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Buying a new sofa is often as exciting as buying a new television (if not more so). The two go hand in hand, like beds and bedside tables or a kitchen and a fridge (a bit random but true!). What's not to love about snuggling up with the family on the couch to watch a great movie or kicking back with a coffee and a newspaper or good book. With so many choices out there in the comfy clouds of couch buying, the decision of which sofa to choose can present a bit of a challenge for the family wrestling with a smorgasboard of choices. This is where we come in... our short sofa buying guide below is packed with useful information such as defining the various types of sofas available and even how to clean your new sofa.

By the way, all the sofas in this category are intended for indoor use, if you’re looking for a garden sofa you will find these stunners sunning themselves in our fabulous garden shop (follow the link above).

The indoor sofa is considered to be one of the most integral pieces of furniture in your home (no pressure!), so let's ease the pressure and help you along the way, step by step… grab a cuppa, pop your feet up and let's get to it!

Points to consider when buying a new Sofa

The very first point to consider when buying a new sofa often begins with identifying whether you are going to build your room décor and accessories around your sofa, or introduce your new sofa into existing décor. This will influence the colour and style of your sofa; are you going to play safe and opt for a classic design that offers timeless style that will accommodate many a room make-over, or will you embrace a wilder approach and go for a bold, bright and on trend design that offers a real “wow” factor. The next important question to consider is who will be using your new sofa – are you a family with young children (you may want to avoid light colours!) or do you have a dog who insists on joining you for evening cuddles (maybe go for an easy to clean sofa!) These considerations may affect the fabric and design that you decide to purchase.

A short guide to the different types of Sofas

There are 4 common types of sofas, 2 seater sofa, 3 seater sofa, 4 seater sofa and a corner sofa. Your choice may be influenced by the size of the room and also how many people are in your household! 2 seater sofas are a great choice for smaller homes that can be purchased alone or combined with other size sofas or even an armchair to make up a suite. 3 seater sofas are the most popular choice for many households, they offer enough seating for 3 adults (or 2 adults and one dog… 2 adults and a bundle of kids… you get our drift!). Again 3 seaters can be mixed and matched with other seating such as accent chairs for a modern look.

Hopefully the fog is lifting a little and you are getting a clearer idea of what your new sofa needs to deliver in terms of style and size, if you’re still scratching your head a little here are some FAQ’s we have received from our wonderful customers who are on the same journey as you!

Sofas FAQ’s

  1. Do you offer Sofas on Finance?

  2. Yes we do! We appreciate that shelling out for a new sofa can be expensive, so we have taken the sting away by offering 0% finance on many of our sofas. Each product detail page will clearly state the finance options available for that particular model, if you’d like to know a bit more about our finance terms please read here.

  3. What Sofa colour to choose?

  4. We touched on this above when we looked at the points to consider when buying a new sofa. Colour can transform a room and completely change the interior design. It’s important to look at aspects such as lighting and how you want the general ambience of the room to feel, as different colours will evoke different emotions. Do you want the room to feel bright and engaging? Or would you rather it feel calm and tranquil? Do you want the colour and fabric to be practical to clean (households with young kids and pets)? Exploring questions such as these will hopefully help you decide what colour to choose when buying your new sofa.

  5. Can Sofa cushions be washed?

  6. Cleaning your new sofa will largely depend on the material the sofa is made from. Fabric sofas, including velvet, can be spot cleaned in much the same way as a carpet can. If it's a little doggy dripple, its safe just to use a sponge with a bit of warm water; however the dreaded red wine spill will require a more involved approach with a dishwashing liquid concoction (2 cups of cool water and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid), a sponge to dab it up and a clean white cloth to blot the rest away. Although this is the tried and tested route, we recommend to always refer to the manufacturers instructions on cleaning as this may vary between models. If you've purchased a leather sofa the cleaning will differ from that of a fabric sofa, again we would recommend referring to the manufacturers instructions. There are specialist cleaning products available that are designed for cleaning leather sofas, always refrain from other household cleaning products as they may damage the leather over a period of time.

Require more assistance?

If you’re still grappling with some unanswered questions please feel free to call our super friendly customer service team on +44 (0) 1305231231 or drop them an email - they'll be delighted to assist you on your sofa buying adventure!

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