How to Achieve the Tween to Teen Bedroom Makeover

Kids grow up far too quickly.

So when those princess-patterned walls or dinosaur duvets start to look a bit too babyish, it might be time to give your child’s room a refresh…otherwise, they’ll never invite a friend over again!

Luckily, updating their bedroom needn’t be hard work. With teen-friendly and timeless furniture, you can master the tween-to-teen bedroom makeover…

Vox Contemporary Spot a-Frame Bookcase in Acacia & White

Harry High Rise Bed with Wardrobe

Update the bedding

Updating your child’s bedding is a quick, easy, and effective way to give their bedroom a refresh. So if your youngster is starting to outgrow their decor, their bedding is the first thing you should tackle.

For a more mature look, ditch any patterns and opt for one block colour. With neutral hues like grey, white, or brown, you can create an ‘adult’ feel that your youngster can enjoy through adolescence and beyond.

Panda London Quiet Grey Bamboo Bedding Set

Give them more space to sleep

Now your little one isn’t so little anymore, it’s time to give them more space to spread out. Because the chances are, some serious growth spurts lie ahead for your child – and their childhood bed might no longer give them the space they need to sleep comfortably.

If you want to accommodate any growth spurts, a small double is ideal for the tween to teen transition. More spacious than a single, they allow for any rapid growth. And since they’re smaller than a standard double, you leave more space for those teen essentials – like a gaming or study setup.

Black Metal Small Double Four Poster Bed by Woood

Consider a high sleeper bed

As your child reaches that teen phase, they suddenly have heaps more stuff. From piles (and piles) of clothes to bulky gaming equipment, there’s seemingly no end to their belongings… where do they all come from, anyway?

When it comes to cramming all of your child’s things into their bedroom, you might have a hard time. Teens need space to chill out, study, and socialise – and if space isn’t on your side, it could be tricky to find the room.

That’s where high sleeper beds come in handy. With a high sleeper bed, you free up extra space underneath their bed. And whether kids use that space to study or play games, it’s a great way to maximize their bedroom space and create more room.

With our Pino kids high sleeper (below), you can free up ample space for studying and sleepovers. Thanks to its handy pull-out sofa bed, your teen can have their pals round to stay at a moment’s notice – though a little more notice would be appreciated!

Pino Kids High Sleeper with Sofa Bed

Make more space for books

Have you got a budding bookworm? Or has your child started to cram for those serious exams? From hefty Harry Potter hardbacks to chunky textbooks, your teen’s book collection can quickly spiral out of control – and totally take over their space.

That’s why it’s important to find a space-saving bookcase to neatly tuck away those books and knick-knacks

The Vox Nest bookcase (below) is the ultimate space-saving solution for kids. Contemporary in style, it’s sleek and stylish enough to grow with your child well into their teen years. Plus, you can even add extra storage boxes – so you can keep all those bits and pieces tucked neatly away.

Vox Nest Bookcase in Larch Effect

Set up a study area

When your child starts secondary school, their workload suddenly gets a lot more intense. With nightly homework and big exams on the horizon, it’s time to think about creating a bigger space for your kids to knuckle down.

First, you’ll need a spacious desk for kids to spread out and focus on their work. While your youngster might have previously tackled their homework on the kitchen table, they might need a little more room and privacy now they’re older.

The Vox 4 You desk (below) is perfect for young teens. With plenty of storage space, kids can keep all their new study materials in order. Thanks to the organiser tray and different compartments, it’s easy for kids to stay on top of all their new subjects.

Stacked with storage and oh-so roomy, this desk will give kids all the space they need to study hard.

Vox 4 You Desk in White & Oak Effect

After you’ve picked a study desk, don’t forget to choose a bright and reliable lamp to keep them focused… With a stylish form and available in a choice of finishes, the Arc Smart Lamp (below) will bring their bedroom into the twenty-first century. Compatible with most smart-phones, the integrated wireless charging is another cool feature!

Koble Arc Smart Lamp with Wireless Charging

Create the ultimate gaming setup

Is your child mad about gaming? As kids reach the teen phase, they often discover the wonderful world of gaming – which can take up heaps of room. With bulky PCs, multiple monitors, and countless games, their bedroom can quickly turn into chaos.

So if your teen is gaming mad, a gaming desk can save space and keep everything in order. As gaming desks have extra storage shelves and compartments, kids can keep games and accessories tidied away. And with enough space for big PCs and screens, they’ll have all the space they need to enjoy a good gaming session.

The Parisot gaming desk (below) is the ideal solution for the kid’s bedrooms. Designed to slot neatly against the wall, this gaming desk offers plenty of space for all of their equipment, without completely taking over the entire room. And with ample shelving and cupboards, kids can keep their growing disc collection in order.

Parisot SetUp Gaming Desk

Factor in a chill-out zone

When kids start to grow up, spending time with Mum and Dad isn’t always their top priority. Instead, teens start to appreciate their own time a little more or hang out with their friends on the weekends.

This means your teen is probably going to spend a little more time in their bedroom. To make their room a more comfortable place to relax, you can set up a fun and cosy chill-out area. This gives them space to unwind after studying, or a cool spot to catch up with their new school friends.

All you need is a comfy seat to lounge – like a big soft bean bag – and space for any books, magazines, or a TV or games console. And with a soft-lit floor lamp, you can create the ultimate calm vibe.

Icon Morgan Cord Bean Bag Armchair

It’s all in the extras!

Not got the time to give your child’s room a total refresh? Then updating their bedding and accessories is a quick and easy way to remove any super childish elements. 

Whether it’s a new alarm clock or artwork, make sure you stick to coordinating colours to create a grown-up feel. With a monochrome or industrial effect, you can be sure to create a cool bedroom with a longer lifespan.

Snurk Single Marble Universe Duvet Bedding Set

Shop teen bedroom furniture at Cuckooland

From high sleeper beds to study desks, we’ve got all you need to update your tween’s bedroom. So if you’re little one isn’t so little anymore, fear not – we’ve taken the hassle out of refreshing their room. All you need to worry about is the upcoming mood swings!

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