Why a Rocking Chair is the Perfect Nursery Accessory

Rocking chairs are more than just a stylish nursery addition. They have heaps of benefits for both you and your little one, too.

While the humble rocking chair has been around for centuries, they’re still a must-have nursery item now. If you’re on the fence, find out why rocking chairs are still so popular with mums and dads today…

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Calms and soothes your baby

Many parents swear by the soothing properties of a rocking chair. If your little one is fussing and won’t settle down, it can sometimes feel like nothing will work. You’ve tried feeding, burping, naptime… the works!

When your baby gets worked up, gentle rocking often helps them calm down. The soft gliding motion of a rocking chair is a fuss-free way to soothe your little one. You won’t need to walk around in circles all night – you can simply sit back and calm your baby as you rock back and forth.

Take a look at the gorgeous Obaby High Back Rocking Chair. It’s high back will give you plenty of support while you soothe your little one. The rocking motion is smooth, rhythmic, and gentle – providing you and your baby with the best comforting experience available.

Obaby High Back Rocking Chair

Finished in a deep grey marl, this chair looks a treat contrasted against light accessories. Try pairing it with a rug that makes a statement, like the Lorena Canals Bereber Beige Washable Rug:

Lorena Canals Bereber Beige Washable Rug

Comfy spot for night time feeds

Night time feeds aren’t exactly fun at the best of times. When it’s time to drag yourself out of your cosy bed at 3am, you definitely won’t want to sit on a cold or uncomfortable chair.

A rocking nursery chair can be a really comfy spot for those nighttime feeds. Choosing a cushioned and soft seat will make those wakeup calls a little more bearable – after all, when you’re woken up in the early hours, you’ll need all the encouragement you can get.

This Tutti Bambini Oscar Rocking Chair is the perfect option for cosy feeds. With a curved back, cushioned support, and luxurious fabric, this chair couldn’t be more comfortable if it tried. This lovely chair even comes with a matching pouffe – so you can really put your feet up and relax while you feed.

Tutti Bambini Oscar Rocking Chair

To go the extra mile, pop a throw on this chair for added cosiness. The Cosy Living Mathea Throw is oh-so soft to touch, and will keep you and your little one cosy during nightly feeds – you can wrap it round your shoulders or drape it over your knees. And not only that, but it’ll add a lovely touch of colour and texture to your nursery.

Cozy Living Mathea Throw in Army Green

The perfect bonding spot

A rocking chair isn’t just a spot to feed your baby. You’ll also enjoy brilliant bonding benefits, as the close contact and rocking sensation are perfect for some much-needed ‘together’ time. And as your child grows older, that won’t change – a rocking chair is a great spot to sit and share bedtime stories.

As the Obaby Round Back Rocking Chair is super comfortable, it’s a great place to bond with your little one. With a supportive back, it’s a really comfortable seat to cuddle newborns. You could sit and rock here all day if you wanted!

Obaby Round Back Rocking Chair

For extra comfort, pair this lovely rocking chair with a pouffe. As you sit and coo over your bundle of joy, you can stretch out your legs in style with the Broste Copenhagen Air Pouffe. With it’s simple design and gorgeous colour, it will look great in any nursery.

Broste Copenhagen Air Pouffe

Introduces rhythm and balance

The experts say a rocking chair can help your little one develop. As the repetitive back-and-forth motion can boost brain development, a rocking chair can help you give your baby a great start in life. The rocking motion is said to stimulate emotional, cognitive, social, and motor development during early years.

Not only that, but rocking can also help your little one improve their balance. Rocking helps the inner ear, which can improve the balance mechanism in both you and your baby.

The Terence Rocking Chair is a classic option for your baby’s nursery. It’s great for helping your baby’s development – and with its timeless and simple style, this chair will also look great in your living room or bedroom when your little one grows up.

Terence Rocking Chair in Natural

Team the Terence Rocking Chair with a soft cushion to support your back while you rock:

Cozy Living 50x50cm Floral Bird Print Cotton Cushion in Rouge

From your comfort to your baby’s development, there’s heaps of reasons why a rocking chair is the perfect nursery accessory. If you’re convinced, head over to our full range of rocking chairs to find the right option for you.

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