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Outdoor Lighting


The path to a great garden investment has never been clearer, thanks to a heap of outdoor lighting solutions from the err Beam-team here at Cuckooland.

When the daylight wanes, your outdoor décor should still be a symbol of pride, of magnificent social harmony, of cathartic awakening and... what? Keep going? Ok... outdoor lights; placed on your walls, turf and paving slabs; glint like a lawnful of stars when the time is right. Lying on your favourite garden sofa, it’s amazing how lost you’ll get in them, talking idly while the ground glows on each side. We even have free-standing lamps, too, if the more traditional look brings a sparkle to your eye.

Use them as a pointer for your pathways, or as a collective showcase around your chairs and table, freeing the sense of a never-ending night. They’re perfect for log cabins, summer houses and any other structure that requires a lick of home comfort. With these lights, you’ll never be in the dark for décor effects, as the intimate qualities of your garden investment are revealed in a flash.

Outdoor Lighting FAQs 

Seeking a bit of luminescence on some of the most common questions? Never fear, the spotlight is here:

  1. How does outdoor lighting work, exactly?

  2. There are two primary methods, both of which we accommodate. A lot of lights (which tend to be in a fixed position) have to be wired into your main home electrical system. The other kind is solar powered by the sun, meaning they automatically top themselves up through the day and stay bright when the sun goes down. Both methods offer great outdoor lighting options and it really does come down to the lighting design you prefer. For longevity, the electrical lights are best. For a more green, affordable, possibly portable and 'let's see if we like them there' test then the solar kind offer a great solution.

  3. How do I install an outdoor light?

  4. As with all electrical installations, we would highly recommend employing a qualified electrician to install a wired outdoor light. All of our outdoor lights are CE approved, meaning they have passed rigorous safety checks and adhere to strict safety regulations. This being said, we would never suggest tinkering about with electrical wiring unless you are fully trained to do so.

  5. Is outdoor lighting weatherproof?

  6. Having been designed to illuminate even the darkest corners of your garden, our outdoor lights are made for outdoors. With sealed units and LED bulbs, our cleverly made outdoor lighting can take on all sorts of weather conditions. If installed correctly by a qualified electrician (for the wired variety) these stunning garden accessories will light the way for many years to come. Proper maintenance and the occasional clean will ensure longevity too.

  7. What kind of bulbs are best for outdoor lights?

  8. The lighting industry is, on the whole, switching to LED bulbs. They save you up to 80% on a traditional electrical bill and can be tweaked with various filaments. With advances in LED technology, these are no longer the dull one shade fits all product they used to be. LED lights are used in both solar powered lighting and traditional wired lamps. LED lights do not get hot meaning they are a much safer option to have around children and pets.

Require more assistance?

Well, we're feeling brighter already! And so will your garden parties, gatherings, and lazy nights with a book on your lap. Browse our outdoor furniture to see how these two centrepieces can complement each other. A fantastic lighting combo can really add the glow that shows to your table, chairs, garden and hanging features. If we need to shine a light on any other question or queries you might have, call our Beam-Team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us here and a bright spark will get back to you in a flash.


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