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TV & Media Stands

For many of us, a screen holds our days, nights and social occasions together. Whether it’s sport on television, movie streaming or gaming on a console device, multi-media entertainment has gone far beyond the days of the Atari stacked on top of a VCR with a bit of sound boosting. It’s time to celebrate this evolution and their permanent place in our home and give the supporting cast the attention and accolades they deserve…

TV & Media Stand FAQ's

A TV or media stand is the best way to elevate your ‘electric fireplace’ up to its lofty perch so you snuggle up together in the glow of your favourite movies, games or streaming services. This living room furniture is sleek, lightweight and can easily fit in the corner. It can be an aesthetic joy, as well as a practical one with our range of TV units in natural oak, grey and white. Just so you’re completely covered, take a quick read of our FAQs below before you buy:

  1. What’s the maximum size TV I can place on top of a media/TV unit?

  2. Every unit has its own dimensions and specifications listed on the product pages of our website. Most can withstand between 50kg and 70kg – anything more than this may harm their structural integrity of the stand. For the width, we suggest that your TV leaves six or seven inches free at either end of the media stand to prevent knocking it as you walk past.

  3. Do the TV stands have adequate ventilation for my consoles?

  4. Most of our TV stands have hollowed spaces to hold a console system. This ensures it doesn’t overheat, and that cables can be accessed readily if you need to change them. But please avoid packing magazines, game cases or DVDs around them, you need to keep the ventilation unblocked and free flowing.

  5. Do the media stands include access points for wires?

  6. In some cases, they do. You’ll often find a hole at the back of the open shelf, where media boxes and consoles are designed to go. We try to show as much detail on our product page but if you have specific questions, please get in touch.

  7. How do I protect my floor from a heavy TV stand?

  8. The first method would be, of course, trying not to exceed the maximum weight limits as stated in the product’s specifications. Otherwise, you may want to place a rug or leg protectors (little soft on one and sticky on the other cushions) under the TV stand to soften its impact on wooden floors.

Require more assistance?

There – all that’s left is to place an order, gather your tech, and arrange a beautiful entertainment centre for you or your family! Side by side, on one of our succulent seats, you’ll be drawn into the heart of the home whenever you’re needing that comforting snuggle in a chair that perfectly matches the colour and tone of your TV stand.

Call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email for any more advice or even if it’s just for a friendly natter.


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