How to Maximise Small Nursery Spaces

When it comes to planning a dream nursery, space isn’t always on our side. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have plenty of cute Pinterest ideas that don’t quite take size into consideration!

Thankfully, after years of attempting to decorate my kid’s less-than-huge rooms, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. If you’re looking to maximise your nursery space as much as possible, follow these handy hints and tips:

Buy a space-saving cot

While a cot might be one of the most significant parts of a nursery, it doesn’t need to be the biggest. In fact, with a sleek and space-saving model, a cot can slot away without taking up much room at all.

Take a peek at the Vox Vintage Baby Cot Bed below. With a slender depth of just 75cm, you’ll save plenty of floor space for toys, nursing chairs, and whatever else your baby needs. Plus, would you just look at that gorgeous wood effect!

Or, take a look at the lovely East Coast Angelina Baby & Toddler Cot. With equally slender dimensions, this cot will make the perfect addition to any small nursery.

Vox Vintage Baby Cot Bed

Use smart storage

When floor space is limited, smart storage solutions are your best friend. Any mum will know that clutter is unavoidable, but a large vertical storage compartment can help you make better use of the space available.

The Oliver Furniture Wood Vertical Boxed Shelving Unit (pictured below) is ideal for smaller nurseries. With a slim depth of just 36cm and spacious compartments, you can fill the units with your bits and bobs like lamps, story books, and toys.

While it might completely fill your vertical space, you’re not actually taking up much floor at all – leaving you with plenty of room for your little ones to roam (or just generally cause havoc!).

Oliver Furniture Wood Vertical Boxed Shelving Unit in White

Use your walls wisely

Storage compartments aren’t the only way you can boost your nursery space. Allow your walls to do the heavy lifting and add some shelving, wall hooks, or pegboards to save as much floor space as possible.

If your little ones are budding bookworms, these rather elegant shelving units (below) are a gorgeous way to display their collection. As bookcases can often be a little bulky, it makes sense to save space and store books up on the walls. And that way, they’ll be safely out of reach from little hands and teething toddlers – it’s a win win!

If space is tight, you can really go to town on wall decorations too. Without using up that much-needed room, you can hang up eye-catching decorations to add a touch of flair. From nursery-friendly artwork to murals and stickers, there are plenty of options to decorate your nursery walls.

Personally, I adore these fab mini animal heads from Wild & Soft. Quirky, cute, and fabulously fluffy, they’re a great addition to any nursery that’s short on space.

Obaby Stamford Kids Shelving Unit

Pick furniture that can multitask

To really pull out the space-saving stops, you could double up with furniture options that have multiple purposes. Clever, eh?

Take this lovely Vox Spot Baby Changing Unit (pictured below). It features roomy drawers to store baby grows, nappies, or whatever else you fancy – whilst acting as an ideal spot to change your little one. Because why use double the space when you don’t need to?!

Vox Spot Baby Changing Unit with Drawers in White & Acacia

Clever wall colours

Now, I love bold colours more than anyone. Give me a paint pot of deep navy, sage green, or dark grey any day and I’ll happily coat every room with striking tones.

However, when it comes to maximising your nursery space, it really does pay to stick to neutral or minimal colours. Deeper tones tend to absorb light, which can make small rooms feel even smaller.

Give your nursery walls a lick of cream or light grey, and it’ll open up the space by emphasising the nursery’s natural light. If you have limited space for decoration, you could also think about using some quirky wallpaper to make a statement.

I think this Star Design Wallpaper (pictured below) is perfect in silver and white. It’s light, airy, and adds tonnes of character to your nursery – without taking up any room at all!

Kids Star Design Wallpaper in Silver & White

So, now you can see that limited space doesn’t have to stand in the way of a gorgeous nursery. All it takes is some clever furniture choices, some light colours, and a bit of creativity. Oh, and a lot of coffee if you’re decorating with a newborn on the scene!

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