How to create the perfect Childrens Bedroom

If the Mathy by Bols range stands for anything, it’s perfection. Designed in Belgium with both your child’s imagination and the aesthetics of your home in mind, the range boasts a very unique kind of quality. So, with the Mathy by Bols range in mind, here are our steps to creating the perfect room for your children.


Mathy By Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide and Platform

Let’s start with the most important point; creativity. Your child’s room may be a place of rest by night, but don’t forget that by day, it’s their main realm of play when they’re indoors; it’s where they’ll spend their time by themselves so that mum and dad can have some alone time, so it’s important that kids are interested and intrigued by their surroundings. With beds that look like tree houses, caravans, and cars, every day is an adventure with Mathy by Bols, and, combined with some of our Wild West, outer space and even princess-themed decor and wall adornments, you can transform your child’s room into a realm of endless wonderment!


Of course, while it’s important that your child is happy with their room, we mustn’t forget long-suffering mum and dad! While it’s inevitable that children’s rooms are going to get a bit messy, there’s no reason why they should be an eyesore to be hidden away from the rest of your house. As far as kids’ decor goes, Mathy by Bols is at the forefront of aesthetic design. The range establishes a very stable middle-ground between playful and aesthetically pleasing; well-crafted and using soft shades and light, pastel colours, the Mathy by Bols range is certain to fit perfectly into your house. Oh, and remember to avoid clutter! Nobody likes clutter – keep it simple.

Mathy By Bols Carriage Bed


Mathy By Bols Dominique Mid Sleeper Bed

The perfect child’s room must be practical. Not only does the room serve as a bedroom and indoor play gym, but it must also serve as a toy storage, and extensive compendium of my-first-books, as well as 5-star sleepover hotel. Once again, we have you covered, with bookshelves shaped like trees, beds with secret compartments for secondary beds, beds with desks and even beds that are also bookshelves!


All children are unique, so it’s absolutely essential that they have their own space to call their own. Fill it up with things that they love and that they’re interested in, and things that will hone their minds and their imaginations in a productive manner. If you have more than one child sharing a room, make sure to establish their individual spaces with their own beds, their own bookshelves, their own pictures and posters. Not only will this encourage them to keep things orderly and tidy, establishing boundaries will also encourage sharing where it really counts. Take a look at some of the quirky and creative beds and other pieces from Mathy by Bols to see if it would appeal to your kids! Read our previous article on the 7 best things about Mathy By Bols to learn more about personalising your childs bedroom.

Mathy By Bols Wagon Bunk Bed


Mathy By Bols Star Tree House Single Cabin Bed

Yes, they’re all little and cute now, and their tiny bed, bump-proof bookshelves and cartoony murals are great for keeping them out of your hair for half an hour or so! But, as the saying goes, “they grow up so fast” – just ask anybody with grown-up children! Try to avoid themed wallpaper or decor based on trends at the time, as they’ll soon grow sick of these when the next big fad comes along. Try to keep the walls a nice, neutral colour to avoid redecorating when they reach their teen-age. Once they’re out of the house and paving their own way, you can then repurpose your room as a guest room or an office; think about this before making any permanent fixtures such as shelves or anything that involves hammering into the walls. The Mathy by Bols range with its neutral colours and largely portable furniture means that you’ll do minimal damage to the house, and that rooms become easy to adapt when the need for change comes!

Hopefully our list has sparked that creative fire to help you create the perfect room for your kids. Of course it’s important that they love it since they’ll be spending all their time in there, but don’t forget that it’s your house too! Our tip is to create a mood board of designs that you and your kids love, and then have a flick through our range to see what best suits your house. Happy decorating!

If you have any questions about our Mathy By Bols range, call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or drop us a line at and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction.

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