slick base for work and play. With so much packed into a single investment, you can’t go wrong with these bed-and-desk marvels, no matter the size of your interior!

Call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us if you’re needing to chat with a Bed expert. We’ve studied everything in our vast repertoire, and can suggest a workstation sleeper and mattress your brood will adore.

Desk Bed Guides & Advice

desk bed guide

Desk Bed Guide

If your child’s bedroom isn’t quite large enough to swallow up all the essential kids bedroom furniture and a desk – a bed with a built in desk could be the perfect solution. These space saving beds with desks are brilliant for providing a place to study and sleep and won’t engulf a smaller room.

Top 12 Tips on How to make your Bedroom Study Friendly:

Well its all fine, dandy and super helpful having a Kids Bed and Desk Combo, but lets complete the scene...

1. Lighting is Key: Set the mood with some stellar lighting! Natural light during the day helps keep you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and does wonders for those positive frame of mind endorphins, while a good desk lamp or overhead light provides the perfect glow for those late-night study sessions.

2. Get Comfy: Who says studying has to be a pain in the neck? Literally! Invest in a comfy chair or cushions to keep your back and bum happy during those long hours of hitting the books.

3. Declutter Your Space: Nobody's got time for a cluttered workspace! Keep your study area tidy and organized with some nifty storage solutions like shelves, bins, or drawers. Bonus points for cute organizers that make you smile! It would be remiss of us not to show you this incredible bed with desk study station right about now. 

4. Personalize Your Space: Make your study nook feel like your own little slice of paradise! Add some personal touches like photos, artwork, or inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and inspired.

5. Tech Time: Embrace the power of technology! Set up your gadgets like a pro with chargers, cables, and accessories within arm's reach. Just don't forget to take a tech break now and then – your eyes will thank you.

6. Noise Control: Shhh! It's study time! Minimize distractions by creating a quiet zone with noise-canceling headphones or a white noise machine. Your focus will thank you later.

best beds for studying

Create the Ultimate Study Friendly Bedroom for Teens

Every student needs a comfortable, quiet place to study, so providing a suitable study area will be a top priority. While your teen may think that loafing in their PJ’s in bed is a perfectly good solution, I can verify (having done a stint of working at home) that productivity is markedly improved when you get out of bed and get dressed for work! A great solution is a bed with a desk, these space saving beds don’t eat up every inch of floor space with separate pieces of furniture as they cleverly combine a bed and desk all in one. It's like having a cool looking bunk bed but instead of a wasted bottom bunk, you get the space studyfied...

Top 12 Tips on How to make your Bedroom Study Friendly Continued:

7. Desk Essentials: Stock up on all the study essentials like pens, notebooks, sticky notes, and highlighters. Keep 'em handy so you can jot down those brilliant ideas or doodle during those brainstorming sessions.

8. Brain Food Zone: Keep your energy levels up with some brain-boosting snacks! Set up a mini snack station with healthy treats like nuts, fruit, or granola bars to fuel your study sessions.

9. Stay Hydrated: Hydration station, coming right up! Keep a water bottle or mug of your favorite beverage nearby to stay hydrated and refreshed while you hit the books.

10. Take Breaks: Don't forget to give your brain a breather! Schedule regular study breaks to stretch your legs, grab a snack, or just take a moment to relax and recharge. Your mind will thank you for the downtime!

11. Stay Organized with Boards: Boards are anything but boring. Keep your schedules and reminders in check with a trusty whiteboard or cork board. Hang it up near your study area for easy access to important dates, deadlines, and to-do lists. Get creative with colorful markers or pins to make your boards pop and keep you on track like a pro!

12. Post-it Power and Flashcard Fun: Stick it to 'em! Take your study game up a notch by peppering your walls with handy post-it notes and flashcards. Use them to jot down key concepts, important dates, or vocabulary words, and plaster them all over your study space for easy reference. It's like having your own personal study assistant right at your fingertips!

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