A Guide to Corner Wardrobes

If you love to make use of every ounce of space in a room, a corner wardrobe will give you that sigh induced, satisfying feeling you’ve achieved optimum storage in your bedroom! Instead of leaving those hard-to-fill spaces sat empty, it makes sense to utilise corners, particularly in smaller bedrooms.

Corner wardrobes maximise your space, offering a sartorial storage solution that will keep your clothes and accessories well organised and in easy reach. Stand them solo or team together with a free standing wardrobe to create the ultimate bedroom storage solution.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a new wardrobe, read on to discover what’s so great about these nook loving bedroom essentials.

The Benefits of a Corner Wardrobe

Corners can present a challenge when you’re configuring your bedroom furniture and are often left as a void of wasted space (precious space if you’re dealing with a small room) or home to a corner shelf or two!

Corner wardrobes offer a fabulous solution for what would otherwise be an empty space. Perfectly made to snugly fit into these angled recesses, corner wardrobes take full advantage of a room’s awkward space, transforming the area into prime storage space.

Vox Simple Corner Wardrobe

What Size is a Corner Wardrobe?

The size of a corner wardrobe will vary between designs, the individual product dimensions can be found on the product detail pages.

The selection of corner wardrobes available from Cuckooland range between 190cm – 210cm height and 88cm – 105cm width. Corner wardrobes often size up deeper than a standard wall parallel wardrobe, averaging 100cm depth.

Vox R&O Corner Wardrobe in Beech Effect

Corner Wardrobe Measuring Guide

You’ve found your dream corner wardrobe, but before you click the “buy now” button here are a couple of final checks to ensure that your lovely new wardrobe will actually fit in its new home;

  • Check the product measurements are compatible with the available space

First things first. Check that your chosen wardrobe will actually fit into its destined space. The wardrobe height, width and depth will be shown on the product detail page and are usually shown in centimetres. Don’t forget to allow extra space to use the wardrobe, such as opening the doors or pulling out drawers and also allow a gap at the top for clearance. You can always mark out the wardrobe using masking tape so you can get a visual idea of how much floor space it will take up.

  • Check the room for potential obstacles

Wall lights and radiators can present an obstacle when you’re considering where your wardrobe will fit. You may need to seek professional advice if these need to be moved before you install your new wardrobe.

  • Is the wardrobe delivered flat pack or fully assembled

How will your new wardrobe come when it is delivered? If it is delivered fully assembled you will need to check that you will be able to manoeuvre it through your house and up the stairs. If it comes flat packed, it is easier to move into location. If you are assembling your new corner wardrobe in situ, you’ll need to ensure that you have enough space to build it and allow the wardrobe to be stood up as part of the assembly process.

Once you’ve carried out these final checks and are satisfied that your favourite corner wardrobe will fit like a glove, you can confidently hit “add to basket”. Btw, flat packed wardrobes are really super easy to assemble so don’t be put off by this, its often an advantage in terms of price (much cheaper to deliver) and it’s much easier to lug up the stairs, through doorways and around corners.

Vox Spot Corner Wardrobe in Acacia & White

Corner Wardrobes on Finance

At Cuckooland, we appreciate that buying new bedroom furniture can make a big dent in the coffers. Alongside offering a great selection of affordable corner wardrobes we also offer wardrobes on finance to help you spread the cost into smaller monthly payments. Follow the link for more information about our finance options.

Modular Corner Wardrobes

If you’re looking for a flexible range of bedroom furniture, modular pieces that seamlessly fit together are a super option. Vox 4 You is one of my favourite collections that includes the Vox 4 You Corner Wardrobe (it also features the most amazing four poster bed!). Boasting soft close doors, adjustable shelves and hanging rails, this space saving wardrobe can be free standing or teamed with other pieces from the 4 You Collection for a co-ordinated look.

Vox 4 You Corner Wardrobe

Design your own Corner Wardrobe

Sometimes an off the peg design just isn’t quite right, perhaps the feet are too round or the handles aren’t the perfect shade of grey – that’s why we’ve made it our mission to source a selection of customisable corner wardrobes.

The Lifetime Customisable Corner Wardrobe lets you choose elements from the colour of the door to the style of the handles. With plenty of internal storage, this corner wardrobe would make a great addition to any bedroom.

Part of a modern collection of bedroom furniture, the Vox Simple Corner Wardrobe offers complete flexibility of colour, legs and handles, so you can design your very own corner wardrobe to suit your bedroom.

Lifetime Customisable Corner Wardrobe

I hope you’ve found this guide to corner wardrobes useful and have been inspired to transform those unoccupied bedroom corners into purposeful storage solutions.

If angles are still giving you a hard time and you’d like some further pointers, please give our wardrobe savvy customer service team a call +44 (0) 1305 231231 or ping them an email.


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