Why the Garden is the New Office

Well, it’s safe to say 2020 has changed the way we live beyond all recognition. For example, if you’d have asked me last year about setting up an office in my garden, I’d have laughed you out of the room.

And yet here I am, browsing garden office solutions like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Let’s journey back to March for a little context… Back when Covid-19 made it’s unwelcome appearance, almost half of us began to work from home. Since then, the world has woken up to remote work like never before. With employers claiming they’ve seen an increase in productivity, we’ve also enjoyed a number of perks. More time spent with our loved ones, the money saved on commuting, and post-meeting doggy cuddles to name a few…

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that over a quarter of us plan to work from home for the foreseeable future. But instead of hopping on Rightmove for a house with a spare office room, it’s well worth using the space that’s already under your nose… your garden!

Here’s why I firmly believe that the garden is the new office (and how you can make it happen):

Luxury Summerhouse Garden Pod

Benefits of Garden Offices

Whether it’s a lush log cabin or a stylish summer house, there’s plenty of benefits when it comes to setting up an office garden…

Drawing a line between home and work

I don’t know about you, but remote work can blur the boundaries between work and home. Five o’clock rolls around and you close your laptop for the day… but you’re still surrounded by your to-do lists and day-to-day work environment.

To really switch off after a long day, it helps to completely separate your office space from where you put your feet up. And while some of us have a study, many of us are still working away in our kitchens or living rooms – spaces we usually associate with chilling out.

Setting up an office in your garden helps to draw a firm line between your work day and your downtime. As you’ve got that teeny commute back to the house, it helps you mentally divide the two.

A bit of peace and quiet

Kids storming into your stand-up Zoom meetings? Cat sat on your keyboard one too many times? Setting up a peaceful office in your garden can help you properly focus on your job – away from all the chaos of life at home.

Helping you free up your indoor space

Nobody could have predicted how this year panned out. When we first started to work from home, we quickly scrambled to create a makeshift office as best we could.

Thinking it’d be a temporary fix, we didn’t mind so much that all our office equipment sprawled across our kitchens and living rooms. But now nearly nine months have passed, it seems as though remote work is here to stay.

As working from home could be a permanent fixture, it’s not ideal to keep on using space that’s designed for family life or relaxing. To help you reclaim your indoor space, setting up an office garden is a brilliant alternative.

It can double up as a relaxing retreat

Not sure whether you’ll work from home permanently or not? Investing in an outdoor office means you’ll have the option to convert the space into a stunning haven to relax or entertain your pals.

Our range of garden pods, summer houses, and log cabins can all double up as stylish spaces you can simply relax in, as well as work the 9-5 grind.

Have I convinced you that office gardens are the next best thing? Here’s how you can make an outdoor office of your own:

Luxury Rotating Seater Garden Pod

Garden Office ideas

Log Cabins

Spacious and secure, a log cabin makes for a great outdoor office. The rather lovely Rowlinson cabin (pictured below) features a secure room with lockable doors, so you won’t need to worry about leaving your office supplies overnight.

Whatever the weather, this log cabin is the perfect outdoor office. You can work in the cabin throughout the winter, as the toughened glass windows are ideal for locking out any blustery weather. During the summer months, you can work underneath the sheltered open area – ideal for enjoying the warm weather without turning lobster red!

Rowlinson Garden Oasis Log Cabin

Summer Houses

A summer house can double up as a brilliant outdoor office space. The Forest Garden Summer House (pictured below) comes in a range of sizes to suit your needs – so whether you’re after a compact space or a roomy studio to fit your work, we’ve got you covered.

Featuring six windows, you’ll enjoy the scenery of your garden and reap the benefits of natural light as you work. Ideal for getting that daily dose of vitamin D!

Forest Garden Oakley Overlap 7x5 Summer House

Garden Pods

Compact and cosy, a Garden Pod will neatly slot into your garden and act as a robust outdoor office all year round.

The Oval House Garden Pod (pictured below) comes complete with a built-in heater to keep you toasty throughout the winter months. And not only will you be nice and warm, but this pod is lined with incredibly comfortable soft seating. You won’t want to leave once you’ve finished for the day! Personally, I can’t think of a better spot for a cheeky glass of wine after work…

Oval House Garden Pod

Choosing the right outdoor office for you

So, now I’ve made my case as to why the garden is the new office, it’s down to you to decide. Head over to our range of garden pods, summer houses, or log cabins and see which solution works best for you. Whichever outdoor office you settle on, you can spread the cost with affordable monthly repayments – so it won’t need to cost you the earth! 

Can’t make up your mind? Our friendly team are on hand to answer any questions you might have on +44 (0) 1305 231231, or you can pop us an email.


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