7 Steps to a Nurturing Nursery

We talk a lot about kids’ rooms here at Cuckooland; which is no surprise considering kids’ beds and bedroom furniture are our specialities!  But what about the younger kids?  Babies and toddlers are just as entitled to a quirky and unique bedroom touched with that out-of-this-world Cuckooland charm!  So here are seven tips for designing a nurturing nursery for baby.

7/ Make it safe!

Taking pride of place at the top of the list is safety!  When it comes to designing a nursery for your young one (or soon-to-be young one!), your first and foremost consideration should be making the room bump, scrape and general boo-boo-proof!  When buying a cot, it should conform to BS EN 716 (the UK safety standard for cots), and it should be placed away from hazards such as heaters, hot bulbs, or anything electrical.  As for the rest of the nursery, look out for things such as sharp corners on furniture, electrical wires, or anything a baby or toddler might be able to scale (and inevitably fall off of!).

6/ Create a mood board

As with all grand design ideas, you should start off by creating a mood board!  This will give you an idea of the kinds of designs, colours and materials that you’re going to want in your room, which will make the whole shopping process a whole lot easier!  An online version is Pinterest; essentially an online pinboard upon which you can “pin” things that you like!  Oh, and don’t forget to follow us for some more great ideas!

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5/ Lots of natural light!

The one major design no-no that everyone tends to make is to neglect the importance of natural light, and that’s no different when it comes to the nursery!  While you might argue that a baby doesn’t care about how “open”, “spacious” and “airy” their room looks; natural light is actually a major contributing factor to the development of your baby’s sleeping pattern.  Having a clear divide between light and dark during the course of the day will help your child come to terms with when it’s playtime, and when it’s bedtime!

 4/ Capture the imagination

As we’ve said time and time again, the most important thing to a child is their imagination!  So why not start developing that innocent sense of awe, wonder and discovery from an early age, with the help of some great imagination aids? Make your toddler the sheriff of their very own wild western town with some cowboy-themed wallpaper.  We have a vast range of quirky and unique decor and furniture for both nurseries, and for older kids, so be sure to check it out and let your imaginations run wild!
Cowboy Design Kids Wallpaper

3/ Colours!

While on the surface, colour is just an aid in making things look pretty, there’s actually a whole bunch of science behind colour!  From a young age, colour affects our understanding of the world around us.  For example, did you know that, until recently, the Japanese didn’t have a word for “blue”?  To them, it was a shade of green, and thus, in a scientific experiment, a lot of Japanese people actually had difficulty seeing the difference between blue and green blots on a sheet of paper!  So colour is intrinsic to our cultures!  Not only that, but colour has long been theorised to affect mood and brainpower.  There’s always been the general idea that red should be avoided because it causes stress, but it’s actually more based on the individual and their previous experiences!  That said, though, your safest bet in a nursery is probably soft, warm pastel colours; particularly soothing colours like greens and blues.  Do your homework on colours and see what you think will work for you!

2/ An Inspiring cot

Of course, we don’t need to mention that all of Cuckooland’s cots are BS EN 716 certified, so you know that you can trust us for safety!  But once you’ve got the health and safety stuff fully checked out, you can start letting your creative side take over!  Check out our unique range of very stylish babies’ cots, and see where they fit into your mood board!  Will you go for an innovative Mathy by Bols adjustable-height rocker, for that smoother transition between snuggle-time and bedtime?
Mathy By Bols Adjustable Height Rocker Cot

1/ Consider sleep hygiene

In a recent post, we got our safety goggles on and dabbled in a spot of science, looking into the importance of sleep to babies and children.  With that fresh in mind, we think it’s appropriate to mention the importance of sleep hygiene when designing your nursery.  Sleep hygiene encompasses the things that will affect your child’s sleep – so things like bright lights or annoying noises, or even an over-stimulating room!  Consider the actual room that you’ll use for the nursery; can loud main roads or glaring streetlights be avoided?  If not, can you remedy them in any way?  Are there any flashing lights or buzzing electronics in the room?  Check out our previous article for more tips on sleep hygiene!
We hope we’ve enthused you with some of our innovative ideas to create the perfect, quirky and unique nursery!  For more tips, be sure to check out our previous post on cots and toddler beds!  Or, if you’re still looking for ideas, why not look to the stars for your inspiration, with our exposé on celebrity kids’ rooms!  Happy decorating, and happy parenting! Our nursery team is always on standby to answer any questions you may have – simply call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 Mon-Fri 9-6pm or email customerservice@cuckooland.com and our super friendly team will reply immediately.

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