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Finding Your Perfect Rug

A great way oy tying a room together and showcasing your personal style - a rug can be the finishing touch your room or outside space is calling out for. From runners to floor mats, we have rugs in all shapes, sizes, patterns, pile thicknesses and materials, but picking the right one for your room can be a tricky thing!

We’ve assembled our most frequently asked questions when it comes to these soft furnishings so you can find the right floor rug for your feet… there’s nothing quite like making fists with your toes on a brand-new rug – John McClane knows it, and so will you!

Rug FAQ’s

  • What are the benefits of a rug?

    Coming in all shapes, sizes and materials there are so many benefits to adding a rug to a room – or even garden for that matter! Not just for adding interest, colour, pattern and texture to a space; the right rug can completely transform a space and make smaller rooms feel bigger and vice versa, make larger rooms feel more homely. Rugs are great for reducing noise and making larger spaces less echoey. They bring added warmth to a room – especially good if you’ve got hard flooring with no under-floor heating. Your floors see a lot of foot-traffic and scuffs, stains and scratches are inevitable. The biggest benefit of a rug – they keep the flooring beneath them protected. Instead of throwing money away on new carpets or hardwood floors, a new rug can solve all your flooring needs. And if you’re renting, covering an unruly stain or nervous about pets and children damaging your floors, rugs are the answer.

  • Do I need an anti-slip underlay?

    If your rug doesn’t already come with one, we’d highly recommend investing in a non-slip backing or underlay mat. Especially if you have hard flooring; you don’t want your rug slipping and sliding and potentially becoming a trip hazard! Not to mention re-adjusting your rug every few minutes is a total nuisance. Easy to install beneath your rugs and available in every size you could possibly need, finding an anti-slip rug mat is a breeze.

  • What size and type of rug do I need?

    First visualise where your rug is going. At Cuckooland we have a rug for every room, including a selection of gorgeous outdoor rugs - perfect for gardens, patios and balconies. Once you’ve decided on your space, we’d recommend getting out your tape measure. You don’t want your rug to be too big, causing wrinkles and becoming a trip hazard, but you also don’t want your rug to be too small and getting lost in the room. Next take a look around at your furniture and potential obstacles. Could your rug go underneath your bed, dining set or sofa without causing any disruption. A great tip if you already have your heart set on a rug, use masking tape on your flooring (without damaging the carpet or hardwood beneath) and use this as a template of the rug you had in mind, to give you an idea of whether it’s the right fit for your space. Not quite right? Move your template around or measure out what you think would work, until you get it right. The material is also another factor to note. If you have kids or pets, something machine washable might be a benefit down the line. And finally, the rug pile or thickness might not suit your lifestyle or space. We’re always here to help guide you through and offer recommendations if you’re still not sure!

  • What is a runner?

    Not the Olympic, marathon winners and not named runners because they were made to be sprinted on – runner rugs get their name because they’re longer than they are wide and get to see a lot of foot traffic. Runners can generally be found in corridors and hallways. They’re great at tying rooms together, directing guests through your home, making empty hallways look inviting and as your porch or hall takes a lot of footfall and mucky shoes, it’s a great way of keeping the flooring beneath protected. Not just for the hall though, runners can be styled in the kitchen, landings, bedrooms and any room you feel needs a little something extra!

  • How do I clean my rug?

    Unfortunately, there is no set rule, it really depends on the materials your rug is made from! Regularly giving your rugs a vacuum and shaking them of dust and debris is definitely advised - the brush attachment is great for lingering dirt. However, when it comes to stains, spots and ridding rugs of odours, it can get tricky. Many of the rugs available at Cuckooland are machine washable, which is great for keeping your favourite home accessories clean and fresh, however not all rugs have this benefit. Dyed rugs can become damaged if cleaned incorrectly and washing machines can be too hard on handmade, natural fibres. Many cleaning products can be gentle enough not to damage floor rugs, but be sure to read the instructions before tackling tough stains and seek a professional cleaner if you’re unsure. General rule of thumb, if you’re not sure if you can use a cleaning product, either spot test first on a hidden area, or get help from an expert!

  • How do I flatten my rug?

    Don’t be alarmed if your rug isn’t laying flat at first. Rolled rugs can take around one to two weeks to lay flush with your flooring, but there are a few handy tricks you can do to speed up the process and avoid trip hazards. Try reverse rolling the rug in the opposite direction to how it arrived. You can try dampening curling corners with a cloth or spray bottle and bending the offending sides in the opposite direction and then leaving them to dry – be careful with dyed rugs though and always follow the rug care instructions before trying this. Also we’d recommend avoiding the iron! It might seem like you’ve struck gold, but you may end up damaging your new home accessory and even the flooring underneath – especially if the rug is made from synthetic materials! Another great tip is gather some heavy books and weigh down curling edges and corners for a few days. An anti-slip underlay can also help when trying to train your new rug to lay flat.

  • Do I need a rug if I have underfloor heating?

    Your underfloor heating should be keeping your tootsies toasty, however if you think a rug could brighten up your room or protect your flooring, be careful when selecting the rug for the job. Many underfloor heating systems have a maximum temperature threshold, and by adding a rug you’re essentially making the system work harder which can cause this to overheat and even lead to damaging your flooring. It’s best to avoid thick pile rugs because of this. The thinner the rug, the better! It’s also best to stay away from synthetic materials and instead opt for wool, jute or bamboo as they let heat pass through more easily. The best advice we can give though, check with the underfloor heating manufacturer before making a choice. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Require more assistance?

Have you got your eye on a few floor rugs, but not sure which to go for? Email us at or call 01305 231231 – our team would love to help you whittle your list down!

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