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Outdoor Dining


Mmmmmm, can you smell that? It’s the scent of a great investment for your garden get-togethers: Cuckooland’s outdoor dining kits come flaming, bubbling and popping your way, complete with chairs and tables for a wonderful mealtime…

No-one can turn down a burger (veggie or otherwise) in the glint of the setting sun, or a freshly-made salad rubbing shoulders with a wine decanter. Family, friends and neighbours can stop by for a bite to eat, marvelling at the ease with which you rustle up grub with a glass of wine in hand. We have utensils, serving pieces and cooking equipment to set the mouth a-water, in stock and ready for quick delivery straight to your garden furniture setup!

There are seaters in this collection too – pretty fabulous ones too, we might add, that bring a chic flavour to your lawn or patio. Browse at your leisure (from the comfort of your new hammock, hanging chair or outdoor beanbag!) and collate your morsels of style just the way you like them…

Outdoor Dining FAQ's

Sounds like a tasty prospect, right? But in case you’re unsure of anything, here are some common questions we'd like to nip in the bud:

  1. How do I use a fire pit?

  2. We stock two models at the moment (but watch this space): a traditional fire pit bowl and a gas-powered unit. For the first, place a handful of large logs around the centre, before using a fire lighter to set them burning. Avoid damp wood; also, perhaps, place some newspaper between the timber, which will help the flames spread. Once the logs burn down somewhat, they’ll form a layer to alight more wood you place on top. For the gas fire pit, there’s a push button and igniter (like those on a cooking hob) to get the coal/timber combo going. View our full range of fire pits, here.

  3. What makes outdoor dining seats and tables so resilient?

  4. For chairs, it’s mostly down to the materials used; rattan, for example, is easy to clean and doesn’t absorb any rainfall. Some of our tables and chairs are made from eucalyptus or teak wood – both of these materials are hardwearing, heavy enough to withstand a gale, and these timber models only require oiling treatment every couple of months to retain their lustre.

  5. Will a BBQ flood the garden with smoke?

  6. Most will create smoke but not our famous Lotus Grills. No siree Bob! Cuckooland is the proud stockist of these fabulous portable Barbecue Grills, a battery-powered little dynamo that creates minimal smoke in the cooking process. It still uses charcoal, but 90% less than regular models.

  7. Do your grills come with matching cooking utensils?

  8. They certainly do. Our Lotus Grill comes with a range of colourful and practical extensions, like a grill hood or pizza stone accessory. Just attach to the unit and instantly broaden your culinary horizons. Our other Barbecue's look just at home with these brightly coloured accessories too (like our BBQ tongs and brushes) so you can interchange them at will.

  9. Is your silverware made from real silver?

  10. Um errr. To a degree - yes. Our Culinary Concepts collection is made from silver-plated stainless steel, which means it’s durable, stylish and affordable! So you can enjoy the grandeur of silverware for a fraction of the price! We won’t tell if you don’t…

Require more assistance?

As a parting thought, why not bring your outdoor dining into a summer house? Our garden range has some great surprises in store if you’re willing to hunt for them (or we can hunt them down for you), and there’s nothing we love more than a sizzling sausage (veggie or otherwise) and a cold one in the heat of the day. An incredible outdoor backdrop will make it taste all the sweeter. If you’re hungry for other tips, pick up the phone and call our devilishly clever little garden gnomes on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us right here.


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