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If you and your kids are tired of remote learning, our savvy furniture options are here to save the day. While they might not help you solve those impossible equations, they can save heaps of space and make homeschool feel that bit more comfortable.


Ready to upgrade your remote learning situation? Take a look at my favourite pieces for studying at home:

Vox Concept Computer Desk in White & Grey

Choose the right desk

The wrong desk can make learning at home more difficult than it needs to be. Whether it’s taking up far too much space or just doesn’t provide enough room to learn, it’s time to upgrade.

Adjustable desks that keep up with your kids

An adjustable desk is a great option for remote learning – especially if your kids are heading towards a growth spurt. It means you can give them a spot to learn during lockdown that they won’t outgrow within the year.

The Lifetime Height Adjustable Desk with Drawer extends from 56cm to 78cm. That means this desk is ideal for little learners right up until they reach their teens. And with a handy integrated storage drawer, it’s perfect for keeping all those learning essentials neat and tidy.

Lifetime Height Adjustable Desk with Drawer

The Vox Spot Height Adjustable Desk is another brilliant desk that can keep up with your kids. With a spacious worktop, it’s great for learning at home – especially if your kids need a surface big enough to practise their arts and crafts.

You can adjust this desk to three different heights: 66.5cm, 72.8cm, or 79.1cm. So no matter how old your youngster is, this desk will go the distance during lockdown and beyond.

Vox Spot Height Adjustable Desk

Sliding desks that slot away

When your kids are working away in their bedroom, they won’t want their workstation taking over their chill-out space.

If that’s the case, the stylish Vox Evolve Kids Sliding Desk is the answer to your problems. As it’s on wheels, you can easily move this desk to wherever it’s needed. To go the extra mile, this desk slots over the Evolve Day Bed without taking up any floor space at all.

Simply slide the desk back and forth – and when your kids are done with schoolwork, it’s great for breakfast in bed!

Vox Evolve Kids Sliding Desk

Upgrade to a smart desk

A smart desk is the future. With heaps of clever features, they’re perfect for learning at home.

This Koble Bea Smart Desk has all the bells and whistles to make homeschool that little bit simpler. With a wireless charging surface and a handy power supply tucked under the surface top, your kids will be glued to this desk all day.

This is ideal for creating a wire-free workstation. And your youngster won’t need to fight over the available power sockets either – which is great news if the rest of the family are also working from home!

Koble Bea Smart Desk with Wireless Charging

Get a bed that maximises learning space

Remote learning can take up heaps of space. Whether your kids are painting a masterpiece or revising online, they need enough space to spread out and store all their bits and pieces. Add in the fact their siblings might also be learning at home, and you could be seriously short on space.

Luckily, we have plenty of clever beds that can help you make the most out of bedroom space:

High sleeper beds

If your kids are short on space to work, a high sleeper bed can help you magic up space for a desk. As the bed is raised, the space underneath can be transformed into a remote learning station.

The Noah Kids High Sleeper Bed is our best selling high sleeper – and it’s easy to see why. With both a sofa bed and a desk neatly tucked under the bed, you can really make the most out of the space you have. And since the desk collapses, it won’t take up any space once your kids have wrapped up for the day.

Noah Kids High Sleeper Bed in White

You can find the rest of our space-saving high sleepers here.

Beds with a pull-out desk

A bed with a pull-out desk can totally transform your little one’s workstation. Up until now, your kids might have been working away on the kitchen table or using the desk in your office room. And while that’s fine for a temporary fix, it can clutter up space in your home you’d rather reserve for other things – like enjoying a family meal or Zooming with friends.

A bed with a pull-out desk means your kids can easily get their work done without taking over space in the home. And if you’re struggling to squeeze a desk in your child’s room, it’s a great way to save space.

The Louis Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed is complete with a desk which easily pulls out to provide a generous space to learn. It even has handy shelving to store textbooks and stationery – so keeping the workstation tidy should be a breeze.

Louis Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed

Combine storage with a work space

When kids started learning from home, you might have suddenly gained a new appreciation for storage space. From textbooks to laptops, there’s an endless supply of things you have to keep tidy.

To keep your kid’s learning zone free from clutter, it might be time to think about some clever storage solutions. The Lifetime Storage Cabinet with Hideaway Table & Bench doubles up as a space to learn and store clutter.

With just a few simple adjustments, this storage cabinet transforms into a spacious desk for your kids to work. It even includes seating for both you and your little one – so you can join them to help tackle their homework.

As soon as school is over, you can easily collapse the seating and desk space. And with plenty of storage space, you can keep any reminders of school safely out of sight during the weekends.

Lifetime Storage Cabinet with Hideaway Table & Bench

If you’d like to upgrade your youngster’s learning station, we have heaps of clever furniture options to help. Simply browse our range of kid’s desks or beds with desks and you’ll find a whole host of homeschool-friendly solutions.

Got a question? We’d be more than happy to help – contact us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send us an email.


With more than 8 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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