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Finding Your Perfect Four Poster Bed and Canopy Bed

Sleep… not many of us get enough and we all seem to be craving it! We are here to help! With huge benefits to getting a more comfortable and satisfying nights sleep, we’d highly recommend opting for a Four Poster bed! They are so much more than just a few planks of wood that hold your mattress and pillows in place. They are the Great-Grandaddy of bed design! If they were good enough for Kings and Queens of old and have survived the test of time… there must be a reason for it? With a range of sizes and options available, we’d understand if you had more questions and weren’t sure where to begin. Afterall, when a good night’s sleep is hanging in the balance, you need to make sure you’ve found your one and only! We hope our FAQ’s give you a helping-hand, but as always we are at your every beck and call!

Four Poster Bed FAQ’s

  • How do I decorate around a Four Poster Bed?

    Four Poster beds have been designed to be versatile and you can really express your interior style when picking the bedding and décor to go with your four poster. From canopies to lights, use the extended structure and height of the bed to create a comfortable and cosy sanctuary for you to retreat to after a long day. There are even options to add projector screens so you can go all out and create an entertainment hub to enjoy movies snuggled up under the covers. Keep things minimalist with your styling and let the four poster do the talking or live that maximalist lifestyle and opt for luxurious blankets and throws. With lots of soft furnishings, décor and accessories available here at Cuckooland, take a look around for some interior inspiration!

  • Do Four Poster Beds have storage options?

    Yes! Don’t be fooled by the size of a four poster. They can sometimes take up more room, but many designs offer hidden storage so you can still utilise the space you have. Underbed drawers, storage boxes, shelving, ladders and ottoman four poster beds, are all options we have available here at Cuckooland to help you make the most of your bedroom!

  • What is the difference between a Four Poster bed and a Canopy Bed?

    Four poster beds come in all shapes and sizes, but typically the bed frame is extended with four pillars in each corner. A canopy bed is exactly the same, but will feature fabric canopies over and around the sides of the bed. For all intents and purposes they are very similar! Here at Cuckooland we offer both four posters and canopy bed options, so the choice is yours. Read on for some features and benefits of both, or view our kids four poster beds.

  • Do I need a canopy?

    Canopies have been used on four poster beds since the 13th century… but this doesn’t mean you have to! There are benefits to having a canopy, such as keeping warm and blocking out light, however it isn’t an essential. The choice is yours!

  • What are the benefits of a Four Poster Bed?

    There is a reason this interior furniture design has been around for as long as it has… there are lots of benefits you might not have considered before! Temperature regulation being the first. Four poster beds with a canopy are wonderful for keeping you warm in the winter months and colder climates. Thick, insulating fabrics draped over and around the sides of your bed are great for keeping the heat in and the cold out! If you opt for lighter fabrics and linens this is also great for keeping you cooler in the summer. And when your bed is more comfortable and cosy, you sleep better! If you decide to opt for a canopy, depending on the fabric you choose, it can be great for blocking out the light and even sound! If you want to enjoy sleeping in on the weekend or you work late nights and have unsociable hours, adding an extra barrier to block out the sunlight or streetlights is a huge benefit to catching up on your z’s! With trends ever-changing, by having a four poster bed, you can easily change the look of your bedroom just by accessorising and styling your 4 poster in other ways. It’s such a versatile piece of furniture!

  • What are the cons of a Four Poster bed?

    We liked to remain unbiased here at Cuckooland so we hope these cons might help with your final decision! Although we think all our four poster beds have huge benefits and amazing features, sometimes a four poster might just not be right for your lifestyle. If you’ve opted for a canopy bed, this can unfortunately mean harbouring more dust and dander! If you’re an allergy sufferer this doesn’t mean avoid entirely, but be aware you’ll need to regularly remove and clean extra linens on your bed. Choose a fabric that is easily cleaned and can be machine washable and you’re good to go! Or pick an option without a canopy altogether! No missing out! Pets! We love our four legged friends, however they might see your new four poster bed as an enticing challenge. If you have fluffy bundles running around the house, be wary that four poster beds and canopy beds could be a potential risk!

  • Size – don’t forget to check your measurements!

    It might seem really obvious, but check and double check those measurements! With the extra height, watch out for light fittings, eaves and beams and anything else that might get in the way of your beautiful new bed. Make sure the space you’ve chosen for your four poster bed is the right fit! Our four poster beds range from single, small double, double and kingsize. The options here at Cuckooland all come with easy to read instructions and we’re always here to offer advice.

Require more assistance?

For more information or help with picking the right bed for you, contact us any time (day or night) by emailing or 01305 231231 and we’ll help you sleep a little easier!

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