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Garden Tools & Potting


Beavering away for two or three hours in the garden sounds like heaven to us! Our garden tools and potting equipment have been selected, not just for their good looks, but to make it all the smoother, easier whilst adding a budding uncompromising style to your favourite pastime…

Cuckooland is a place where your shrubbery, vines and saplings stretch into the best shape of their lives. What’s the point, after all, in buying garden furniture if you don’t have much to sit and admire? Take a peek at our trowels, gloves and display units and get your floral wonderland in the best shape of its life for the summer season ahead.

Alongside them, we have the hard working garden storage pieces, many of which are cleaved to the quirkier branch of the design tree. We wouldn’t let our homes go to pot, would we? The same should be true of your exterior décor, which has to stay in the neatest, fullest bloom.

Garden Tools & Potting FAQ's

Before we move on, let’s tackle a few popular questions about our potting and storage kits:

  1. What kind of flowers/vegetables are suitable for my planters?

  2. We have a wide array of planting bases that can care for pretty much all flowers and vegetables. Our deep-set eucalyptus planters are ideal for topiary, lavender and geraniums, as just a few examples. Multi-layered, slatted screens can lessen the amount of natural light on plants that are sensitive to overheating, like primroses. Veg (all the way through from pea pods to cabbages) can be grown in our trugs, which come in several sizes, but remain larger than our floral display-oriented units to accommodate them.

  3. When is the best time of year to plant or sow?

  4. Every seedling has different requirements. Directions on the seed packet will tell you when to plant (e.g. ‘2-3 weeks after danger of frost has passed’) and the conditions the plant will need. Follow them to get the best results from annual plants, which produce one mature batch a year. Some are marked as ‘direct sow’, meaning they should be placed right in a compost bed outdoors; others should be germinated inside for the first few weeks, before slowly being introduced to the garden climate.

  5. Can I bring my garden and potting stands indoors?

  6. Yes – our plant stands are a great way to embellish your home with a flower showcase. Place them in your kitchen, hallway or the side wall of your living room for the desired effect, or keep a potting table in your shed for new projects.

  7. Do your sheds come fully constructed?

  8. No, they don’t, although they have been designed as flat-pack purchases for easy assembly. When you buy one, it will arrive with all relevant shelving, locks and external features; ask a friend for help if you want to set it up quickly. Or call our devilishly clever garden gnomes on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us for more information.

Require more assistance?

Or looking for some shade from the harsh British sun (hey.. it can get quite harsh ok), then take a tour of Cuckooland’s parasol collection whilst you’re here! Our canopies can add as much to your aesthetic as spotted lilies and chrysanthemums. As ever, if there’s anything you need to discuss, call our helpline on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us for more information.


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