A Nursery Inspired by the Pantone Colour of the Year

The results are in… for the Pantone colour of the year! And since this year is no typical year, it’s not just one colour – but two.

On December 9, Pantone declared Ultimate Grey and Illuminating (yellow) as the colours to represent the year ahead. Team the colours together and you’ll have a “message of positivity supported by fortitude”. In other words, there’s light at the end of the tunnel – but to get there, we’ll have to grit our teeth for a little longer. Pretty accurate if you ask me!

If your little one was born during the pandemic, or you’re growing your family in the next few months, you’ll know the importance of positivity and fortitude. It’s certainly not an easy time to introduce a baby to the world, but those gummy little smiles bring us some much-needed joy.

If you’d like your nursery to reflect hope and resilience in 2021, look no further. I’ve picked out the best furniture pieces inspired by the pantone colour(s) of the year:


Pantone-friendly cots and beds

Your little one’s sleeping quarters are arguably the most important part of the nursery. The Ultimate Grey tone is striking, modern, and packs a punch – so it’s a brilliant colour if you’re hoping to make a statement.

For the best beds and cots in Ultimate Grey, look no further:

Vox Nature Baby & Toddler Cot Bed in Dark Grey & Oak

If you’re searching for a Pantone-inspired piece, this gorgeous dark grey cot by Vox has it all. It’s deep grey colour is on the money, and it will be the perfect addition to any Scandi-style nursery. Vox contrasts the grey beautifully with the natural oak effect – so the colour isn’t too overwhelming.

Team this cot with light yellow accessories and blankets for a pop of colour, and you’ll have the Pantone palette down to a tee.

Vox Nature Baby & Toddler Cot Bed in Dark Grey & Oak

Leander Hanging Baby Cradle with Stand & Mattress

Perfect for newborns, this hanging cradle is simply stunning. With its suitably Pantone grey tone, it will look the part in any modern nursery.

Not only will you capture the colour of the year, but this cradle creates a soft and secure environment for your little one. The soft gliding motion simulates the motion inside mum’s tum, and can even strengthen your baby’s development while they snooze.

If you’re looking to introduce your little one to 2021 in style, you can’t go wrong with this bang-on-trend cradle.

Leander Hanging Baby Cradle with Stand & Mattress

The wardrobe that has it all

Every nursery needs plenty of storage options. From endless nappies to cute toys, you’ll never have enough space to store baby essentials – it’s just a fact of life.

If you want to work the colours of the year into your nursery, you can’t go wrong with the Vox Concept 2 Door Wardrobe in Grey & Yellow.

This stunning wardrobe celebrates both colours of the year: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating yellow. You can’t really get much more on trend than that!

The grey and yellow work together a treat. With lighter greys softening the striking dark grey, and the bright yellow offering a welcome splash of colour, this wardrobe will turn heads. And not only does it offer the colours of the moment, but the drawers are great for storing all those essential baby bits.

Vox Concept 2 Door Wardrobe in Grey & Yellow

A gorgeous grey rocking chair

No nursery feels complete without a nursing chair. Whether you’re feeding your little one at night or simply enjoying a well-deserved sit down, a nursery chair is a must.

And for a nursery chair that’s really on trend, the cosy Obaby Round Back Rocking Chair looks great in a deep grey marl. This shade is nearly identical to the Pantone Ultimate Grey – and since the shade represents fortitude, you’ll certainly need it for those nightly feeds!

To go the extra mile, you could pair it with a yellow cushion for a striking pop of colour.

Obaby Round Back Rocking Chair

An illuminating yellow furniture set

Can’t decide on your nursery furniture? A furniture set can take the hassle out of coordinating different pieces together. As you buy the set as one, you won’t need to worry whether your nursery pieces work well together – the hard work is already done for you!

Opt for the Vox Vintage 3 Piece Cot Nursery Set in pastel yellow, and it couldn’t be easier to create a Pantone-inspired nursery. As both sets of drawers have a gorgeous yellow effect, this set will create the uplifting message of positivity Pantone were talking about.

Vox Vintage 3 Piece Cot Nursery Set in a Choice of Oak or 5 Pastel Colours

A lively yellow rug

After a splash of trendy colour to add to your nursery? If you’re not decking out your entire nursery in this year’s must-have tones, you can easily add a pop of colour with a rug.

The Lorena Canals Washable Tie Dye Round Rug is available in a gorgeous yellow. This rug is ideal for little ones, especially if you’re planning a gender-free nursery. Add it to your nursery for a breath of fresh air and some much-needed positive vibes.

Lorena Canals Washable Tie Dye Round Rug

Add on-trend accessories

Whether you’ve opted for mainly grey or yellow tones (or a mix of both), some clever accessories can help you get the balance just right. If you’re looking for on-trend nursery pieces, these Pantone-inspired treats are ideal:

Kids Concept Wooden Toy Guitar

This adorable toy guitar is the perfect decoration for little music lovers. Available in a beautiful deep grey, this guitar will help you embrace the colour of the year – and encourage your little one to pick up the guitar, too!

Kids Concept Wooden Toy Guitar

Cam Cam Copenhagen Rainbow Mobile in Mustard

Yellow is a positive colour, and can totally lift the mood in a room – even with just small accents or accessories. And the Cam Cam Copenhagen Rainbow Mobile in Mustard will do just that.

If you’ve gone for neutral or grey tones in your nursery, this lively mobile is great for adding a playful burst of colour.

Cam Cam Copenhagen Rainbow Mobile in Mustard

So, there’s my favourite nursery bits and pieces in the Pantone colour of the year. Here’s hoping the positivity of Illuminating yellow will rub off on this year!

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