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Finding Your Perfect Pouffes and Footstools

Are you sat reading this with your legs at 90 degree angles? You’ve been on your feet all day and haven’t stopped? Your sofa is missing something and you’ve nowhere to rest your extremities? We’d love to help change that! Kick those shoes off, forget the to-do lists and give your tired soles and weary legs a well-deserved time-out with a footstool.

Footstools, ottomans, pouffes and footrests – all slightly different, but with one goal… to get you feeling relaxed! Our footrests raise the bar, but it’s your feet that need raising now! Available in all manner of sizes, shapes and styles - we’ve assembled a list of FAQ’s to help find the stool for you and your feet!

Pouffe & Footstool FAQ’s

  • What is the purpose of a footstool?

    It's in the name – a stool for your feet – a spot to pop your appendages up, get comfortable and take a break while you’re sitting down. Footstools offer lots of benefits while you’re sitting down. They offer support for your shoulders, back and upper body, alleviate pains and improve posture and blood circulation. Bet you didn’t realise footstools are good for your health too! They’re also a really versatile addition to your home and aren’t just for your tootsies – they provide extra seating when guests come over, with the addition of a tray they’re an alternative to a coffee table and many footstools can have hidden storage!

  • What is the difference between a pouffe, hassock, ottoman and footstool?

    Footstool is an umbrella term for all stool designs. Pouffes, hassocks, ottomans and footstools are all used for taking a well-deserved break, but each design has slightly different features and the terms can become confused. When looking for a leg or footrest it’s good to note your desired features and needs, to help guide your selection. Once you’ve figured out your preferences, you’ll know which is the right fit for your home. We’ve listed the obvious differences below to help!

    Pouffe – French for ‘puffed out’. Often smaller than other stools. Cushioned seat covered entirely in fabric and could be considered a larger version of a cushion. Can be used as a seat or footrest. Doesn’t have storage.

    Ottoman – Long, low design, no back or arms, often cushioned and upholstered, can match other furniture, sturdy structure, often features robust legs. Can have hidden storage and be used as a footstool, seat or coffee table if the design caters for it.

    Hassock – Low stool or padded cushion, doesn’t usually feature exposed legs, can be used as a foot or leg rest, and as a seat. Doesn’t have storage space.

    Footstool – Doesn’t have to match other furniture, isn’t always upholstered, made for resting the feet on while sitting in another chair. Doesn’t have storage space.

    This list isn’t exhaustive and footstools come in all manner of shapes, sizes, fabrics and styles. The form and function of each can crossover, so if you’re undecided or getting puzzled, try searching for another term and we’re sure you’ll find a comfortable and stylish stool to take a load off! Our lovely customer service team are always here to lend an ear if you’re getting boggled!

  • Can you sit on a footstool?

    You can and you can’t! Many footstools, ottomans and pouffes have been designed to be sat on, however this isn’t always the case. Many footstool designs may have a lower maximum weight threshold than sofas, armchairs, beanbags and other seating. They’ve been made to rest your feet on, but might not be able to support more. If being able to sit on the stool is an essential feature for you, we’d recommend consulting the specifications before going ahead with a purchase!

  • Can a pouffe be used as a table?

    Yes! Many of our designs here at Cuckooland could double up as a side table or coffee table when you’re not propping your feet up. Although we’d recommend picking a sturdy and robust style that isn’t likely to tip over! Rest books on the top, with your laptop and other essentials. And with the inclusion of a tray, transform your footstool into a table and utilise the space with candles, plants, trinkets and décor. If you’ve opted for a softer beanbag style pouffe or you’re not brave enough to balance your favourite accessories on a footstool, we have an extensive selection of gorgeous tables you can take a look at!

  • Where can a footstool be used?

    Most commonly you’ll find footstools, pouffes and ottomans in the living room, and are designed to be paired with an accompanying chair for you to sit in. But you don’t have to limit them to just the one room. Ottomans and longer footstools are great at the end of the bed and in the hallway as a shoe bench. Pouffes being softer and more mouldable are a great addition to playrooms, home cinema setups and our weatherproof designs could even be used out in the garden! If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory or a garden retreat, footstools wouldn’t go amiss!

Require more assistance?

Aching to put your feet up, but haven’t settled on one design? If you’d like to know more about our selection of footstools, whizz over an email to customerservice@cuckooland.com or call 01305 231231. There’s nothing quite like popping your feet up after a long day!

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