Cuckooland’s Guide to Bedtime Stories: The Aeroplane Collection

Flying high and free like a bird, your little ones imagination reaches the highest heights.  Our bedtime story collection focuses on the most beloved children’s book themes and what climbs higher on that theme list than an acrobatic aeroplane? So sit up straight, with legs crossed and fingers placed tightly on lips as we introduce you to the best aeroplane themed bedtime stories around.

Kids Aeroplane Bed
Aeroplane Kids Bed

Give a child a toy aeroplane and he/she will no doubt glide it gracefully around the room whilst adding in sound effects usually reserved exclusively for the bottom and the much lauded art of breaking wind. That’s because the aeroplane (err not the art of breaking wind) is of course one of mans greatest inventions.

Aircrafts have delighted children (and adults) for decades, leading to many children wishing to pursue a career as a pilot. So it goes without saying that one of our most opulent children’s beds is the Sky B Plane Junior Bed in Yellow. This near perfect to scale designer childrens bed is the complete all singing all dancing luxury bed for budding pilots, it features realistic wings, propeller and detailed paint work to fly your little ones to dreamland and back.

Busy Airport by Rebecca Finn

Recommended Age 0-2

What a day it is at the busy airport. Lots of things to do like load the aeroplane, check in the passengers and get the pilot to the plane on time! This fun and interactive book is filled with push and pull tabs to bring the magic of a busy airport to life for your little ones. The colourful illustrations and easy narrative is sure to keep toddlers entertained for many a bedtime. So kick back, relax and spend an evening at the busy airport with your little pilot.


Amazing Airplanes by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker

Recommend Age 3-5

Join the crazy animal flight crew of the Amazing Airplane as they take you on a journey of a lifetime. This wacky adventure takes the audience from the airport terminal to the flight deck. The zippy text and zappy art take children through how a plane flies, safety rules, in-flight entertainment and air traffic control. This fun and fast paced, action-packed picture book will delight all children who love things that go up! A perfect addition for parents looking to take their little ones on their first big overseas adventure.

Those Magnificent Sheep In Their Flying Machine by Peter Bently and David Roberts

Recommended Age 6-8

The sheep on the hillside were munching away, much as they always did, day after day, when suddenly something went ZOOM! overhead. “Let’s go and see what it is!” they all said. This fluffy adventure of flying sheep will have the audience captivated with laughter. These crazy sheep take an epic round-the-world trip in a bright yellow aeroplane. The text is perfect for read-aloud fun and is a great starter for independent reading.

The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes by Doug Stillinger

Recommended Age 9-11

Part science, part art, the secret to a good paper aeroplane is all in the folds. This book uses some good old fashioned physics to create the best paper planes you might ever see. Easy to make, forgiving of mistakes, attractive and flight-ready under all kinds of conditions. Clear instructions and step-by-step illustrations make even the most impressive planes kid do-able, while trimming and tweaking tips give basic principles of flight instant real-world relevance. This big book comes complete with 40 sheets of flight-tested, ready-to-fold paper, printed on both sides in a variety of 20 colourful patterns. This of course will make the perfect present for any plane mad enthusiast.

We hope our guide to aeroplane themed books has taken you to the sky and back. It is Cuckooland’s mission to bring our fans fun and creativity through the unique and quirky. Let us know what you think of our latest blog in the comments section below.

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