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Chaise Longues

Let’s face it, nothing quite beats chillaxing – our hectic lives don’t allow much time for this, but here at Cuckooland we want to help you create an environment where you can really unwind and regain some “you” time. Our super relaxing Chaise Longues offer the perfect spot to kick back… feet up with your favourite beverage and let your body and mind recuperate. Differing from a sofa, a chaise longue (we’ll come to its meaning and origin in a mo!) is simply a long chair with a backrest at one end only.

The history of the Chaise Longue… and how is it pronounced!

The Chaise Longue (pronounced “shayz long”) can be traced back many generations to our ancestors in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire; popular among the affluent, these chairs provided a place to eat and drink during social occasions. They were often constructed from wood and draped with fabrics layered with cushions for comfort. Moving into the 16th Century, they became popular among French aristocrats, signifying social status; being used more often as a place for women to rest during the day without retiring to the bedroom. Today they can be found in many home environments, in an array of upholstered fabrics – bring out the grapes and the palm leaves please!

Chaise Longue vs the Daybed

There are clearly defined differences between a Chaise Longue and a Daybed, however they can both be used for similar purposes… lounging! As we have identified a Chaise Longue is a long chair that has a backrest at one end, some offer armrests, others don’t. A daybed on the other hand is a multi-purpose piece of furniture, usually they have a low back and two raised ends; by day it can be used as a sofa, then by night is can transform into a bed, making it a great option for smaller apartments or studio flats.

If you’re still slightly puzzled by this unique seating option, fear not! We have included some FAQ’s we receive about Chaise Longues.

Chaise Longue FAQ’s

  1. Is a Chaise Longue the same as a Chaise Lounge

  2. Yes it is! When the beautiful Chaise Longue (French for “long Chair”) arrived in Britain back in the 1700’s, us Brits adapted the quickly adapted to a more comfortable translation of Chaise Lounge. Interestingly both terms use the same letters so the transition was easy! And the English word “lounge” seemed to fit well with the essence of the chair – a place to relax and lounge!

  3. Can you sleep on a Chaise Longue?

  4. You can absolutely doze on one, but we would not recommend using a Chaise Longue as a bed. If you are looking for a Guest Bed we have some great options that may be suitable and more comfortable for sleeping.

  5. Do you offer fabric swatches?

  6. Please check the product detail pages for further information about fabric swatches, if they are available, you will be able to request samples, which we will send out in the post. If you need any assistance with your selection our customer service team are on hand to answer any questions.

Require more assistance?

Wow, we feel like we’ve just had a lesson in history and language! Who’d have thought that the Chaise Longue had such a colourful past! Hopefully we have answered the most important questions but if you’re still struggling with making that all important decision, our sofa experts are always on hand to help. Simply drop our super friendly team an email or call +44 (0) 1305 231231 and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

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