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Pirate Themed Kids Bedroom Ideas


If adventure on the high seas be your thing, then you’re in for a treat my little salty sea pups! Grab your first mate and set sail on the greatest adventure in Cuckooland!

For over the horizon there lies a place like no other, an Island full of sun blessed beaches and swaying palm trees where you’ll find a golden treasure chest buried by non other than Captain Jack Sparrow himself. Aye.. but first there be a right of passage - you and your inflatable armband clad little swashbucklers must swim through the shark infested waters of Krakon Bay! With a little help from your ship mates at Cuckooland, your child can become the greatest ‘pirate’ of them all with his very own pirate themed bedroom. (Please note the all references to ‘pirate’ implies the Cuckooland definition of ‘pirate’ – brave, kind, nautically astute with the moral compass of a saint!). That’s right me’ matey’s you can be as dashing as Jack Sparrow or Will Turner with adventures-a-plenty. All you need is a good strong crew to help you create the best Pirate themed bedroom ever!

The Cuckooland crew were once one of the most astute band of pirates ever to grace the high seas, but when the pirate economy hit upon the rocks, we thought it best to pack up our treasure chests and head ashore to become the greatest suppliers of children’s beds and bedroom accessories this side of Tortuga. And if you disagree, we’ll make you walk the plank! Thanks to our piratey knowhow we have everything a young pirate in training will need to create the best pirate themed bedroom. Our collection includes the unbelievably cool Black Sail Pirate Ship Children’s bed to steer your mini captains into deep slumber (click here to view our full kids beds range). We have the Snurk Pirates Duvet which is so authentic in design, it could have been modelled on Captain Jack Sparrow himself. We have treasure chests aplenty with our range of bedroom furniture and you can complete the most awesome of awesome pirate bedrooms with the fantastically designed boys wallpaper in pirate marine blue.

9 out of 10 pirates agree that our pirate themed bedroom ideas are better than a bottle of the finest non-alcoholic rum. So create the worlds greatest pirate bedroom with our quirky and unique kids bedroom accessories. We guarantee that your little pirate in training will have a regular motley crew of friends visiting when they see his bedroom.

How to bring a Pirate Themed Kids Bedroom to life: 

Creating a pirate-themed kids bedroom can be a heckaarga fun and exciting project. Here are five super ship ahoy ways to bring this adventurous theme to life:

1. Pirate Ship Bed

Invest in a pirate ship bed and make it the centerpiece of the room. These kids beds often come with designs that mimic the look of a pirate ship, complete with sails, steering wheels, and even built-in storage chests for treasure. For example, a bed with a ship-shaped frame with space beneath can instantly transform this lower space into a pirate's cabin.

2. Nautical Decor

Incorporate nautical elements throughout the room. Use colors like navy blue, red, and white. Add accessories such as imitation anchor wall hangings, plastic or made at home ship wheels, and authentical fishermans ropes. Nautical-themed bedding, curtains, and skull and crossbow rugs can enhance the overall look. Consider a striped pattern for some of the textiles to mimic sailor attire or rewatch the Pirates of the Caribbean and look at the amazing props sets, and costumes on display and get copying. 

3. Wall Murals and Decals

Create a pirate scene on the walls using murals or decals. This could include images of pirate ships, treasure maps, tropical islands, and sea creatures. These visuals will make the room feel like a real pirate adventure. For a more immersive experience, paint one wall to resemble the ocean with a pirate ship sailing across it or paint a ship on the wall and then attach a plank (which could double up as a desk) coming out of the ship - creating a walking-the-plank scene. 

4. Treasure Chest Storage

Use ornate treasure chests (again you can make these yourselves) as storage for toys, books, and clothes. These chests can be both functional and decorative, fitting perfectly with the pirate theme. Labeling them with “loot” or “treasure” can make cleaning up fun for kids. Additionally, placing a few fake gold coins and jewels around the chest can add to the authenticity.

5. Themed Accessories

Complete the look with pirate-themed accessories. Look for items like pirate hats, telescopes, pirate flags, and skull-and-crossbones or a large pirates treasure map or even add The Kraken as part of the decor. You can hang a fishing net on one wall and fill it with stuffed sea creatures or plastic fish. Decorative lanterns or ship lamps can add the perfect finishing touch to the lighting in the room. 

By combining these imaginative elements, you can create a magical pirate-themed bedroom that will delight any child and inspire countless adventures on the high seas.

Require more assistance?

If you have a question about any of our pirate themed kids bedroom ideas, our friendly team is here to help! Drop us an email at customerservice@cuckooland.com or call +44 (0) 1305 231231 to have a natter with resident kids bedroom gurus.

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