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Our Customers Most Common Ornate Garden Pod Questions:

1.  What are Ornate Garden Pods?

Ornate Garden Pods are all weather see-through structures, curved or circular in shape, partially or fully enclosed that are used as outdoor rooms. Their uses vary depending on the size and features of the specific pod. They can be used as summer rooms and garden rooms. Popular uses also include outdoor entertainment rooms for an alfresco vibe, outdoor offices which offer the user peace and privacy, places to relax or meditate, additional space for smaller homes requiring an additional reception room, study, or hobby space. The walls are almost entirely made from either acrylic or polycarbonate which are see through, so the pods let in natural light and enable the occupant to see 360 degrees outside the pod.

2.  How much do Ornate Garden Pods cost?

The costs start from £3,999 and go up to £29,995

3.  Are Ornate Garden Pods suitable for year-round use?

All the pods are suitable for year-round use. The partially open rotating pods come with hardwearing canvas canopies that fully enclose the user and all the other models have permanent doors with heating included.

4.  Do Ornate Garden Pods require planning permission?

The pods are classed as outbuildings and so typically fall within your permitted development rights which means you can have one installed without planning permission. There are of course exceptions to this rule so the following may be helpful:

If you live in an area called 'designated land.' This might be a conservation area, but these usually have fewer strict rules than national parks. If your pod can't be seen from the road, you probably won't have any issues.
If your pod will be located at the front of your house. This is known as the "Principal Elevation," and it's common for houses to have their main front facing the road. So if your pod will be positioned in front of your front door, it's generally a good idea to seek permission.
If you live in a listed property, you will most likely need to apply for permission to hang your washing let alone have a pod installed!

5.  What are the available sizes and designs of Ornate Garden Pods?

There are 12 Ornate Garden Pod models and 1 Wheel Bench.  They are classed in ranges:

Rotating Pods (the smallest pods, circular in shape with no electricity).
Oval House Pods (always 236cm deep but with various lengths – the longest being 740cm, these have electricity).
Summerhouse & Deluxe Pods (these are more luxurious and are shaped like curved squares, these have electricity).

Within each range there are various garden dome sizes:

The smallest being the Rotating Seater Pod which has a diameter of 236cm 
The longest being the Large Oval House Pod with a length of 740cm and a depth of 236cm
The largest in diameter being the Grande Deluxe Chic Pod with a diameter of 345cm


About Ornate Garden Pods

Garden pods are a brilliant solution if you need additional space in your home and garden but don’t want the upheaval and expense (and copious amounts of dust) of a home extension. These curvaceous garden rooms are quick and easy to install and their versatility offers up plenty of uses; from al-fresco dining to a kids play den, a yoga retreat to a home office or even a cheeky little cocktail bar! (check out our satiating range of drinks trolleys!)

Who wants boring straight lines when you can have appealing curves! These spherical garden domes from Ornate Garden create an inviting space where you can escape the bustle of life in your own little bubble! Whether entertaining friends or meditating alone, being totally surrounded by your garden is a wonderful environment to unwind and relax in.

We have igloo domes that offer a frameless connection to your outdoor space or for a more structured feel, natural timber garden pods will blend beautifully with your garden as the seasons flow through their changing palette of colours.

Differing from log cabins, that offer a more enclosed ambiance, garden pods allow you to enjoy every aspect of your garden, all year round.

More Outdoor Garden Room FAQ’s

If you’re bowled over by these beautiful garden rooms and want to know more, here’s a roundup of our most popular questions;

  1. Is a Garden Pod suitable as a home office?

  2. Yes! If you need extra space because you are working from home and are tired of pitching up at the dimly lit dining table, why not create an inviting outdoor home office with a garden pod. The natural light will flood your workspace (great for your serotonin levels!), promoting a calm and focused environment to work in, plus being surrounded by greenery is proven to enhance concentration levels!

  3. Can I use a Garden Room all year round?

  4. The manufacturer’s guidelines will specify if your garden pod can be used all year round, as this will inevitably involve using an additional heating source. Electric standalone heaters are often used and will enable you to enjoy your garden room all year round. Pop a few cosy throws over your garden chairs, fling on a wooly jumper and you’ll be snug as a bug! Or better still, how about a Le Feu Bio Ethanol Heater to keep you warm?

  5. How do I assemble my Garden Pod?

  6. Our range of wooden garden pods require assembling by a professional team - but don’t fret this is all included in the price so you don’t need to worry about a thing! If you purchase our  igloo domes these can be self-assembled (this is a 2 person job) in a matter of hours, with step-by-step instructions and videos available to help you. 

Require more assistance?

If you’re still going around in circles trying to decide on the best garden pod to buy, give our super helpful Pod Expert Nathalie a call on 07940831707 or email us here and we’ll help you circumnavigate all options.

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