Garden Furniture FAQs

Lucky enough to have an outside space? Utilise your garden, patio, decking and balconies with a garden furniture set that ticks all the boxes!

When picking out that all-important garden furniture set there are lots of factors to consider! What size space will it be fitting into? How will you be using it? How many people will be joining you? Are you able to store it in the winter months? Are you required to apply yearly treatments to keep it in tip-top condition?

With all of these questions firing, the selection process can start to become tiresome… but do not fret! We’ve gathered together a list of our most frequently asked questions so you can make an informed decision and get that excitement back! After all, your garden furniture will be the setting for many fond memories!

Read on to find out more and select an outdoor furniture set you can enjoy year after year.

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1. Will my garden furniture rust or rot?

This really depends on the materials your garden furniture is made from and how you take care of it! Many of the designs here at Cuckooland have been treated to prevent rust or rot and have a long lifespan, however, they’ll still need to be looked after to keep them looking good as new.

By regularly cleaning, storing cushions or perhaps using protective covers and storing inside during harsh weather conditions, you’ll ensure garden furniture is protected against deterioration. If you’re ever unsure of the furniture care instructions or the level of protection your furniture requires, refer to the instructions supplied or give us a call or email and we’d be happy to find out more for you!

Globo Royal Garden Hanging Chair & Stand in Weatherproof Anthracite

2. How long does garden furniture last?

Again, this really depends on how the outdoor furniture is looked after. If properly taken care of with protective covers and sticking to the care instructions, garden furniture can last a lifetime! Here at Cuckooland, each design includes a warranty against manufacturing faults and can offer guarantees against components – we do this because we’re confident you’ll be getting only the very best garden furniture set!

Zest 4 Leisure Rebecca Wooden Garden Table

3. Is garden furniture weatherproof?

Many of our garden furniture sets are completely weatherproof! Offering protection against UV light, and harsh weather conditions including frost and torrential rain – your garden furniture can be left outside all year round whatever the forecast!

Having said that, this isn’t the case for all designs so ensure you’re checking the features and benefits and specifications if you require a completely 100% weatherproof set!

Check and double-check, and if you’re still unsure, come to us for advice and we can point you in the right direction!

Maze Rattan New York Corner Dining Set With Rising Table

4. Can garden furniture be left outside?

Many of our outdoor furniture sets can be left outside 24/7/365, however, we’d still recommend using a protective cover – this way you don’t have to worry about garden dirt and debris, and you won’t need to continually clean your set before use.

Something to bear in mind too – we’re not the only ones that get to enjoy our outside spaces! Animals and insects will be paying a visit too, so if you’d prefer unwanted guests weren’t utilising your garden furniture, we’d recommend bringing cushions indoors when not in use or even installing a shed or garden storage unit to keep outdoor sets in good condition.

Maze Rattan Ascot Oval Dining Set

5. How do I maintain my garden furniture?

Most garden furniture sets have been designed to need minimal maintenance. Mild soap and water and regular brushing should be enough to keep garden seating, tables and cushions just how you like them. We would recommend running through care instructions before you tackle cleaning, as some materials need a little more TLC than others.

Another thing to consider – if your garden furniture has been made from natural materials without a treatment already being applied, this might be a step you’ll have to manage. Check the information we supply to guide you on your final selection, so you don’t have any nasty surprises down the line!

Maze Rattan Chelsea Lifestyle Suite with Glass Table

6. Can garden furniture be painted?

Yes and no! We wouldn’t recommend painting metal or upholstered garden furniture as these designs have already received treatments. Pressure-treated wooden garden furniture can often be painted, but this step isn’t always essential to retain the condition, it’s purely an aesthetic choice. And often painting, oiling or staining outdoor furniture is essential to ensure protection.

Check the instructions first before applying any paints – this could damage the design if not applied as recommended and could void all warranty.
Itching to change the colour or finish of garden furniture, give us a call first if you’re really unsure and we’ll always strive to get you an answer!

Zest 4 Leisure Lily Relax Double Seat

7. Can garden furniture be used indoors?

Absolutely! We’ve known many of our garden furniture sets to never end up in the elements! Garden furniture can be a great choice for conservatories, garden retreats, cabins, kitchen and dining furniture – the list goes on!

It’s really a personal preference. If you’ve spotted a garden furniture set that you think would look fantastic in your interiors, then go for it! Watch out for sets with integrated fire pits and features that are unsuitable for inside spaces though. Read through the features to understand the product better and see if it’s suitable for your intended purpose.

Garden Trading Chilson Table, Bench & Stool Dining Set for Indoor Or Outdoor Use

8. Can garden furniture be positioned on grass?

It’s up to you! We always recommend positioning garden furniture on a flat, level surface such as a patio, decking or a balcony, however many designs are suitable for use on natural grass.

Bear in mind though, garden furniture legs and feet can often damage lawns if placed directly onto the ground and if sets remain in one place for a long period of time, with limited to no sunlight, you may end up with discoloured patches and bald spots. Often after a downpour, loose soil and soft ground can be a nightmare for garden furniture and you might find your set starts to sink and becomes unstable.

If this is the case, pick designs with wider feet, made from lightweight materials like plastic or aluminium and regularly move your furniture around to keep lawns healthy and furniture protected!

Artificial grass is another story! This innovative faux grass won’t deteriorate or fade, but it’s not for everyone!

Oxborough Pull Out Lounge Sofa

9. I have a small garden, what garden furniture would be best?

When your garden, courtyards, balconies and patio space is limited, picking garden furniture can be a tricky task. Select designs that best utilise your square footage. Look for compact garden furniture, space-saving designs, stackable sets, convertible outdoor designs and use every inch. A great trick is by using mirrors, and lights and by smartly styling your set, you can maximise small spaces and give the impression your garden is bigger than it is.

Found a set to fit? Check those measurements! It may appear a garden furniture set will slot into your desired space, however, bear in mind sitting guests, reclining features, fold-out sets and other factors might take up more space than you’d bargained for. We try to give an overall required footprint for each set, but if you’re unsure, let us know and we can help select the garden furniture to suit your exteriors.

Morston Space Saving 2/4 Seat Dining Set in Grey

10. Wood, rattan, plastic, metal - which material is best for garden furniture?

There is no ‘best’ material when it comes to garden furniture, they all have their pros and cons! We’ve put together a shortlist below to help guide you:

Wooden garden furniture:
Pros – Durable, strong, sturdy, natural material, can be better for the environment if responsibly sourced and can be painted or stained to achieve desired colours.
Cons – needs more maintenance than other materials, can damage easier than others, often requires assembly.

Natural rattan garden furniture:
Pros – Comes in lots of designs and styles and adds an authentic look to outside spaces, better for the environment, often handcrafted requiring no assembly.
Cons – Not as strong as other materials, isn’t weatherproof.

Plastic/polyrattan garden furniture:
Pros – Weather-resistant, low maintenance, no assembly, stylish, great indoors and outdoors.
Cons – not usually eco-friendly (unless specified), limited colours and finishes, bulkier furniture.

Metal garden furniture:
Pros – Durable, strong, sturdy, weather-resistant, low maintenance, can be more lightweight (aluminium), comes in an array of styles, shapes and colours, and usually doesn’t require assembly.
Cons – Can get hot when exposed to the sun, bulkier designs.

Maze Rattan New York Dining Set

11. What extra features can garden furniture have?

Other than creating a spot to relax, unwind and dine – garden furniture sets can be designed with some innovative features giving you even more value for money! Look out for integrated ice buckets, fire pits, rising tables, multi-functional designs, hidden compartments, stackable furniture, extendable sets, adjustable features and more!

Don’t just settle for standard outdoor furniture, use your budget and space to get a set that works harder for you!

Maze Rattan Regal 8 Seat Fire Pit Bar Table and Chairs

Has our FAQ Guide got You up to Speed?

Our customer service team are primed and ready for your garden furniture questions, should you need to know anything else! Call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us at and make better use of your outdoor spaces!


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