How to Create a Teepee Sleepover Party

Have you heard about the hottest new kids’ trend?

Nope, unfortunately, it’s not heading to bed early and clearing the dishes every night… It’s all about teepee sleepover parties!

If you’re yet to discover teepee sleepovers, it’s the new cute and cosy way for kids to invite their pals over to stay. With a teepee or two, kids can snuggle up under canvas and hide away in their private tent. We explore how your kids can join in with the latest craze…

Apache Tipi Bed by Flair Furnishings

1. First, find the right teepee

When it comes to choosing your teepee, think about whether you’re after a tent just for the odd sleepover or a permanent single bed.

Because if your little one loves the idea of kipping under canvas every night, there’s a whole range of themed single beds with a tent-like roof. Or, if you’d rather keep your child’s conventional bed for everyday use, a cotton play tent makes for an ideal sleepover option.

With the single tent cabin bed by Mathy By Bols (below left) kids can sleep in their own tent every night – and when it’s time for a teepee sleepover, kids can pull out the trundle mattress for their overnight guests. It’s the best of both worlds!

Or, if you don’t need to switch up your child’s bed just yet, the cotton play tent by Kids Concept (below right) is a wonderfully affordable option for sleepovers. Once it’s time for your youngster’s guests to head home, you can easily fold this play tent up and stash it away for next time.

Mathy by Bols Kids Tent Cabin Bed with Trundle Drawer

Kids Concept Pink x Play Tent

So, play tent or teepee-style single bed? Choose from our range of teepee-style beds or play tents and wigwams to find the right option for your little one.

2. Fill the teepee with cosy blankets and cushions

With a cotton play teepee, kids will sleep on the floor underneath the tent. So while you’ll already have the essentials like a spare mattress and a sleeping bag, go the extra mile to make the teepee extra cosy.

With a big bundle of soft blankets and a heap of fluffy cushions, you can create an inviting nest that’s oh-so snuggly. Sleepover or not, your little one won’t be able to resist a nap in their new lair once you’re done!

Psst… Try browsing our fleece blankets and throws to pad out your youngster’s teepee.

Bloomingville Children’s Cotton Tipi Tent

3. Pick a fun theme

What’s your little one’s latest fixation? Whether it’s unicorns, dinosaurs, pirates, or something else, there’s always something kids are obsessed with.

So if you’re celebrating a birthday by throwing a teepee sleepover, make their celebrations extra special by picking a theme your child will love. For example, if your little one is animal mad, you could surround the teepee with cuddly wild animals and safari-themed balloons.

If you’re planning a themed teepee sleepover, our range of cotton play tents are oh-so-fun. From superheroes to unicorns, there’s a theme for every obsession…

Lifetime Dino Teepee Play Tent

Cool Kids Single Tipi Bed

4. Decorate with fairy lights and bunting

Want your little one’s teepee sleepover to look picture perfect?

If you want your little one to fall in love with their teepee at first sight (and make sure it goes down a storm on the ‘gram), then you’ll need to grab some LED fairy lights and decorative bunting. It’s important to make sure your lights are LED, so there’s no chance they’ll overheat and singe the fabric.

And if you’re celebrating your youngster’s birthday, some fun party bunting will look wonderful next to a few balloons.

Kids Teepee Cabin Bed by Woood

5. Plan fun sleepover activities

So, you’ve got everything you need to create a wonderfully cosy teepee set-up. And while that’s great, you also need to prep some activities for the sleepover itself… because as fun as a teepee is, kids easily get bored without ways to entertain themselves all night!

Here’s how you can throw your kids the perfect teepee sleepover:

  1. Put on a fun kids flick – pop a tablet or laptop inside the teepee, find a movie and bam! You’ve just created the cosiest movie den.
  2. Get snacks for midnight feasting – whether it’s bowls of popcorn or slices of pizza, the healthy eating plan can wait until tomorrow!
  3. Shadow puppets – with a torch, teepee walls are the perfect place to practise the art of shadow making. When the lights go out, your kids can try their hands at bunny and bird impressions.
  4. Imaginative play – a teepee is great for sparking pretend play ideas. Whether your kids are seeking shelter in a jungle or hiding out in the Wild West, a teepee sleepover will.
  5. Time for bed! Once the kids are all tired out, they can snuggle up in their cosy teepee lair. Make sure you fill the teepee with a snuggly sleeping bag, mattress, blankets, and plenty of cushions.

Kids Concept Grey Teepee Play Tent

Browse Teepee Sleepover Tents at Cuckooland

Whether you’re looking for a cotton play tent or a teepee-style single bed, we’ve got you covered (and your little one will be undercover, too!).

If you’d like to chat with a friendly advisor about our teepee options, you can simply give us a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send us an email today.


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