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Sideboards are no longer the trusty 'sidekick' cousin of the Dresser

In recent years, sideboards have grown both in popularity and appeal, shaking off the shackles of being the “sidekick” to their larger, more imposing relative, the dresser. A new wave of stylish, thoughtfully designed and down-right sleek sideboards have risen like a phoenix and they are now a popular choice for those looking for a modern or rustic piece of furniture to finish off a living room. Sideboards offer up plenty of practical storage - a home solution essential for most of us, they also present the perfect place to showcase your treasured home accessories & pictures, vases bursting with seasonal blooms or your collection of unusual ornaments. Team up with other key furniture pieces and you are onto a winning combo.

Sideboards offer versatile storage for any room

Let's face it, every home needs storage… whether it’s to clear the clutter of toys, keep your paperwork in order or organise your family games collection; sideboards certainly tick the box. Traditionally sideboards were designed as a cupboard for storing dishes, your granny may have kept her “best” set of tableware stored away for 364 days of the year - making their debut on Christmas Day! They have come a long way since then! Sideboards can be used in any living space and with a vast choice of finishes such as wood and metal which are sure to complement your space. Whether for a lounge, dining room or home office we have gathered together a show-stopping collection of sideboards (featured in the pages above)... drum roll please!

Sideboards FAQ’s

Still grappling with questions about sideboards? You’re in safe hands, we’ve done our homework and got them covered:

  1. What material are Sideboards made from?

  2. Our selection of sideboards are available in many different materials, from solid wood to laminated board. Each product detail page will detail the material used. Many of the sideboards that are made from wood are made using FSC wood, so you can rest assured that you are purchasing a more sustainable product, again this information will be detailed on the product page. Laminated board offers a clean, uniform finish, whereas wood, being a natural material can be less uniform, so it's important to think about the overall look you are hoping to achieve when considering materials.

  3. Do Sideboards have wine racks?

  4. Yes, often they do! These days, sideboards are not just used for storing away treasured crockery, they come fitted with a whole variety of storage solutions, including wine racks, making them perfect for the kitchen. We have several sideboards with wine storage, check out Vox for more inspiration, they have entire collections that you could kit your house out with. If you’re erring on the side of wine collector (and of course consumer!) then a drinks cabinet may be a more suitable choice!

  5. Can I use a Sideboard as a TV stand?

  6. Absolutely. Sideboards can be used as a TV unit, it is advisable to check all measurements as some sideboards can be quite high. It’s also good to bear in mind that sideboards haven’t been designed specifically for this use, so will not come with the features and benefits you may find with a TV cabinet; such as cable holes - but that's simple challenge any average handyman can overcome. So if you like it, buy it, you can easily sort the cables out. 

Require more assistance?

Hopefully we’ve enlightened you to the benefits of adding a sideboard to your living space but if you have any niggling questions don’t hesitate to pop us an email or give us a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231, our award winning customer service team will be delighted to help.


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