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As we move into the colder and wetter months of autumn and winter, our park meet ups and garden parties are definitely becoming less and less appealing. It’s more than a little depressing to think that our summer sundowners are now a thing of the past and with social distancing restrictions intensifying once more, getting together with family and friends inside the house has become far more challenging again. It looks like a double dose of winter blues is on the way. Or is it? The change in the weather is encouraging many households to consider alternative spaces where they can gather with family, enjoy a coffee with a handful of friends or escape from the kids for a romantic date night that can continue beyond 10pm! (Don’t count on me, I’m usually pushing ZZZ’s by 9pm!).

Some families, who have already experienced the frustration of juggling home school, working from home and arranging home based socialising, have found a brilliant solution in the form of a garden pod. These garden rooms offer up a multi-use space, be it a work from home office, a home gym or just a quiet space to escape the chaos of the house. The beauty of these garden pods is that they can be used all year round – creating an extra space that is outside of the house but sheltered from the inclement British weather.

Luxury Summerhouse Garden Pod

Being an outdoorsy type myself, just the thought of being cooped up inside for months is enough to send me running for the hills… however I’m also thoroughly miserable if I get cold and wet (you won’t catch me eagerly jumping out of bed for the early morning winter dog walks… unless there’s a hot chocolate and wooly socks awaiting me when I get home). However, if I could be in a space (with my chums) that felt like I was outside, but kept me warm and dry, I’d be there in a flash.

Let’s take a look at a what these pods for your garden have to offer;

What is a garden pod?

Garden pods are a dome like structure, rounded like a pea (hence the term pod). They are constructed with clear panels, creating a feeling of being outside but giving you shelter and warmth all year round.

Luxury Rotating Lounger Garden Pod

How do garden pods differ from a garden cabin?

There are several differences between a garden log cabin and a garden pod; firstly, their shape. A garden cabin is constructed with straight lines, on the contrary a garden pod is curvaceous. Secondly, the materials used. Log cabins are made from wood, resulting in a solid structure, whereas garden pods are predominantly made from polycarbonate, PVC or glazed panels which results in a transparent, see through finish.

The Garden Igloo 360 Dome with PVC Weatherproof Cover

What can a garden pod be used for?

Garden pods can be used in many ways to create your very own indoor-outdoor space. Whether you choose to extend your dining area by adding a dining table and chairs, fill it with bean bags and make a chill out zone or kit it out as a yoga studio, the possibilities are endless!

Garden pods offer up a brilliant socially distanced space, that, as we move away from the ease of meeting outdoors, enables families and friends to get together in a ventilated space, whilst being protected from the elements and unpredictable weather.

Deluxe Summerhouse Garden Pod

Are garden pods just for domestic use?

With many pubs and restaurants having to creatively adapt their businesses to offer a social experience for guests, some have introduced socially distanced dining pods, as seen here with Hypedome’s Garden Pod. This new concept allows customers to enjoy a meal and drinks with family and friends inside their very own pod.

As beer gardens and outdoor spaces become unusable during the cold, wet months, garden pods are an ideal addition, providing a warm, cosy space for people to spend time with their bubble… in a bubble!

HypeDome Garden Pod

Features and benefits of a garden pod

As I’ve already highlighted, garden pods differ from other outdoor garden buildings such as log cabins and summerhouses as they offer a more connected environment with your outdoor space. Their transparent structure really gives the feeling that you are outside, while keeping you protected from the elements.

At Cuckooland we offer a broad range of pods for your garden that will appeal to all budgets and tastes, we have hunted high and low to find a collection of garden pods that will give you a social space to enjoy all year round.

Here are a few features and benefits of our unique garden pods;

  1. Cost effective

If you’re looking to extend your home without the high costs of an extension, a garden pod offers great value for money. Starting at just £849.00, The Garden Igloo is an affordable option, that can be built without tools in just 2 hours.

  1. Low maintenance

Unlike other garden rooms that may need regular treatment and maintenance, garden pods are comparatively low maintenance. The Hypedome Garden Pod only needs a wipe down with some luke-warm water in order to keep it sparkly clean.

  1. Can be dismantled, stored & used again

Garden pods can be easily dismantled and stored or moved, so if you’re moving house or want to change its location, this is totally possible and is a brilliant feature for commercial users who may only want to use the pods during certain times of the year.

  1. Easy to ventilate

Garden pods are easy to ventilate thanks to their ventilation panels (an optional extra on the Hypedome Garden Pod).

  1. Self assembly

Both the Garden Igloo and Hypedome’s Garden Pod are a 2 person self-assembly job, taking between 2-4 hours. The assembly instructions are provided and there are even tutorial videos to help you out should you need it.

Luxury Garden Pods

Now, let me introduce you to our range of luxury garden pods from Ornate Garden. Certainly more of an investment purchase, these garden pods are pretty spectacular, ranging from £3495 – £18495 they are designed with timber arcs and wide tinted windows.

With an Ornate Garden Pod, you can choose your own bespoke lighting, cushion covers and interior colours, then sit back and relax as the installation process it taken care of by a professional team. Whether you want a rotating garden pod or a garden seating pod – Ornate Garden Pods have a choice of pods for your garden that are sure to trump your neighbours boxy garden room!

Luxury Rotating Seater Garden Pod

So, if you’re looking for ways to get together with family and friends during these challenging times and embrace the new “socially distanced” etiquette, why not consider adding a garden pod to your outdoor space. These social bubbles definitely provide a perfect solution for a social space to see us through these chillier months.

If you’d like more information about our Garden Pods, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, our customer service team would be hap-pea to help. We’re only a phone call away +44 (0) 1305 231 231 or ping us an email.


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