Making a Comeback – 7 Great Uses for Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are making a comeback! Gone are the days of cut-and-paste houses whose choice of colour scheme was somewhere between beige and cream – modern interior design is all about wild dashes of colour here and there, and what better way to add that unique bit of character than with a unique bean bag chair? Comfortable, affordable and not overbearing, here are seven tips from us to help you welcome back bean bags!

Extreme Lounging Monster B Indoor Bean Bag in Brown

1. Liven up a space

Bean bag chairs have made their way into modern interior design due to their colourful, yet minimalistic design, and are the ideal piece of lifestyle furniture to liven up your room. Since they come in all colours, shapes and sizes, they’re very adaptable, so there’s guaranteed to be a bean bag chair to add a dash of colour to any room! Use your imagination, and see if a bean bag chair can help you create a unique, colourful living space. Perfect for both sensible and contemporary, and quirky and unusual living spaces alike!

Extreme Lounging Faux Suede B Indoor Bean Bag

2. Office/study

As well as brightening up your office or study, they also make fantastic reading seats; comfortable, adaptable, and you won’t have to bend your neck too much. A bean bag chair is ideal for reading, writing and laptop and tablet usage, all while relaxing anywhere you like, and in any position you like. Let some fresh air in and keep your brain ticking!

Extreme Lounging Mighty B Sheepskin Fur Indoor Bean Bag in Black

3. Portable relaxation!

Another benefit of bean bag chairs is how portable they are – and they can be squished down, so they don’t take up too much room! Take them to work if you need a sneaky lie down, to the gym to use as a yoga cushion. If you don’t mind a bit of a clean-up job, you can even take them to a picnic or to the beach to keep something between you and the earth!

Extreme Lounging Pastel B Bed Outdoor Bean Bag

4. Gaming chairs

For the little gamers in your life (or perhaps, big gamers… Dad), a bean bag is the perfect gaming chair that will ensure – not just comfort – but safety, and good posture! Placed on the floor a few feet away from the TV, the allure of a comfortable bean bag chair means that your kids (or adults) won’t be tempted to slouch over and get square eyes from being a little too close to the action! And for those of us who prefer the classics, they’re perfect for lying down on while playing board games, too!

Extreme Lounging Mini Indoor Bean Bag in Royal Blue

5. Teens’ rooms

If we’re trying to establish anything here, it’s that you’re simply never too old for bean bags (oops, have we just ruined the surprise of the top 2 for you?) Whether your teen has decided to turn their room into a shrine to the latest Disney Channel dreamboat, or into a sacrificial chamber dedicated to the latest “goth” band, a bean bag chair will really help your teen to personalise their room in a way that’s unique to them.

Extreme Lounging Mighty B-Bag Quilted Indoor Bean Bag in Lime

6. Nurseries

As well as adding a quirky and unique flavour to younger children’s nurseries, bean bags are perfect because of how soft they are; there’s no risk of any bumps, and they’re far more accessible to a baby or toddler than chairs! You can also sit or lounge comfortably with your little one while you read their my-first-books with them! Also, they’re more durable than they look, so you can keep them for when they’re a little older! Which brings us onto our next point…

Kids Bean Bag with Removable Cover

7. Kids’ rooms

And in-between the two is slightly-older-than-toddlers-and-slightly-younger-than-teens children, and bean bag chairs are most certainly best used as children’s furniture! Taking the “safety” aspect from our point about bean bag chairs for nurseries, once kids can be left alone to play in their rooms, beanbags provide a nice, comfy and accessible seat and lounger for independent play and reading, making bean bag chairs the ideal piece of kids’ furniture. They’re also pretty safe for when the little angels eventually start slapping each other about with them.

Kids Faux Fur Polar Bear Bean Bag

The return of bean bag chairs may have been a terrifying concept to Britain’s interior design snobs, but they’ve proven that not all revivals have to arrive on the wings of awful, gaudy memories! Bean bags are a safe and unique way to add a splash of colour to any room, as well as proving to be a practical and adaptable bit of kit! Have a look at our bean bag chair range and use your imagination to see where they might brighten up some of your barer rooms!

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