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Knight Themed Kids Bedroom Ideas


Calling all ye brave knights of the Kingdom Great, the time has come to defend our castle from dragons, armies and girls! Gather your majestic steed, magical sword, and fellow Knights, and follow us into an adventurous place of wonder; Cuckooland.

There you will find Jesters, Kings, and Ogres who will either aid or sabotage your valiant efforts. So brave Knight, are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life? Then dress in your finest armour for our Knights & Castles Themed Bedroom adventure. The Knights of Cuckooland have journeyed far and wide to bring the fair people of our Kingdom the greatest children's bedroom accessories. Our Knights and Castle Themed Bedroom ideas are reserved for Kings, Knights, Jesters and town folk who love a bit of medieval authenticity. So if your Knight and his faithful steed need a comfortable place to rest their head, or a place to hang out with other knights of the round table, our Cuckooland bedroom creators have you covered.

Thanks to our amazing castle creation skills we have everything you could ever need to bring to life a stunning Castle Themed Bedroom. Peruse our collection and you will find delights such as the Knights Cabin bed which comes with it’s very own slide for when a brave Knight needs to make a swift decent to the kitchen for breakfast. We also have the incredibly authentic Snurk Knights Duvet set. This amazing bedding set will turn any Blacksmiths son into the greatest Knight of the Kingdom. And lets not forget our selection of castle playtents, dragon wallpaper and rocking horses to add a wonderfully imaginative addition to a child’s bedroom.

How to bring a Knights and Castles Themed Kids Bedroom to life:

Creating a knights and castles-themed bedroom can transport your child to a world of medieval adventure and chivalry. Here are five ways to bring this exciting by-gone theme to life:

1. Castle Walls and Decor

Wall Murals or Decals: Use wall murals or decals depicting castles, moats, knights, and medieval scenes. Consider a mural that shows a dirt path leading to a grand castle with banners and turrets within an open field surrounded by a lush green forest.

Stone Wall Effect: Create a stone wall effect using wallpaper or faux stone panels to mimic the look of a medieval castle. You can also use wall decals that resemble stone bricks.

2. Themed Furniture

Castle Bed: Choose a kids bed designed like a castle or a bunk bed with castle-themed features, such as turrets and archways. This can serve as a focal point in the room.

Medieval Accessories: Add themed accessories like a wooden chest for toys, a shield-shaped headboard, a shiny excalibur sword or a knight's armor stand to enhance the medieval feel.

3. Royal Color Scheme

Rich Colors: Use colors like deep blues, royal reds, and metallic golds or silvers to create a regal atmosphere. These colors evoke the grandeur of medieval times. Careful not to go too muted as you don't want that foggy plague-like feel, its all about uplifting colours and royal celebration. 

Banners and Flags: Hang medieval-style banners, flags, or tapestries on the walls to add to the authentic castle look. A few trumpets criss-crossed on the wall suggest a grand introduction when your cherub enters. 

4. Interactive Play Area

Dress-Up Corner: Set up a dress-up corner with knight costumes, shields, swords, and helmets. Include a full length stylised mirror so your child can see themselves in their knightly attire.

Play Castle: Create a play area with a small play castle or a tent that resembles a castle tower where your child can imagine their own knights of the round table adventures.

5. Lighting and Ambiance

Chandeliers and Lanterns: Use chandeliers or medieval-style lanterns to light the room. Choose fixtures with an antique finish to add to the medieval atmosphere.

Fairy Lights and Candles: String fairy lights around the room or use loads of battery-operated candles to create a soft, magical glow reminiscent of medieval feasts and castles.

By incorporating these elements, you can create a knights and castles-themed bedroom that inspires imagination and provides a fun and adventurous environment for your child. This theme not only makes bedtime a must go-to and exciting experience but also encourages creative play and storytelling.

Require more assistance?

Here at Cuckooland we have taken a heap of imagination, a dash of fun and a sprinkle of quirky brilliance to create another wonderful themed bedroom idea. With a Knights and Castle Themed Bedroom any budding Knight can hold court with his army, win a few (pretend) jousting matches or simply kick back and relax in his castle. So create a bedroom like no other with our inspired range of bedroom accessories.

If you have a question about any of our knight themed bedrooms, our friendly team is here to help! Drop us an email at or call +44 (0) 1305 231231 to have a natter with resident kids bedroom gurus.

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