Tips for Creating a Gender Neutral Nursery

Is the patter of tiny feet on the horizon? If you’d rather ditch the traditional pink and blue, I have plenty of tips to help you create a gender neutral nursery.

Despite gender reveals becoming increasingly popular, neutral nurseries are on the rise. You might be waiting until your bundle of joy can reveal themselves, or you might just prefer taking the gender-free route. Either way, it doesn’t mean you can’t roll up your sleeves and start creating a jaw-dropping nursery for your little one.

Whether you’re expecting a little lad or lass (or have no idea yet!), here are my top tips to help you create the perfect nursery:

Think Scandinavian

There’s a lot to be learned from Scandinavia. From the cosy Hygge vibes to the simple way of life, Scandinavian culture has taken the world by storm. Here at Cuckooland, we’re big believers in Scandinavian decor. With simplicity and efficiency at its core, Scandi design is perfect for nurseries.

In terms of Scandi design, less is more. Scandi-inspired nurseries often use simple colours and minimalist decor, with the odd pop of colour to stand out. Here’s how you can create a gender-free Scandi nursery:

Vox Nature Baby Scandi Cot in Dark Grey & Oak

Stick to stripped-back tones

An authentic Scandi colour palette is naturally gender neutral. If you’re creating a gender neutral nursery, it’s best to stick to white, grey, and natural wood tones for that stripped-back Scandinavian feel.

This Grey Teepee by Kids Concept (pictured below) effortlessly embodies the Scandinavian essence we love. It’s neutral, minimalist, and playful all at once. With its dreamy natural wood effect and dusky grey material, this teepee looks the part in any nursery – whether you’re welcoming a little boy or girl.

Add this teepee to your newborn’s room and it can hide away any nursery bits and pieces, like feeding equipment or clothing. And as your little one develops, it’s the perfect spot to host any important teddy bear tea parties or curl up with a storybook. Perfect!

Kids Concept Grey Teepee Play Tent

Add texture to the nursery

For gender neutral nurseries, a little texture goes a long way. A big part of Scandinavian culture is embracing comfort – and fuzzy materials will make any nursery feel cosy and playful. As little ones explore through touch, the nursery is a great spot for any tactile furniture pieces. Plus, you won’t need to know the gender of your little one to add some texture to the nursery.

Possibly the most gorgeous ride-on toy I’ve ever seen, this Rocking Mammoth by Kids Concept is super cute and gender neutral. The super-soft huggable mammoth will look great in any nursery and will be a loyal companion for both boys and girls alike.

Kids Concept Neo Rocking Mammoth

Select playful pops of colour

Creating a gender neutral nursery doesn’t mean you’ll need to avoid bright colours at all costs. While Scandi-inspired nurseries generally stick to a neutral colour scheme, you can still make a statement with a playful splash of colour.

The masters of Scandi design at Cam Cam Copenhagen know what they’re doing. Their dreamy Rainbow Mobile in Sea Green (pictured below) will add a pop of colour to any neutral nursery, without being overly boyish or girlish. To create an impact, you can also buy this mobile in a striking mustard yellow.

Cam Cam Copenhagen Rainbow Mobile in Sea Green

Go for a themed nursery

Instead of allowing pink or blue colour schemes to dictate your nursery design, you could adopt an imaginative theme. Whether you’re ready to welcome a little explorer or an animal lover, your child’s nursery needn’t be defined by colour palettes alone.

Choosing a playful theme will help your little one’s imagination thrive, and you won’t need to know the gender before you start piecing together a themed nursery.

Kids Wallpaper Secret Garden in Moonbeam

Explore a woodland theme

Ideal for little adventurers, a woodland themed nursery will help any child embrace their love of nature. Think quirky animal additions, treehouse beds, and woodland wallpaper – none of these are geared towards girls or boys in particular.

If you’re interested in a woodland themed nursery, I’d like to introduce you to Alfred the Moose! Made from gorgeous plush materials, he’s ready to hang onto nursery walls and listen to all your child’s wild adventures. Wild & Soft have plenty more animal friends to choose from, including Albert the White Tiger, Jack the Shark and Basile the Polar Bear.

Don’t forget woodland accessories too

Interested in a woodland themed nursery? It’s all about the little details. When it comes to adding those finishing touches, we have plenty of woodland-inspired toys and trinkets to help fuel your little one’s development.

These gorgeous numbered cubes from Kids Concept are perfect for adding an extra woodland feel to your nursery. Featuring Bo the Moose and Max the bear, your little one can practise their counting in style. And with Kids Concept’s beautiful gender neutral design, they’ll be a perfect addition to any little adventurer’s nursery.

Kids Moose Plush Animal Head Wall Decor

Go wild with a safari theme

For Mums and Dads looking into gender neutral nursery ideas, a safari theme is ideal. Safari-themed nurseries are bold, creative, and playful – and they don’t require you to plan around your little one’s gender.

From safari-themed wallpaper to bedspreads, head over to our dedicated Jungle Safari Themed Kids Bedroom page. I love this faux fur leopard bean bag by Wild & Soft (pictured below). An ideal spot to snuggle up and catch up with their favourite stories, this cosy bean bag is perfect for the wild animal lover in your life.

Kids Faux Fur Leopard Bean Bag

Play it safe with greens and yellows

There’s nothing to say boys can’t love pink, or girls can’t be obsessed with blue. In fact, my boy once fought over the last pink Power Ranger in the store! So don’t be afraid to pop a piece of pink or blotch a bit of blue in a nursery – even if you still don’t know the gender.

If you’d rather avoid the stereotypical pinks and blues, you can play it safe by opting for green or yellow. As relatively genderless colours, they’re ideal for nurseries and will provide a fun splash of colour.

For a fun, genderless storage option, the good people at Vox have you covered. Take a look at their Scandi-inspired chest of drawers; you can choose from five colours to suit your youngster’s nursery, including an eye-catching yellow. Contrasting bright colours with gorgeous greys, this piece adds a cool and contemporary feel to any nursery.

Vox Concept Chest of Drawers in Grey & Yellow

Whether you’d rather go for a theme or keep it simple, I hope I’ve provided you with plenty of inspiration for your gender neutral nursery. For more ideas and insights, head over to our entire collection of Kids Themed Bedrooms and fun Kids Room Decor. You’ll find plenty of gender neutral ideas to get you started.

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