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Space Themed Kids Bedroom Ideas


The universe offers an infinite space of pure exploration, which is just one reason kids love all things spaced themed. Here at Cuckooland we are as crazy about space as kids are, and love to encourage budding Astronauts & Space Explorers by bringing you the most inspired Space Bedroom Themes imaginable.

We have travelled galaxies to bring you a collection of Spaced Themed Childrens Beds and bedroom accessories to bring the magic and wonder of space to life. From Aliens to Planets, Stars to Rocket Ships, the Space Theme Bedroom can be explored and created with a good level of imagination and creativity. Cuckooland have everything you need to create the most Astro-impressive Bedroom. Browse our Space Themed Bedroom category and you’ll be amazed at what discoveries you find right here on earth! For true Space Explorers we have a Rocket Cabin Bed to blast them into outer space, futuristic and fun robot wall stickers, and for those kids who have their heads firmly in the clouds we have stunning star design wallpaper. There really is limitless possibilities when it comes to creating a Space Bedroom for your little ones.

Every item featured within our Space Themed Collection is guaranteed to last lightyears and take on the sort of wear and tear you expect from an Astronaut who loves to live amongst the stars. With the help of our exclusive designers we have truly amazing Bedroom Accessories from the likes of Lifetime, Snurk, and Hibou Home. Our designers are all masters in their fields and create some of the most Unique Kids Bedroom Accessories you’re ever likely to see.

How to bring a Space Themed Kids Bedroom to life: 

Creating a space-themed bedroom for kids can ignite their imagination and curiosity about the ever unfolding and magnicent universe. Here are five great ways to bring this theme to life:

1. Cosmic Wall Décor

Starry Starry Night Sky: Use glow-in-the-dark stars, planets, and constellations decals to turn the ceiling into a night sky. Alternatively, paint a huge mural of outer space with planets, stars, and galaxies. Or if you're brave, before the furniture is in, cover the carpet and with illuminous paint, use your paint brush to whip constellations across the ceiling. 

Space-Themed Wallpaper: Choose wallpaper featuring space shuttles, rockets, astronauts, or a cosmic moon surface scene to set the backdrop for the room. This instantly transforms the space into an interstellar adventure zone.

2. Galactic Furniture

Rocket Bed: A kids bed shaped like a rocket ship or space shuttle can be the highlight of the room. It not only serves as a safe cacoon like cozy place to sleep but also as a fantastic prop for imaginative play. Can you imagine venturing out into the dark of the room under the night sky where no man/woman has gone before...

Space Station Desk: A futuristic-looking desk with metallic finishes and bold colors can create a perfect spot for homework and crafts. Add a matching space themed captains log star date chair (surely one must exist?) for a cohesive look.

3. Space Accessories

Astronaut Gear: Include space-themed bedding with designs of astronauts, rockets, and planets. Cushions and rugs shaped like celestial bodies or space gear add an extra layer of fun. 

Themed Lighting: Use star-shaped nightlights or a lamp that projects stars and planets onto the walls and ceiling. This not only enhances the theme but also provides a soothing night-time ambiance. Simply cut the desired shapes into fabric and hang over a lamp, making sure the fabiric isn't touching the globe of course. 

4. Interactive Elements

Space Exploration Corner: Set up a corner with a small telescope for NASA style stargazing and learning about the night sky. Include a map of the stars and planets to spark curiosity.

DIY Space Crafts: Create a DIY area with space-themed craft supplies. Encourage your child to make their own rockets, planets, and stars then display their creations around the room for a personal touch.

5. Educational Touches

Solar System Mobile: Hang a mobile of the solar system above the bed or in a corner. It’s both decorative and educational, helping your child learn about the different planets.

Space Books and Posters: Fill the bookshelves with books about space, astronauts, and the universe. Posters of famous space missions, astronauts, or the solar system can be both inspiring and informative. One small baby step for child... 

Bringing it All Together

By incorporating these elements, you can create an exciting and educational space-themed bedroom that will captivate your child's imagination. Focus on blending aesthetics with interactive and educational components to make the room not only visually appealing but also a space for learning and adventure.

Require more assistance?

So use our inspiring Space Themed Bedroom ideas guide below to create a bedroom fit for a NASA Astronaut or an Alien from another planet, or cover your child’s bedroom with stars and make them feel like they’re surfing the great galaxies in their very own bedroom. Most importantly, have fun creating an out of this world bedroom for your little Astronauts, or click here to view our other themed kids bedrooms. Our quirky collection of Space Themed Bedroom Accessories will send your budding space explorer to deep sleep in the furthest recesses of space.

If you have a question about any of our space themed kids bedroom ideas, our friendly team is here to help! Drop us an email at or call +44 (0) 1305 231231 to have a natter with resident kids bedroom gurus.

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