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Unique Weathervanes from Cuckooland


Each Weathervane at Cuckooland is handmade in Britain with real British Steel, each part is machined and individually balanced and coated in High Density Polyethylene, making them incredibly accurate and durable! “How to fit a weathervane” installation instructions are included in every pack.

Require more assistance?

If you have a question about any of our weathervanes, our friendly team is here to help! Drop us an email at or call +44 (0) 1305 231231 to have a natter with our resident weathervane experts.

Weathervane Guides & Advice

The Ultimate Weathervane Buyers Guide

A weathervane is the perfect way to accentuate your quirky home design. Cuckooland have just about every Weathervane design known to man. Browse our extensive range of weathervanes and you will find everything from animals to boats, cars to sports designs.

Customise your Weathervane

Style, taste and personality, these aspects of our lives require some form of individuality. Most people who possess a unique style have bags of creativity which is often admired by those around them and here at Cuckooland we are no exception to this, we love it when our customers get creative!

Our Secret Weathervane Challenge...

Intrigued? Not half as intrigued as our Customer Service Team will be when they receive your unexpected email. Ok, perhaps an explanation is required. Let's just say, its part competition and part social experiment to see how many of you lovely weathervane crazy people read this far down the page. And well, we’re just super curious to see just how weathervane crazy you are. 

Here’s the deal. We’ll send you a FREE weathervane if you send us an actual picture you’ve taken of any of these World Famous Weathervanes. We’ll be so impressed that you’ve actually seen one of these in the flesh that we’ll cover all expenses to get the weathervane to you (even if you live on the moon. Ok not really, but a little village in the Cotswolds is definitely a go!). Simply send the image to and quote ‘Russell’s Secret Weathervane Challenge’. 

Here they are:

Gallo di Ramperto

The Rooster Ramperto. Perhaps the basis of the traditional cockerel weathervane (see a typical one here), the Gallo di Ramperto, is thought to have been built between 820 and 830 in Brescia, Italy, in which it lived upon a church tower for more than a thousand years until 1891, when it was removed and placed in the Museum of Santa Giulia where it can still be seen, at the grand old age of 1,194 years old!

Old Father Time

Old Father Time is a chilling reminder of the universe’s one inevitability; the constant and unstoppable flow of time.  The sickle in his hand links him to another, more “grim” allegorical character, reminding us of what awaits all of us when our time has run out. Oh and he’s also removing the bails from the wickets in a game of cricket signalling the end of play!

The Tío Pepe Weathervane

Tío Pepe – yes, like the wine. The Tío Pepe wind vane in Jerez, Spain is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest working weather vane in the world!  What does it have to do with Tío Pepe?  Well, the weather vane was originally established as an advertisement for Tío Pepe sherry. Vain (pun intended) but cool. 

The Douglas DC-3

An actual Aeroplane! And it only requires 5 knots of wind to work. Built in the United States during the Second World War, the DC-3 plane revolutionised modern passenger aircrafts, kicking open the doors to the entire world through way of air travel. This DC-3 replica takes pride of place on top of the Yukon Transportation Museum in Canada, serving as a functional wind vane. Does the grandfather of modern aircraft deserve its place on the highest point of a transportation museum? We think so.

That’s it. Got a spare pic lying around of any of these? Send it in and we’ll reward you with a FREE weathervane of your own. 

Or. You could jump on our Blog post about World Famous Weathervanes and do some creative photo-shopping (not really, but it's a great post to read). 

Be sure to check out our selection of quirky and unusual weathervanes! Cuckooland stocks a wide and unique range of quirky weathervanes for houses big and small. All handmade! We also make bespoke weathervanes too- any design you can dream up we can make. Now there’s a challenge for you! 


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