Get Organised with Vox

Dreaming of a clutter-free bedroom for your kids? Thanks to the furniture gurus at Vox, you can turn that dream into reality.

Storage-friendly and super functional, Vox furniture pieces are designed with simplicity in mind. That means it’s easy to keep your little one’s room tidy – and with gorgeous European design, it’ll look oh-so stylish too.


Here’s how you can get organised with Vox in just four simple steps:

1. Keep story books and toys tidy

Keeping a bedroom neat and tidy doesn’t mean you have to put a limit on all those gorgeous books and toys – you just need a clever way to store them away! Luckily, Vox offers heaps of savvy options to keep your little one’s room clutter-free.

Take a look at the genius Vox Nest Bookcase (below). Making full use of the height of your chosen room, the Nest Bookcase offers up plenty of compartments for your tots favourites. Want to keep clutter hidden away? Don’t forget the additional storage boxes!

Vox Nest Bookcase in Larch Effect

With Vox, you can also enjoy the benefits of modular furniture – like the Vox Stige Modular Bookcase (below).

You can adapt this clever bookcase around your child’s needs. There’s a whole range of add-ons that complement this bookcase – from a cabinet to a chest of drawers, you can build your ideal piece of furniture.

And when you combine open shelves and drawers, you can show off those gorgeous toys – while hiding those things you’re rather less enamoured about!

Vox Stige Modular Bookcase

2. Organise outfits in style

Why are kid’s clothes just so gorgeous? Whether it’s a pair of dungarees or some little boots, it can be hard to resist buying heaps of little outfits.

And when your kids are sprouting up, it’s good to have the flexibility to accommodate an ever-growing wardrobe. That’s where modular furniture saves the day – instead of trying to squeeze clothes into your existing storage, you can simply adapt the wardrobe around your clothes.

The Modular Low Chest of Drawers is ideal for flexibility. You can pair this handy chest of drawers with the bookcase I mentioned earlier – or you can add another chest of drawers. The choice is yours!

And as it’s modular, you’ll have the freedom to pop the drawers on top of each other, or side by side. So no matter how much space you have to play with, this handy piece of furniture works around you.

Vox Stige Modular Low Chest of Drawers in Grey

If you’d rather head down the traditional route, take a peek at this stunning 4-door wardrobe from Vox’s Simple range. While it might look simple (but still super stylish) on the surface, this wardrobe is full of space-saving secrets. Open up the doors and you’ll find heaps of clever ways to store clothes.

There’s a clothes rail, shelves, drawers, and even a pop-out hook – perfect for keeping creases out of tomorrow’s school uniform! And since this wardrobe is more-than-spacious, it’s ideal for hiding away any other bits and pieces, too.

Vox Simple 4 Door Wardrobe

3. Create a clutter-free space to work

If your kids need a space to tackle their homework, Vox have you covered. And you won’t need to deal with messy desks, either – with handy shelving and storage space, your kids can keep their workstation organised without too much of a fuss.

Take a look at the Desk with Wooden Ladder from Vox’s Stige range. Thanks to the large surface top, there’s heaps of room for your kids to get to grips with their studies. But that’s not why this desk is so special… you can add heaps of handy extras to it!

From a storage cube to a cork board (or even a dartboard!), you can choose from several add-on options. The ladder frame is great for pinning important memos – or your kids can use it to store their essentials with the help of a storage cube or hanging box.

Vox Stige Desk with Wooden Ladder

Or, take a look at the dreamy large desk from Vox’s Simple range. This desk is perfect for seeing your kids right through to their teens. Wonderfully spacious and timeless in style, your kids won’t grow out of this desk in a hurry.

And it’s also got heaps of storage, too. With three roomy drawers and a handy pull-out drawer under the surface top, there’s plenty of space to keep those essentials organised.

Vox Simple Large Desk

4. Save space with underbed storage

New to trundle beds? If so, get ready to expect so much more from your bed.

A trundle bed is a great way to keep bedrooms organised. With a roomy pull-out drawer underneath the mattress, you can effortlessly store clutter you’d rather hide away. All without taking up any bedroom space at all!

And the Kids Day Bed with Trundle Drawer from Vox’s Stige range goes one step further. Not only is it a gorgeous space to lounge after school and a space to hide clutter – but you can also attach a frame to this bed for extra storage. With the help of the ladder, kids can keep all those little bits organised with the help of storage boxes and bags.

Vox Stige Kids Day Bed with Trundle Drawer

Ready to get organised?

Hopefully my tips have inspired you to get organised and make the most out of your youngster’s bedroom space. If you’re after more ideas, you’ll find plenty over in the Vox kids collection.

Looking for a little more help or some expert furniture advice? Just give us a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send an email our way.


With more than 10 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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