Baby Rockers

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Baby Rockers

As a new parent you may now be very familiar with the “baby sway” that has quickly become your newest dance move – you thought dad dancing was a thing… well the parent swagger, jiggle or undulate is even more contagious! Sometimes you may even catch yourself doing it empty handed (don’t panic no one saw you!) The things parents do to sooth their little bundle to sleep, or just have them content for a moment!

Baby Rockers - the best invention for new Mums

Baby Rockers are an amazing invention, a safe place for baby to recline, being gently rocked and soothed by their own movements, offering a welcome rest to your arms and allowing you to gaze dotingly on your baby, or rush around like a headless chicken doing a million jobs while you have a second of peace! Some have gadgets and gizmos, others are simple and aesthetically pleasing, whatever design you chose we’re sure you’ll love it… and your arms will thank you too! You’ve got the Nursery Furniture covered, tick, phew! Now it’s time to get to grips with all the other gizmos!

Stylish Baby Rockers for New Borns

Our super stylish Baby Rockers not only look aesthetically pleasing they are suitable to use from birth, giving you and baby many months of use. The Levo Baby Rocker from Charlie Crane adapts to the movement of your child, allowing them to fall asleep easily. Whilst we’re talking about sleep, we also have an adorable range of Cribs, ideal for those first few months or jump right in and browse our collection of Cot Beds.

We appreciate that you may feel a bit bamboozled by all the “essential” bits you can purchase for your baby, here are a few frequent questions we receive about Baby Rockers, that may help you decide if it’s on your kit list!

Baby Rocker FAQ's

  1. Are Baby Rockers Safe for New Borns?

  2. Most baby rockers are designed to use from birth up to the age of approximately 7 – 9 months, but it is always advisable to check each product description before committing to purchase. Most importantly your baby should always be safe and secure, so always follow the product guidelines for use.

  3. How do you clean a Baby Rocker?

  4. Baby’s can be mucky little pups! When it comes to cleaning your baby rocker it is advisable to follow the instructions as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Some baby rockers will have removeable covers that can be popped in the washing machine, whilst others require hand washing, slightly less convenient but doable! Fill a sink with warm water and pop in a splash of your usual washing detergent, let the cover soak for about 5 minutes, then rinse under clean water until all the detergent is rinsed out. Gently squeeze out excess water and allow to dry fully, either laid flat on a clothes horse, or hang out in the sunshine. For the frame, we advise again following manufacturers instructions, being careful not to use detergent that may be abrasive to the finish.

  5. What is the difference between a Baby Rocker and a Baby Bouncer?

  6. Confused by all the options? We’re not surprised! There are so many styles and designs; it’s mind boggling business this baby gear! Baby Bouncers and Rockers can offer very similar benefits and are often the same thing. If there is a difference; Baby Bouncers concentrate a little more on play and stimulation with the baby in a little more control of the bouncing movement with the wiggling of their bodies, whilst rockers are more swayed towards parents controlling movement and these products are mainly geared towards rest and sleep. We recommend doing a bit of research and maybe talk to other new parents, who are a valuable source of information – just ignore the tales of lack of sleep!

Require more assistance?

We hope we’ve rocked up with some helpful answers and bounced you along to make the all important decision! If you’re still unsure please do give our friendly nursery experts a call on +44 1305 231231 or pop them an email here.

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