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Coffee Tables

Has there ever been a surface more multi-functional than the coffee table? Its name might suggest a sole purpose, but this piece of furniture actually serves several practical purposes along with aesthetic functions to boot. Sure, a coffee table is ideal for gulping down your morning mug of joe, but they might also stand as the commanding, decorative centrepiece of a living room. Ditto snack counters, footrests, a home for scattered reading material, the odd photo and even storage facilities in some cases. The coffee table’s little cousin – the side table – often serves similarly disparate needs. The major difference being that the side table is usually smaller, positioned as a complementing piece to other furniture, rather than in the middle of the room. When it comes to enforcing a particular home décor trend, side tables do their bit, but coffee tables - and rightly so - grab far more of the limelight and responsibility.

Coffee Table FAQs 

Got questions about side tables & coffee tables? We’d like to think we've done our homework and got them covered:

  1. Will a coffee table or side table improve my living space?

  2. It all depends on what your living room is lacking. You may even benefit from both! Larger and broader, coffee tables will function as the stylish focal point in a particular space, whereas smaller side tables will serve to support them. Therefore, your choice of living room accessory will be determined by the available space, as well as how forcefully you’re attempting to push a certain aesthetic. For example, the right look can help bring the interior design focal point forward with the modern grey tones of a marble coffee table. Both types of table can also serve as storage solutions (on top and below), so consider how much extra stowaway room you might need when picking a model.

  3. Do side tables & coffee tables arrive fully assembled?

  4. Some of the side tables and coffee tables at Cuckooland arrive completely assembled, whereas other tables will need to be partly put together. For example, certain designs are built with detachable glass table tops, which can be fixed securely by hand or dropped (carefully) into place. Always check the product descriptions first to understand how much work the assembly process may require.

  5. How much weight can side tables & coffee tables hold?

  6. This completely depends on the shape, material, style, and brand of the coffee/side table in question. Less sturdy items can handle between 2-5kg, whilst others cater for 25kg or more. For example, a solid oak coffee table would weigh more than a lightweight MDF version. Consider the items you’ll be resting on your table before you buy, and read the product descriptions closely for extra safety info. Remember, some tables may be purely decorative and despite their name, may not be suitable for thick coffee mugs alongside those tired feet.

  7. How do I pick the right size table?

  8. Take a measurement of your room before you purchase a coffee table. You don’t want it to be too small or large, and you’ll also need to make sure people can comfortably navigate their way around the room. At least 2ft from every wall or furniture piece should offer ample distance. It’s also worth noting the dimensions (especially height) of any sofa or bed you’re planning to purchase a side table for. This way, you can be sure to grab a model that stands at a comfortable height, remaining easy to reach. Rolling over and crushing your ear on a sharp corner is up there with kneeling on Lego!

Require more assistance?

We've gone to great lengths to make sure that shopping for a quality coffee or side table with us is as enjoyable as a rush of morning caffeine (well, almost!). There’s such a wide range of exciting designs to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a model that slips seamlessly into your living room décor. However if you need some guidance along the way, pick up the phone and call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send an email (simply click on the link to open up our email address) - our Award Winning Team is happy to help in any way we can.


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