Wood Burning Stoves

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Wood Burning Stoves


Embracing your wild side? Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or camping at a festival, you can cook up a storm with a portable wood burning stove.

A wood burning stove is a convenient and fun way to cook in the wilderness. So, if you’re staying somewhere without access to electricity or gas, you can still fire up and enjoy your morning cuppa and a hearty breakfast! There’s no better way to get in touch with your inner caveman…

With these portable wood burning stoves, it couldn’t be easier to set up and get cooking... no matter where you are! Both lightweight and compact, these stoves are easy to pack up and pick up - meaning you can free up more space for your camping or overnight essentials.

Plus, these stoves are designed with simplicity in mind. Here to make your al fresco dining simple, these stoves are easy to get started and oh-so efficient. So whether you’re Bear Grylls or a total camping novice, you can get cooking in no time.

And with our eco-friendly wood burning stoves, you won’t need to worry about your carbon footprint, either. Thanks to their efficient design, these stoves give off next to zero carbon. So, it’s the guilt-free way to stay toasty and well fed outdoors.

Got a burning question about our wood burning stoves? Look no further than our FAQs...

Wood Burning Stoves FAQs

  • How do I light my wood burning stove?

  • You can use firelighters to get started, or just scrunched up paper or dry grass. With dry wood, your stove should be roaring in seconds. Once you’re done, remember to leave your stove to cool down properly before you pack it away.

  • Why use a wood burning stove?

  • A wood burning stove is a fun and easy way to heat up food and water. You won’t need to worry about electricity access or carrying around gas when you’re away from home - simply pick up some nearby wood!

    wood burning stove is also incredibly speedy. With these stoves, you’ll be ready to cook in seconds with just a few pieces of kindling. So, no more waiting around waiting for that cup of tea...

    Plus, they’re also budget-friendly and efficient, as logs are a cheap and low-carbon source of fuel. And once you’re done with cooking, you can still enjoy the roaring fire and stay warm - they’re ideal for a UK getaway!

  • What wood will I need for my wood burning stove?

  • For a more efficient and cleaner burn, Anevay recommends burning dry seasoned wood on your stove. Seasoned wood is wood that’s had chance to properly dry out. If your wood is a little wet, it will be much harder to start a fire and keep it going. Plus, damp wood creates too much smoke.

  • Is a wood burning stove bad for the environment?

  • The clever people behind Anevay Stoves have designed their wood stoves with the environment in mind. These stoves let off almost zero carbon, so you can cook free from guilt - and enjoy your wood-fired treats knowing you’re not harming your surroundings.

  • Which wood burning stove is the most efficient?

  • Thanks to efficient and clever design, the Anevay Stoves Horizon Rocket Stove is ready to cook in minutes - with just a few twigs! This stove is designed to stay hotter for longer, so you won’t need to constantly top up the kindling.

  • How much fuel will I need?

  • This all depends on how hot your burn is. According to Anevay, you’ll need roughly a few logs per hour to keep your fire alive.

Require more assistance?

Still not totally sure about a wood burning stove? Whatever your question, we’re here to help. Simply get in touch on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send us an email.

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