How to Maximise Space in a Box Room

In many households, the humble box room has a bad rap. But I’m here to show you how to create a fun, cosy, and practical space – no matter how little square footage you have!

If your little one has the box room for a bedroom, I’ve got plenty of tips to help you make the most out of the space. From crafty decoration ideas to space-saving beds, here’s your guide to furnishing a box room…

Use the power of natural light

When space is tight, embracing natural light is the way forward. Using dark or deep colours on the walls soak up natural light, which can make a box room feel even smaller.

So, stick to those lighter tones for the walls, and be sure to let the sunshine flood in. The lighter walls will reflect the natural light and create an open and larger-feeling space.

You could try sticking to whites and greys colours for your furniture, too. Pieces like the gorgeous Vox Concept Narrow Bookcase prove that neutral furniture needn’t be dull. And with it’s super-slim dimensions, you’ll also save plenty of space!

Vox Concept Narrow Bookcase in White & Grey

Stack your storage

With the right storage, you can save heaps of space. But when it comes to smaller box rooms, you need to be crafty with the kind of storage you use – you’ll need storage that can tidy away clutter, without taking up too much space.

That’s where modular storage can save the day. As you can stack modular units on top of one another, you can build your storage around the space you have available.

So if you’d rather not have storage spreading over your floor, these Vox modular cabinets (below) are ideal for piling up high and saving space.

Vox Stige Low Modular 2 Door Cabinet in Grey

Think vertical

With a box room, you’ve got limited floor space for bulky pieces of furniture. So when you want to make the most out of the space you have, it’s best to use up your vertical space instead. Go for tall and slim pieces to really maximise the space available.

This means you can store plenty of bits and bobs whilst keeping the floor space free for playtime. Because why take up space your kids could use for perfecting their TikTok routines?!

Vox 4 You Tall Chest of Drawers

Save floor space with a high sleeper

A high sleeper bed can double up the space in a bedroom. Yep, you heard that correctly… as a high sleeper bed frees up the space below the bed, kids can use that space for studying, gaming, or simply chilling out.

The Parisot high sleeper (below) carves out some much-needed space for relaxing or study sessions. But it doesn’t stop there – this space-saving bed also has a built-in desk, wardrobe, and storage shelves.

When you think about the space an individual bed, wardrobe, storage and desk can take up, you’ll probably have little space left for anything else. But this compact bed neatly combines all four – so you’ll save all that space for what matters most (like finishing that ever-growing LEGO masterpiece…)

Parisot Higher Kids High Sleeper Bed with Desk & Wardrobe

Opt for multipurpose furniture

If you’re decorating a box room, you’ll know that multipurpose furniture is a godsend. Whether it’s furniture that converts or a dual-purpose piece, it means you can enjoy the best of both worlds – without taking up double the space.

The Pino high sleeper (below) isn’t just a bed… it’s a desk, too! And not only that, but this bed rather cleverly conceals a handy pull-out sofa bed.

So, when your little one has their playmate around to stay, you can simply pop the bed out whenever it’s time to hit the hay. Once it’s time to wake up, you won’t need to worry about storing a bulky spare bed anywhere.

Plus, the sofa bed can double up as a day bed for kids to lounge on. Pop a TV on the desk area, and hey presto! You’ve created a cosy spot for your kids to relax after a long day at school – and it won’t take up an inch of space once they’ve finished unwinding.

Pino Kids High Sleeper with Sofa Bed

And while we’re on the subject of multipurpose beds, it’d feel wrong to leave out the brilliant Harper High Sleeper (below). 

Combining a bed, desk, and storage, it’s like this bed is designed for box rooms. When your kids need to knuckle down with their homework, they can just spread out on the roomy desk and get the job done – there’s no need to take up extra space with a standalone desk!

With storage around the desk for school supplies, roomy shelves for trinkets and toys, and a wire memo board, this bed leaves no stone unturned. It means you can keep your box room spick and span, without bulky storage containers taking over the space.

Harper High Sleeper with Desk and Storage

Get a bed with built-in storage

Why use up precious space to store clothes and toys, when a bed with storage can do all the hard work?

While you can stuff bits and pieces underneath any bed, that’s not always enough – especially when you’re trying to keep a box room tidy.

Instead, opt for a bed with built-in drawers and clothing storage. It means you can keep the room free from clutter and create more space for having fun.

Just take a look at the brilliant Vox Spot high sleeper with storage (below). Not only does it boast heaps of shelves and drawers, but there’s also an entire walk-in closet and the option to add a clothes rail. Perfect for the little fashionista in your life!

Vox Spot High Sleeper Storage Kids Bed in Acacia & White

Let the walls do the heavy lifting

When you’ve got limited square feet, every inch of space is precious. So, instead of cramming a toy box or bookcase in your box room, allow the walls to take the load off the floor.

Whether you’re hanging up a bookcase or wall shelf, storing books and toys up high helps you save on that all-important floor space.

Vox Simple Wall Shelf with Hooks

Create a mirror illusion

No, I’m not talking about a fairground-style house of mirrors… but with the help of a mirror or two, you can create the illusion a box room is bigger than it really is.

And with these lovely mirrors from Zuivier, your kids can neatly stash away their hairbrush and any other knick knacks in the handy storage compartment.

Zuiver Round Wall Mirror

So, I hope my work here is done, and you can see that a box room doesn’t need to stand in the way of creating a lovely bedroom your kids will love. Head over to our selection of storage-friendly beds and high sleepers for more space-saving inspiration.

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