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Le Feu

Ready to welcome some hygge into your home? Make way for Le Feu - the Danish masterminds behind these exceptionally beautiful fireplaces. Combining Scandinavian style with eco-friendly efficiency, Le Feu fireplaces are perfect for modern homes.

Gone are the days where you needed a chimney to enjoy the fireside. With Le Feu, anyone can sit back and admire the dancing flames in the home or garden. You can enjoy these gorgeous fireplaces with virtually zero upkeep, and start basking in the heat in as little as 10 minutes.

Smoke and soot-free, we firmly believe these fireplaces are the way forward. Whether you’re returning home from the cold or simply unwinding after a long day, Le Feu fireplaces provide that warm fuzzy feeling our Danish friends call hygge. And since the Le Feu collection only uses renewable biofuel, that wonderful feeling won’t come at an environmental cost!!

Here’s everything you need to know about these forward-thinking fireplaces:

Le Feu Fireplaces FAQ’s

  • What type of fuel will Le Feu fireplaces use?

  • To use your Le Feu fireplace, you’ll require bio ethanol. You might also hear this described as grain alcohol, biofuel, or ethyl alcohol - but they all mean the same thing. You can easily buy this online or at hardware stores like B&Q or Homebase.

  • Are Le Feu fireplaces environmentally friendly?

  • Le Feu design their stylish fireplaces to be as eco-friendly as possible. You can enjoy the warmth of a traditional-style fire with a clear conscience, as the fire only requires biofuel to run. Unlike wood burners or coal, biofuel is a renewable substance and won’t create any smoke. Le Feu fireplaces only emit the same amount of CO2 you’d find by lighting a candle, so you won’t be filling your home with any harmful fumes.

  • Are Le Feu fireplaces easy to use?

  • It couldn’t be simpler to set up and enjoy a Le Feu fireplace. Each model has a simple installation guide to follow, and you can sit back and bask near the flames within just 10 minutes.

  • Do Le Feu fireplaces create lots of smoke?

  • Biofuel is an environmentally-friendly substance that creates a real flame, but doesn’t produce any smoke. This means Le Feu fireplaces are an ideal solution for modern homes without a chimney. Plus, you won’t have to risk damaging your furniture or getting any smoke in your eyes!

  • How long do Le Feu fireplaces burn?

  • Le Feu fireplaces provide long-lasting ambience and heat. How long your Le Feu fireplace burns will depend on which burner setting you use, and the amount of biofuel you add. Depending on external conditions, 1.5 litres of biofuel should provide you with up to 6 hours of burn time.

  • Are Le Feu fireplaces expensive to run?

  • Le Feu fireplaces can be an affordable alternative to wood or coal fires. As you won’t rack up any installation costs to accommodate your Le Feu, it helps you keep costs down. Le Feu fireplaces shouldn’t be any more expensive to run than a standard log burner or gas fireplace. And with their eco-friendly biofuel, they won’t cost the planet either!

  • Do Le Feu fireplaces keep you warm?

  • Le Feu fireplaces provide ample heat to keep you cosy on a cold day. They produce around 2.0 to 3.0kw of heat, which is similar to a small gas or electric heater.

  • Are Le Feu fireplaces for indoor use only?

  • You might have just thought Le Feu fireplaces were designed to keep you warm inside. Au contraire - under a cover, you can keep on using a Le Feu fireplace outside. Perfect for those chilly autumn evenings!

Require more assistance?

Our super friendly assistants have done their homework and know all there is to know about Le Feu fireplaces. If you’d like to talk to an expert before you make a decision, they’d be more than happy to help. Simply get in touch by calling +44 (0) 1305 231231 or pop us an  email today.

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