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Kids Lighting


Want to light up your little one’s room with a warm and cosy glow? Our range of kids’ lighting options are perfect for illuminating those pre-bedtime stories.

These lighting options are fun, playful, and most importantly of all, safe for kids to use. Designed to be used with LED or low-wattage bulbs, you can rest assured knowing these lights will never get too hot to touch. So no matter how friendly and approachable these lights look, there’ll be no worries about kids getting too close!

Combining fun with learning, a globe lamp allows kids to explore all corners of the world from the comfort of their own bedroom. And if your little one needs extra assistance drifting off to dreamland, a night light will provide a comforting helping hand.

Whether you’re decorating a new nursery or looking for a baby shower gift, our selection of lights and accessories are ideal. Got a question about our kids' lighting? Take a look at our handy FAQs below.

Kids Lighting FAQs 

  • Is LED lighting safe for kids?

  • For kids' rooms, LED lamps are safer than traditional bulb alternatives (like halogen). That’s because LED lamps don’t radiate heat - so they’ll never get too hot for little hands. When you’re looking for LED lights for kids bedrooms, try to stick to bulbs that you can dial down and adjust.

  • Are night lights good for kids?

  • A night light has plenty of benefits for both kids and parents. With a dim night light, it’s easy to quickly check up on your kids without waking them up. Plus, if your little one wakes up in the night for a toilet trip, popping a night light near to their bed helps them safely make their way to the bathroom.

    Having a night light also helps kids stay calm if they wake up suddenly in the night - especially if they’ve had a bad dream or if they’re scared of the dark.

  • What lighting is good for kids' rooms?

  • LED is ideal for night lamps, as it’s much more energy efficient than other kinds of lighting. So if your kids leave a night light on while they sleep, you won’t need to worry about the environmental or financial cost.

    Having a good mixture of lights in a kids’ bedroom means you can always have the right amount of lighting wherever you need it. So along with your general ceiling light, it’s also good to have a floor lamp, a table light, and a bedside lamp, too.

  • Why is it good to read to kids before bed?

  • Even if it’s just for ten minutes or so, reading your child a story before bed has heaps of benefits:

    • It helps them drift off to sleep - as reading a story sets a nightly routine, kids can associate story time with falling asleep. And if your kids are reading independently, it’s a great way to tire out their eyes.
    • It boosts their creative thinking skills- listening to tales of out-of-this-world possibilities is one of the best ways to grow an active imagination.
    • It’s a great way to bond - after a long day at work (and school), reading a story together each night means you’re setting aside some important quality time.
    • It supports their language skills - reading different phrases aloud helps kids expand their growing vocabulary.

    And whether your kids are reading independently or listening to your best Gruffalo impression, our kids’ lighting options are perfect for bedtime reading. That’s because they give off a cosy light that’s bright enough to avoid straining their eyes - but also mellow enough to help them wind down and relax.

    And when you place the lamp on the bedside, your little one won’t need to hop out of bed when they’re ready to drift off.

  • How do you change a lightbulb in a globe?

  • Our lovely globe lamp by Wild & Wolf is powered by either a USB cable or mains socket - so there’s no need to change any bulbs or batteries.

  • Do LED lights emit harmful blue light?

  • Too much exposure to ‘blue’ light can be bad for the eyesight. Some parents might be worried about the effects of blue light in LED lighting - but LED gives off no more blue light than other light bulbs. Make sure you choose LED bulbs with a “warmer” light inside of a cooler hue.

Require more assistance?

If you’d like to speak to a friendly customer service assistant, look no further. You can get in touch on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email today.

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