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Note: Because this is a considered purchase, please feel free to call Pod Expert, Nathalie, on 07940831707 or email her. The Pods are also available to view at Sculpture by the Lakes in Dorset. A more beautiful setting you'd be hardpressed to find! There's a lovely tea garden, stunning botanical gardens, tranquil tree lined lakes (complete with the sound of rare bird song!) and some truly incredible sculptures to view, so why not make a day trip out of it?

We do love our job of searching the universe for unique and luxurious products that will wow you - some things in life are extravagant, but hey, we all deserve a little opulence in our lives. With more and more attention going to our outside space, our green patches, our little piece of land we can call our own - garden buildings and structures are becoming more popular by the minute. In true Cuckooland style we fell head over heels in love with the Garden Pods from Ornate Garden, they are a true work of craftsmanship. All of their garden buildings are handmade in the UK using the highest quality materials, and every design is available to adapt to your requirements, including interior finishes and colours. It takes passion and commitment to develop such innovative garden buildings, this is illustrated by their use of a talented in-house design studio who work together with high profile craftsmen who utilise many different skills in the creation of their rotating pod collections; from more traditional skills such as engraving, wood carving, etching, and casting, through to highly technical laser-cutting, polishing and welding techniques. Whether it’s urban cool, luxurious chic or relaxed outdoor living, Ornate Garden have created a collection of farmers cottage garden pods and rotating spheres that represent objects of style and beauty, that are contemporary and timeless. Built on a heritage of quality and a reputation for excellence Ornate Garden truly know how to transform your outdoor space into a place where many an evening can be spent in comfort and lasting memories can be made.

Ornate Garden Pod FAQs

  • How does the pod come delivered?

    On the morning of your pod installation, the team will arrive at approx. 7am – 8am. They will bring all the parts to the area where the pod is to be built and then they will build it part by part. As long as the entrance to the build site is the width of a standard single door, we will be able to get each part in without issue.

  • Are there any hidden costs I need to know about?

    Installation and VAT are included in the price – the only elements of work you would need to budget for is the preparation of the hardstanding base and the cost of an electrician to hook your pod up to your mains.

  • What do I need to do to prepare for the arrival of my pod?

    You just need to make sure that you have the correct space allocated for your chosen pod and ensure that there is a hardstanding base that is at least the size of the chosen pod footprint. We are always available to help you with working that out so don’t hesitate to call Ornate Garden Pod Expert Nathalie on 0794 0831707.

  • What hardstanding base do I need?

    It’s important that the pods are installed on a level hardstanding base (if there is a small incline for rainwater to run off or if you have slightly uneven flagstones, don’t worry - we can work with that). The hardstanding can be level paving, flagstones, brick, concrete, decking, composite decking, tiles etc. If you are unsure don’t hesitate to call Ornate Garden Pod Expert Nathalie on 0794 0831707 so we can offer advice.

  • Why do I need an electrician?

    Our installation teams are not qualified electricians and we always advise that you arrange for a qualified electrician to hook up your pod to your mains so that they can sign it off as safe.

  • Do I need an electrician on site when the pod is being installed?

    No you don’t, you can arrange for the electrician to hook up your pod to the mains after the pod is installed. The pod comes with everything that you need but you will need to arrange for an electrician to run a cable from your main power source into the back of the pod where the connector plugs are ready waiting for the electric cable.

  • Can I have the pod without any of the interior seating or furniture?

    You can however we really don’t suggest this. The seating has been cleverly designed to use the widest part of the pod so that you have a maximum amount of floor space – standard furniture will take up valuable floor space and make the pod feel cramped.

  • Once I place my order how will I get an installation date?

    When your order is confirmed we will then call you to confirm the installation date. If this date doesn’t suit you then we will look at the schedules and work through the available dates until one works for all.

  • What if I am not ready for the pod to be installed on the day of installation?

    We need you to give us at least 1 weeks’ notice if you need to change the installation date. If we arrive on the morning of your confirmed installation day and you are not ready, there will be a charge so please ensure that you notify us as soon as possible if there are changes to your circumstances or the base is not ready.

  • Do I need planning permission for my pod?

    The pods are classed as outbuildings and so typically fall within your permitted development rights which means you can have one installed without planning permission. There are of course exceptions to this rule so the following may be helpful:

    • If you live in an area called 'designated land.' This might be a conservation area, but these usually have fewer strict rules than national parks. If your pod can't be seen from the road, you probably won't have any issues.
    • Your pod will be located at the front of your house. This is known as the "Principal Elevation," and it's common for houses to have their main front facing the road. If your pod will be positioned in front of your front door, it's generally a good idea to seek permission.
    • If you live in a listed property you will most likely need to apply for permission to hang your washing let alone have a pod installed!
  • Do you have someone who can come and inspect my property before I order?

    For large scale commercial projects where we are installing multiple pods for business use we can arrange a site visit however if you are a private client we can arrange a video call and talk through all your queries – call Ornate Garden Pod Expert Nathalie on 07940831707 to arrange this.

  • What do I need to do to maintain my pod?

    We recommend that once or twice a year you apply a clear wood oil to the spruce arcs (Osmo Transparent Wood Oil comes highly recommended). The process is quick and easy (some even say it’s therapeutic!). Ideally we suggest applying the wood oil in the spring and autumn.  You can either apply the wood oil with a sponge, paintbrush or small foam roller.

  • How do I clean the acrylic or polycarbonate windows?

    Acrylic or polycarbonate glass is incredibly strong (200 x stronger than glass) so whilst it takes a lot of effort to break it, it can scratch easily and can be harmed by strong solvents and harsh cleaners like Windowlene for example. To clean your pod windows either use mild soapy water or opt for a commercial plastic cleaner (like VuPlex) to eliminate dirt. Always use a non-abrasive lint-free or microfiber cloth when applying the cleaner to prevent surface scratching.

  • How long does the pod last?

    The pods are built using quality materials and are made to last  .They come with a 10 year guarantee however with regular minimal maintenance (like oiling the spruce arcs) the lifespan of your pod will far exceed that.


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