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Garden Bar Sets


Offering a different perspective on your outside space, Garden Bar Sets are the way forward! We may have a particular affinity and bias towards Maze Rattan Bar Sets as the style is evergreen and the quality is exceptional for the price!

The taller member of the outdoor dining table and chairs family – bar stools and tables allow you to create a dedicated area for wining, dining, relaxing and socialising. A space to casually catch up with friends and take the formality out of family events. With added features, garden bar sets reach new heights when it comes to outdoor entertaining. Enjoy family feasts with a parasol providing shade, get guests barbecuing at the dinner table or take date night outside and surprise your loved ones with a bottle of chilled bubbly. This laid-back setup isn’t for everyone, but we hope our selection will have you thinking otherwise.

If you’re not sure this design idea is right for you and your exteriors, we’ve compiled a short list of our most frequently asked questions that will set you straight. Garden Bar Sets are an outdoor staple!

Garden Bar Sets FAQs 

  • What is the difference between a Garden Bar Set and a Garden Dining Set?

  • The difference is in the height! Originally created to enjoy casual drinks and intimate socialising, garden bar sets can be used as a dining set, however, the elevated design creates a more relaxed environment.

    Something to consider - if you have children, we’d recommend picking out a garden furniture set over a garden bar set. The bar stool's height can make it difficult for little ones to get up and down from their seat and could become a hazard. We have a huge selection of Garden Tables and Chairs that would be great for a family setting. If you’d like some suggestions, get in contact and we’d be happy to guide you!

  • What is the height of a Bar Table?

  • Generally, bar tables are around 42 inches (106cm) in height, from floor to tabletop, however, this isn’t always the case. Don’t panic if you’ve found your dream set and the measurements are slightly different. At Cuckooland, our bar stools and tables have been designed and paired together to ensure you’ll always be sitting at a comfortable height, even if it’s slightly different to your average bar set.

  • Why are Bar Sets so high up?

  • Garden bar sets are meant for more relaxed dining and socialising. The reason the tables and stools are designed with extended dimensions is so that those sitting can continue socialising and remain close to those standing. We’ve all been there before… trying to talk to friends when they’re towering over you - no one enjoys that awkward moment! Bar sets are perfect for keeping groups together and the conversation flowing, no matter where you’re positioned at the party. It’s also great to get another perspective on your garden, patio, and decking. By adding furniture at different levels, you’ll create distinct areas in your outside space for dining, socialising, relaxing, sunbathing etc. Both you and your guests can mingle between areas depending on the occasion!

  • Can I use my Garden Bar Table and Stools Set inside?

  • Of course! Many of our stylish Garden Bar Sets would be suitable for use indoors and wouldn’t look out of place in the kitchen or conservatory. But look out for extra features that might not be suitable indoors. As an example, a number of our bar sets feature integrated gas fire pits that are only for use out in the garden. Check through our features and benefits carefully before making your final purchase and select a set that would be perfect inside and out and suit your setting.

  • Where should I position my Garden Bar Set?

  • Due to the increased height, we’d recommend placing Garden Bar Sets on stable ground. Patio and decking are perfect areas for Garden Bar Sets. Unfortunately, things can get a bit wobbly on natural grass and lawns, but this would be the case for garden furniture sets too. If you’re able, try to create a level base for your new furniture to be placed, and ensure seated guests are comfortable and safe.

  • Can I use a parasol with my Garden Bar Set?

  • If the design allows for it, of course! Many of our bar tables have been designed to allow for parasols to be positioned at the centre of your set, offering protection from the baking sun. We’ll always try to recommend the best parasol for your set and have plenty of amazing options available. If, however, a Garden Bar Set isn’t parasol-ready, we’d highly recommend investing in a Cantilever Parasol instead, to keep yourself and your guests comfortable!

Require more assistance?

We hope our FAQs have shed a little light on Garden Bar Sets. Thought of extra questions for us? Call us on +44 (0) 1205 231231 or email we’d love to find you the answers!


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