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The truth is every garden needs a touch of imagination to bring it to life, and nothing adds personality to a garden or patio area quite like an Outdoor Rug. Crafted by the creative minds at Fab Hab, each outdoor rug is made from environmentally friendly materials to assist in the eco wellbeing of our fair planet at a fair price.

Were you (like us) thinking that interior design gets all the kudos? Well hold that thought: we’re bringing the same comfort and visual splendour to your lawn, decking, or paving stones. Add a splash of modern colour with an outdoor rug in chic blue, green, grey or even black. Whatsmore, with so many patterns available, there’s sure to be a rug that does the right style trick or even becomes the main focal point in the sun.

There’s a lot to soak in, but these flatweave models don’t shirk on quality: rain, muck and grass stains can’t taint or ruin them! Like our outdoor beanbags, they’re funky display pieces that are capable of holding their own against our tempestuous British weather.

Outdoor Rug FAQs

Cuckooland wants to give you firm footing for the right garden rug purchase. Time for a few FAQs:

  1. What makes outdoor rugs suitable for their environment?

  2. Our suppliers’ primary material is polypropylene – a synthetic resin that’s hand-woven to form a smooth, resistant surface. Rain and chemicals won’t seep into it; neither will small flecks of dirt, which means they can’t cause lingering stains. It still flexes easily in cold weather, they hold their lustre beautifully and can be spread down or rolled up without any trouble. And they look like normal rugs and runners!

  3. How should I clean an outdoor rug?

  4. Simple – shake it after use to remove any debris like leaves, grass, twigs or muck from a flatweave rug. Very rarely would you need to actually clean them. When you do, apply a hot, wet cloth to the rug, accompanied by a medium-strength detergent to draw out any dirt. When not in use for extended periods of time, we recommend storing in a cool, dry place.

  5. Is it easy to transport outdoor rugs beyond the garden?

  6. Sure, garden rugs are super lightweight and easy to roll up. They function like an indoor rug, but (since they’re thinner and lighter) you can move them around with much more freedom. Some items also have bags with handles, so you can bring the rug along on a camping/outdoors trip. And they're perfect for use as a picnic rug.

  7. What are the sizes of your outdoor rugs?

  8. Fab hab provide rugs in three size categories: 6ft (180cm) x 4ft (120cm); 8ft (240cm) x 5ft (150cm); and 9ft (270cm) x 6ft (180cm). Not all of our rugs have these options; some may come in one or two fits. Every rug product page will have the correct dimensions to pick from, so spend some time browsing through our collection.

Require more assistance?

Looking for something unique and quirky to float above your flatweave outdoor rug? Try our hanging chairs and hammocks, ready for your heels to press down on a kind surface when you’re done with a nap. We’re itching to tell you more about our rugs and to play matchmaker with your exterior décor. To pick our brains, call our devilishly clever little garden gnomes on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us for style or practical advice.


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